3V CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery hot sale

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1200000 pc/month

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3V CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery hot sale

3V CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery hot sale

3V CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery hot sale

3V CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery hot sale

Norminal Capacity:210Mah

Norminal Voltage:3V


Watches,Electric calculator,robot toys,Teaching machine,Currency detector,Electronic dictionary,household electrical applices etc.

remote controls, audio and video equipment, electronic instrumentation, computer motherboards, memory cards, music cards, calculators, electronic watches and clocks, toys, electronic gifts, miniature instruments, medical equipment, LED flash, card reader, small appliances, alarm system, remote control, electronic dictionary , MP4, digital cameras, all kinds of electronics standby power, telecommunication, digital electronics, IT,etc.

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Q:How many kinds of button batteries?
Silver oxide button batteries, the button battery has a long life, large capacity and other characteristics, the application is very wide, the largest application. Alkaline manganese button batteries. The battery has a large capacity, low temperature performance, its materials used inexpensive, lower prices, to meet the needs of large current continuous discharge requirements.
Q:How to connect the button battery led lamp beads?
LED under normal circumstances, long feet for the +, you can also use the multimeter.
Q:What is the voltage of a button battery?
Life common to the button battery 1.5V, 3V, there are rare cases is 5V.
Q:Button battery model CR2025 and CR2032 difference
Different sizes, 2025 and 2023 diameter are 20mm. The thickness of a 2.5mm, one is 3.2mm, this model itself has been raised.
Q:Is the battery life over the shelf life?
Some of the better domestic manufacturers such as Malak brand battery shelf life can reach more than 5 years.
Q:Button battery will not have long power?
Button batteries are generally silver oxide, this storage life is very long.
Q:How much is a button battery?
Sometimes sent a few millimeters that is not on the price according to the battery brand, if the watch, then about 3 or so.
Q:What is the use of the button battery on the motherboard?
General battery can be used for several years. But for the battery if it is poor, then only a few months.
Q:How does the button battery look positive and negative?
Button battery to check the positive and negative methods: see marked, the top is often no indication, the bottom of the "+" symbol positive.
Q:How about the battery in the box?
Motherboard battery on the edge of a small spring, gently click to take down. CAUTION Remove static electricity from the front to prevent damage to the motherboard. (Simple way: wash your hands or touch the wall).

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