3TREES Natural Stone Paint Emulsion Paint for Exterior Wall

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Product Description:


It is waterborne emulsion exterior paint introducing a realistic effect of stone surface pattern by selecting powder particles from real stone materials, suits the needs of buildings with awe-inspiring decoration.


Application scope:

Cement, concrete, masonry, gypsum etc.



30kg, 80kg


Main components:

Acrylic emulsion, natural stone powder.


Theoretical consumption:

3~4kg//coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry,2H/25;Thorough dry,48H/25;

Recoat time,2-6H based on temperature>5& humidity<85%.



1.     Excellent environmental performance, odorless, weather shield

2.     High performance, water-repelling, strong adhesion ability

3.     Able to conceal minor wall cracks and tears caused by regional mechanical and sudden temperature changes

4.     Less weight compared to that of real stone which reduces the cost significantly 


Recommended application system:

1. Treated Concrete Wall

2. P0503 Anti-Cracking Rough Putty (1-2 coats)

3. Exterior Primer (1 coat)

4. A0001A Stone Cover(1-2 coats)

5. E0106 Waterborne Topcoat (1 coat)





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