3TREES Texture Paint Texture Creator Emulsion Paint for Exterior Wall

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Product Description:


 Compared to the stone and tile materials, the product not only provides the adornment effect, but greatly reduces the cost.


 Application scope:

 Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.



30kg, 80kg


Main components:

Acrylic emulsion,  natural siliceous sand.


Theoretical consumption:

1.4~4kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).



Dry time:

Touch dry, 4H/25℃; Thorough dry,48H/25℃;

Recoat time,2-6H based on temperature>5℃& humidity<85%.




1.     Excellent environmental performance, odorless, weather shield

2.     Water-repelling and air permeable performances

3.     Able to conceal minor wall cracks and tears caused by regional mechanical and temperature changes

4.     Various color and pattern options


Recommended application system:

1. Treated Concrete Wall

2. P0503 Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3. Exterior Primer (1 coat)

4. A0003A Texture Paint (1-2 coats)

5. E0106 Waterborne Topcoat (1 coat)









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Paint okorder.com/... Good luck and happy new room color !!!
Q:What is active polymer? What is the use?
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