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Aluminum Stretcher

1.The function of this equipment is to straighten the extruded profiles, prevent secondary deformation.


2.Push force:15T-400T


3.According to the difference of stretcher jaws-clamping, it has three types: manual jaw-clamping, pneumatic jaw-clamping, hydraulic jaw-clamping.


4.The stretcher is designed to be anti-pulling type, the push force varied from 15T to 300T, above 300T stretcher can be done as per customers' requirement.


120T-6000T aluminum straightening machine

Straightening machine action is aluminum plate, bar extrusion, rolling and leveling quenching or other processing step, the unevenness extends to the internal stress generated when the value reaches a certain level, will result in a plate shape buckling or wave-shaped, plate-shaped stretch leveler improvement is the use of the existence of the internal stress of the aluminum plate, bar straightening device by stretching stretch beyond the yield point of the product, causing permanent deformation approach, eliminate stress prevent secondary deformation. The principle is the use of the material is not necessarily a straight longitudinal fibers when its choppy, but choppy plastic fibers are stretched in order to achieve equal length, the force is bound to remove substantially equal amount of rebound back to the steady state of the phenomenon to achieve the purpose of straightening. After further processing aluminum can or chemical milling no longer cause deformation. The device implements automatic tension control work, the main hydraulic system enables automatic pressure relief, after setting the amount of stretch, stretching to reach the amount of stretch function automatically stops stretching, stretching basically achieved under normal circumstances without operator intervention, so that tension leveler is simple, powerful, good stability.



Why choose us?


1. get 14 years experience in aluminum extrusion conveying equipment; 

2. professional and experience design,production ,assembly engineer;

3. powerful sales and after sales service team;

4. make innovation all the time, make machine suitable for market; 

5. cover 60% Chinese market, supply to Indonesia, India, Argentina, Jordan and so on;

6. use better material including steel, iron and electronic material; 

7. engineers available to service machinery overseas;




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