3TREES Weathershield Ppure Acrylic Exterior Wall Paint

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600 kg
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1000000 kg/month

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Product Description:


It is pure acrylic exterior paint. It can be applied to all types of buildings for decorative & protective purposes.





Main components:

Pure acrylic emulsion, rutile type titanium dioxide


Sheen &Color:

Matt, White (Please refer to 3TREES specialized color card for other color requests)


Theoretical consumption:

0.1~0.12 kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm)


Dry time:

Touch dry, 1H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃




1.     Outstanding weathershield ability (>1,000 H, artificial aging)

2.     Strong alkali, lime & chemicals resistance and waterproof

3.     Super washable performance  (>5,000times)

4.     Anti-chalking & anti-color fading









The procedures as follows:

1. The buyer need to pay 50% of the total amount of products as contract ordered, the rest should be paid off at the day when the products is ready (we will inform you the date) 

2. The supplier should accomplish the required quantity of products within 15 days after 50% deposit confirmed. 
(Note: The producing time of products will be beyond 15 days, in that case, it can be pre-negotiated) 

 3. The supplier provides declaration documents, assisting accomplishing the Custom Declaration process.  

4. The buyer can receive goods at local port. 
The supplier provides clearance documents, aiming to assist the buyer to accomplish the Clearance process. 
For detailed information, please connect the local freight forwarder. 





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