42" LED Touch Screen Kiosk Digital Signage with WIFI Microsoft Windows

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Configuration List and price of   Kiosk
NoComponentsModel No.Detailed Discription Remarts
1Computer partsPC HostMotherboard: GA-H61M-HD2N/A
 CPU: Intel Core i3
RAM:DDRIII 4GB; Hard Disk:320 GB 7200r 
6*USB port(Max 10); 1*PCI E 16pins;2*PCI E ;1*PS2; 1*D-Sub,1*HDMI;1*RJ-45
Integrated Net Card, Sound Card, Graphic Card
Additional colorful display card
Computer case and power supply
2Monitor42" LEDBrightness: 500-1500lumens/m2  
Contrast: 3000:1
Response Time:5ms;Dot pitch: 0.297;
Max. resolution:1920*1080
3Touch Screen42" IRHigh Transparence, high precision and durability 
Resolution: Max: 4096x4096
4Speakers  Left and right bi-channel; amplified output; Multimedia speaker 
5Enclosure Durable steel frame, powder coated; Slim and smart design; Easy to install and operate; Moistureproof,Antirust,Anti-acid,Anti-dust,Static free; Color upon request.  
6OS Software Microsoft Windows pro XP+SP3(Test version)                                                                                                                           All hardware driver available 
7Packing Bubble Foam, Carton, Wooden Case 


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Q:LED Monitor vs LCD monitor [For hardcore gamer]?
Watch for sales. The LED monitors use less power and are much better quality picture I have noticed. Watch for sales and you can get a very nice monitor for very little. Case in point, I picked up a 22 LG brand full HD LED monitor from Microcenter for $100. It works wonderfully and I all my games, videos, etc. come in clear as day. Samsung is really making progress with monitors and TVs alike. If you can, I would suggest you go ahead and get the LED instead of the LCD. Won't be too long before they start trying to phase out LCD screens all together just like they eventually do with all technology.
Q:i want buy lcd monitor?
Dell 2208WFP is available at just a bit more, and it is a steal! If u swear by samsung, then I'd recommend 20SW33.
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
In the AD board and the screen between the screen line can be measured, usually red line, or in the cable, one of which is VCC. To signal in the case of input signals, or the machine standby, there will be no screen pressure. Different manufacturers / sizes of screen screen pressure is not the same, there are generally +3.3V/, +5V, /+12v and so on.
Q:which is good TNT or TFT in lcd monitors?
What you're looking for is TFT (Thin-film transistor) I use a 22 Samsung for gaming.
Q:whats good resolution for an LCD monitor?
on a standard screen, no less than 1024x768. get higher if possible. depending on the dimensions of a wide screen monitor, aim for 1280x900 or higher.
Q:How to connect ps3 and pc to same lcd monitor?
plug both cables in, done
Q:The Best LCD Monitor For Gaming, Movies And Internet?
I haven't had a problem with any of the Dell monitors, for gaming or otherwise. Some video and photo editing monitors are special for their color handling and reproduction abilities, like you mentioned. Widescreen is the aspect ratio between the height and width of the screen. Regular is more square while widescreen is more rectangular. For instance, 1600x1200 is a standard resolution, while 1920x1200 would be widescreen.
Q:my LCD monitor color has changed to pink all of sudden.how to get to normal color?
Were the setting options you tried related to your computer Desktop display properties? Or it could be a bad or loose cable/cord problem, so see if the cables/cords connecting your monitor are secure and connected. Or turn off the monitor and computer, unplug the monitor, remove and reconnect the monitor to you computer, and see if the problem is fixed. Try the monitor on a another computer if you can to see if that fixes the problem. If you use the same cable/cord, and the monitor is pink, could be a bad cord. If a different cord used, and still pink, could be a monitor problem (just by elimination here).
Q:How many years can the AOC LCD monitor last?
LCD and brand are not very different. This kind of thing is to see their luck. It's as if someone asked you if SONY's TV would last a few years.
Q:Computer Repair Business Focused On LCD Monitors - Specialist Guide To Help Me Get Started?
who the heck gets their monitors repaired? Monitors last so long I get my moneys worth from them. when they cease up I just buy another monitor. If I have the money I get a new one otherwise I buy refurbished! If you want to repair monitors then do the refurbished thing. I doubt very much if you'd get many people coming with monitors needing repair!

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