3Watt RGB Led Bulb with Remote Controller

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Color Temperature: RGB 6000K IP Rating: IP44 Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  ,,,rohs Power(W): 3

Product Description:

Product  Features 
1.Low energy consumption, saves 60% power comparing conventional lights

2.No need for starter and ballast, instant soft-start, no speckle, no flickering, no humming, no buzzing, no RF interference

3.Even illumination, quiet, soft, comfortable and bright light, ease eye strain effectively.

4.Long lifespan: 35,000-50,000 hrs

5.Solid-state, high shock resistant, strong packaging, convenient to transportation

6.Leading heat sink design

7.Special circuit design, each group of LEDs can work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused by single faulty LED

8.Wide range of  voltage input

9.No UV or IR radiation, no mercury or lead, eco-friendly, no danger of broken glass



Our Advantages
1.Energy-saving and environment used


2.High efficiency while competitive price

3.Sample available:Yes

4.There is a choice for dimming & non-dimming version

5.With Reflective Lens adopted, making the light-spot much balanced

6.All materials are in conformity with ROHS standard and are CE certified



Trade terms
1. Payment: T/T, L/C

2.Production lead time for 100~1000PCS: 5-7 working days, 1000~5000PCS: 10-15 working day

3. Sample for common items can be delivered in 3-5 days

4. Shipping freight are quoted under your requests

5. Shipping port Shenzhen, Mainland China

6. Discounts are offered based on order quantities



1. Ideal for decorative lighting of various commercial place, such as hotel, shopping malls etc

2. Ideal for interior lighting in the office building, such as office, meeting room, exhibition hall

3. Ideal for residential lighting, such as aisle, washroom, corridor, storehouse etc

4. Ideal for partial close-up lighting, such as shop window, painting displaying, artwork performance etc

5. Ideal for entertainment lighting, such as cafe, bar etc

3Watt RGB Led Bulb with Remote Controller

PoWer9WSize95x100 mm
Material Aluminum AlloyColor Temperature3000K--6500K
Lumens100 lm/WPoWer factory>0.95
Base TypeGU10/ E26Weight150g
Applicationroom;exhibition,room;hotel;Washroom;supermarket;school etcVoltageAC85-265V


1 Year


≥50,000 hrs

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Q:LED to shoot the light is not very bright, or where the flash is broken?
Here's why: 1, the voltage is not enough, need to use multimeter to measure voltage conform to shoot the rated voltage. 2, poor contact: check whether the terminal is loose or have foreign body, make its wiring is good. 3, connection error: LED lights must be in accordance with the wiring diagram connection, not in series.
Q:The sitting room how to shoot the light off?
The removal of rectangle suck chandelier on the head: Rectangular dome light relative to the circular dome light is trouble to remove some. Of course the basic steps or similar. The first step: to cut off the power supply. The second step: take chimney, rectangle should absorb dome light shade from the four corners of his, with suction glass dish wash dish, suction in the edge of the aluminum alloy section, slowly down every Angle (note: oh), until remove the lamp shade. Step 3: remove the light bulb.
Q:Domestic outfit with ten LED shoot the light, how many transformer
What kind of lamp Our company's lamp are matched with transformer Did you order of low voltage of 12 v, 3 * 1 w the sort of small shoot the light, use a transformer is enough
Q:How much time LED lamp life
LED the whole lamp life means establishing droop 30% of the time, the higher the temperature of the solder, the more serious the droop, at the same time because of the LED drive power components in the limited life (especially the electrolytic capacitors under high temperature electrolyte dry), so we all find balance in cooling costs and the temperature of lamps and lanterns
Q:The led lamp has been dark bright
Switch to the zero line, should be a wire into the switch, do you have the leakage floor on a line, so it caused the leakage current, the LED can shed light on small electricity.
Q:Why home outfit LED lamp has always been a bit weak after switch off the light
You switch the thread is not the line of fireAs long as you do wire switch, to ensure that there would be no light.
Q:The original old how long pole to shoot the light to LED lights
The assembly Electronic transformer is fixed on the original position of lamps and lanterns, two output connecting line respectively with that of the original lamp socket is linked together, good insulation and voltage polarity on the socket, and then do the LED board according to the polarity insert inside the lamp holder, even a good power cord. Check the wiring and correct after insert the 220 v power source, the light, each with 10 v voltage measurement resistance pressure drop, use the formula I = U/R calculated through the current of each group of LED lights, as long as no more than 20 ma.
Q:Led lamp light source plate can change yourself?
Can change the lamp bead, light source is welding on board!
Q:What's the reason why LED lamp explosion?
Estimation is constant current source circuit board exploded with the electrolytic capacitors in other not to fry of the original, if the design is not reasonable integration of internal temperature of the LED bulbs can be higher than the limit of capacitance under temperature will be Fried, in short or use due to the bad quality products.
Q:Sitting room condole top round with tube lamp or LED lamp good?
If simply on the role of lighting with leds, more energy efficient, but cost is higher (actually a year to save electricity I guess there isn't much, psychological effect is greater than the actual role). Canister light that individual is not very recommend, general tube lamp light source is energy-saving lamps, looks uncomfortable

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