4.2mmE2 High Density Fingerskrouters Sand Door Plate

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

And sanding MDF, as the name suggests, is in pressure at the surface of the light guide plate for sanding, sanding processing in order to let the pressure surface of the light guide plate can easily paste veneer MDF. So the general sanding board will be thinner than the pressure light board. The purpose of sanding is to make the surface of the fiber board not only smooth, but also increase the strength of the surface, easy decorative panel paste. Suitable for all kinds of sand plate overlaying process, suitable for all kinds of standard parts, convenient decoration and furniture making.

2.Product Characteristic

Sheet thickness uniformity, the error between the 0.03-0.05mm, products can be processing, surface treatment on the surface of the sand light glass magnesium board, such as: can paste PVC film, paint free paper, wood grain paper etc., in the surface composite density board, plywood production with fireproof function Ju Youmu matter of board characteristics, decorative materials, decorative products.


Origin: Xuancheng Anhui

Class: I

Apparent density: 830

Bending strength: more than 17.2MPa

Type: fingerskrouters door

Use range: Indoor

Special features: not easy to split

Use: fingerskrouters engraving

Surface paint: "can cover

Specifications: 4.2mm*2150mm*910mm

Wear resistance: high

Use: fingerskrouters door

4.Reference Picture

4.2mmE2 High Density Fingerskrouters Sand Door Plate

4.2mmE2 High Density Fingerskrouters Sand Door Plate

4.2mmE2 High Density Fingerskrouters Sand Door Plate

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