40CM X 60 CM Flower Pattern Floor Carpet

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:Carpet Squares?
The only place I've ever seen them was Home Depot Lowes
Q:Way to remove pet odors from carpet?
Simple cleaning will not work.......We have a three year old Soft Coated Wheaten and when she was little had or share of accidents. Here is what we did.....I have a small shop vac that will let me clean liquids. so....I would clean up either type then put fresh water on it and vacuum it....then at any pet store they have spray cleaners with special enzymes that wipe out the odor.....that is important for two reasons..the first is for your own well being to keep your house from stinking and the second...remember dogs have very very sensitive noses....it removes the scent which prevents the dog from going back to the same area and thinking that since there are odors there this must be the spot to pee or poop.. The shop vac is important because urine soaks into the carpet and padding and the vac lets you flush a bunch of it out. I love dogs but when they are being potty trained they are a P I T A.....which means Pain In The A...... Regards
Q:Stained carpet?
What kind of stains are they? I have a toddler, so I have all kinds of little juice drips and such on my carpet. I find that OxyClean works pretty good to get most of them out. One sure eay to get them all out is to just replace the carpet.
Q:How to clean/get stains out of carpets?
carpet cleaner and a scrubber. it'll be clean and spotless. ( prefer the foam carpet cleaner)
Q:What are the softest types of rugs?
If you have a local carpet store maybe you could see if they have old sample carpet pieces that you could take for either free or really cheap and make them into a rug yourself. Backing shouldn't be too expensive, and you could actually apply it with caulk to make it more permanent.
Q:Selling oriental rugs?
Hi, okorder.com for all your queries regarding rugs.
Q:What size area rug for room that is 10 x 10?
There's no perfect answer. You have to decide if you want to have furniture on the carpet, completely off the carpet or partially on the carpet. Then decide the size. After that you can either look for a pre made rug or have one made.
Q:skiing carpet?
I went to a store in Nashville that had one of those carpet things to try out equipment on. They were using a low pile berber. Like the first guy said go to the carpet store. They might have a remnant you could get a good discount on.
Q:the laying scheme of carpet
Dissolve vitamin C into water. Use soot to dip water and wipe on it, then use duster cloth to wipe
Q:is it good to use a very thin carpet at home?
Specification and operation of carpet cleaning: Including the carpets, tapestries, blankets and other decorative carpets made of leather, wool, chemical fiber texture . The carpet cleaning uses steam sauna machine, multifunctional cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine combined with special disinfection, decontamination agents to steam on the carpet to kill mites and sterilize; cleaning with foam to remove dirt, sucking sewage with vacuum suction machine , air drying, carding, finally use anti fouling spray to make the carpet surface forms water film to resist water and dust. Operation method: Carpet shampoo. Agent: Carpet texture, handle the edge with a hand brush ,steam with decontamination agents to kill mites: use high foam carpet cleaner to achieve waterproof and dustproof effect, can use carpet dryer, inject into bubble box 4. use steam sauna to handle the carpet, a water pump (can be suitable for chemical fiber carpet) equipment: Two, the carpet surface to form a waterproof film, can be achieved in the cleaning and maintenance plans, sterilization, dilution cleaning agent. Carpet cleaning specification and operation, pattern, collet dust with vacuum cleaner, 2 suck sewage with vacuum suction machine, decorative blankets, aesthetic level and taste, use foam to clean, soft and elastic, the absorb the washed carpet 7, suck water with suction machine, also can be injected into the water tank

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