3W Flexible USB charging LED desk lamp

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Pure White IP Rating: IP44 Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  ,,,,, Power(W): 3

Product Description:

This item has two style: one is with living color change base, and the other don't have living color changing base. Pls  noted.


1. Design concept:

All new design element, conform to lighting engineering. Emiting soft and comfortable light, stepless dimmer, no strobe, for better eye-sight. Longer life span, eco-friendly.

2. Users:

Suitable for all kinds of person to use. No matter you are a student or a white collar, you will like this natural and comfortable light.

3. Warranty & Support:

After received product, please check the package whether it is intact, should include lamp body and charging cable. If miss something, please contact the seller directly.

4. features:

  • High electric efficiency: Lighting 1,000 hours consume 4.5kwh.

  • Dimmer: Stepless dimming by touching

  • Rechargeable: Most advanced Polymer lithium battery(1000mA), high quality power control IC(prevent extra currents, extra charging or extra discharging);

  • Materials: High purity ABS materials with perfect curves appearance, detail cast quality

  • Eye protection:DC input, no light strobe

  • Health: No ultraviolet rays, no infrared, no radiation

  • Eco-friendly:Doesnt contain mercury and xenon, recyclable parts, wont occur EMI

  • Long life-span:Semi-conductor chip light emitting, no lamp filament, no glass bulb, unbreakable, the life-span is above 50,000 hours

  • Luminous efficiency: Low heat rate, transform 90% electric energy into visible light

  • Safety: Low voltage and current lighting, low heat rate, no safety hidden trouble, can be applied to mining and other places.

  • Practical patent, patent number: 201530035721.5

5. pictures


3W Flexible USB charging LED desk lamp

3W Flexible USB charging LED desk lamp

3W Flexible USB charging LED desk lamp



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Q:The study USES the LED lamp?
LED lamp is good ah. But this depends on the technology of the manufacturer and, in some cases, different brand products, the effect is not the same. My neighbor's child has been with panasonic a LED desk lamp, although the price is expensive, but the effect is good, still so good eyesight. Sometimes, to be willing to pay, have a good enjoy. Of course, not the more expensive the better, suits own is the best. search The above is a personal opinion, only supplies the reference
Q:How long will leds last?
Absolute durable, more durable than bulb or tube had, but are you going to buy factory goods, don't look at somebody else's expensive, but it is good, no matter the luminance or life is good.
Q:High-power LED the lamp that shield an eye more appropriate
High-power LED the lamp that shield an eye more appropriate
Q:Household led lights all of a sudden not bright? What's the matter?
If it is a faint red glow, it should be light bead is burnt out, burned-out lamp bead affects the total current circuit. Give you a reference, look closely, the circle is bad, and good difference or see, if the lamp bead welding the necrosis a short take a try.
Q:Why is the largest lamp radiation?
Traditional desk lamp because have ballast, and people generally, it's close by all said have radiation is larger. LED it has a blue light, the key is not to direct eye to light, had better choose the desk lamp of a chimney. Such as this.
Q:There are several major disadvantages of LED lamps
The adapter generally smaller than LED lights, life is short, the transformer is easily broken
Q:Card lamp, LED desk lamp can take a plane
Card lamp, LED desk lamp can take on the plane Articles carried by plane Total on domestic flights, each person can carry no more than one litre of liquid items, and shall open a bottle of check, certainly can carry. Beyond the parts must be shipped. Alcohol items must be checked.
Q:Study desk lamp high-power led is more appropriate
LED lamp general 6/7 w is very bright, is too light is bad for your eyes
Q:What led small desk lamp general battery
Is generally use USB, or the normal power supply You'd better use the rechargeable batteries, battery both environmental protection and use
Q:Baby what kind of table lamp? The LED lamp can be eye really?
Can protect your eyes, the light is primarily a stroboscopic damage to eyes, buy a desk lamp should pay attention to several problems: < ol > < li > stroboscopic, using a mobile phone or camera shot from close range luminous part, really no stroboscopic is made less than one line in the flashing < / li > < li > brightness and glare: never do desk lamp brightness is too high, about 6 to 9 w can meet the requirements of brightness, see glowing part directly, without strong dazzling, dazzling degree as small as possible < / li 

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