3TREES Interior Primer Interior Sealer Mould Defense

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Product Description:

                                                 Interior Primer 


Name & Code




Interior Sealer


Waterborne acrylic primer that can protect wall from chemical erosion







Easy Application


Permeable & Breathable


Mould Defense Primer


An acrylic emulsion primer can prevent reproduction of bacteria effectively and protect wall from chemical erosion.




Permeable & Breathable










Theoretical consumption:

0.12 kg/㎡ (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 1H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃









The procedures as follows:

1. The buyer need to pay 50% of the total amount of products as contract ordered, the rest should be paid off at the day when the products is ready (we will inform you the date) 

2. The supplier should accomplish the required quantity of products within 15 days after 50% deposit confirmed. 
(Note: The producing time of products will be beyond 15 days, in that case, it can be pre-negotiated) 

 3. The supplier provides declaration documents, assisting accomplishing the Custom Declaration process.  

4. The buyer can receive goods at local port. 
The supplier provides clearance documents, aiming to assist the buyer to accomplish the Clearance process. 
For detailed information, please connect the local freight forwarder. 





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Q:Latex paint wall and acrylic paint wall difference, seeking master Xiangjie!
Acrylic paint is acrylic acid as a film-forming material, can be dispersed with water (water-based paint), can also be used solvent dispersion (oil paint). Most of the acrylic coatings on the market are water-based, but also oily acrylic.
Q:How do you paint like a pro?
I'm assuming you mean painting your walls? Prep work is the most important part, taping baseboards, window edges etc and using dropsheets or plastic is a good idea too. I use a ceiling edging tool that has little wheels and you just dip it in paint slide it along the ceiling and you get a perfect line. I then do corners and edges that require a brush, then I roll. 2 coats are a good idea If you are talking about art, coats have little or nothing to do with it. There are layers in paintings but the procedure differs with the different types of painting you could paint. You have to enjoy painting if you want to be good at it, and definitely practice. Good work is sincere, cliches and triteness should always be avoided, the world doesn't need another bowl of fruit or horse painting. but that's just me. Good luck!
Q:What is the difference between the ink and the ordinary pigment ink?
Do not know you said the same ink refers to the heat or sublimation ink or pigment heat transfer ink, hot sublimation ink can not be used for PVC laminating card, pigment hot ink can be used, PVC laminating card preferred dye ink, Color is good, the general will not faint ink, but the fade is inevitable, but the speed of the problem, which is a common problem of dye ink, if you want to fade, with pigment ink, ordinary pigment ink or heat transfer pigment ink can, The ink is not faded, but the color is not dye ink is good, the pigment ink used in the PVC laminated card may be dizzy ink, which is a common problem of pigment ink. Or for a kind of pigment ink, or for a brand of PVC card material, there is always a match with no halo.
Q:What is the thermoplastic and thermosetting properties of the polymer?
Thermoplastic plastic heating softened, easy to melt, and melt becomes transparent, often from the melt to pull the wire, usually easy to heat. Thermosetting plastic heated to the material before the chemical decomposition, to maintain its original hardness is not softened, the size is more stable , To the decomposition temperature of carbonization.
Q:what kind of paint use to spray in t.shirt?
Paint does not hold up on T shirts it will either crack or chip or wash out depending on what kind of paint you use. What they use when they do T shirts is done with a air spray gun and with the right kind of paint which is a very thin acrylic,very thinned out and not thick like the average acrylic is. And once they are done painting the T shirt it is put under a heat press to set the paint in so it does not wash out.It is done with very extreme heat and ( no ) a plan iron won't work. All you will do by spraying it with paint is to ruin the T shirt.
Q:Polymer cement mortar 1m3 how many kilograms
Look at it a ton of mortar with the number of cubic particles can be calculated
Q:Softened water to ensure the quality of dyeing water to avoid the role of reactive dyes and hard water c What is the meaning
Activated Dye Dyeing Alkali Use Cellulose fiber When dyed with reactive dyes, the base acts as a catalyst for the reaction between the dye and the fiber, and therefore it is necessary to use an alkali agent to promote the reaction. At this time the type and amount of alkali agent is not the focus, but must pay attention to the management of PH value of dye bath. The optimum PH value at the time of dyeing is based on the dyeing temperature. Generally, the pH value of the medium temperature (60C) dye is set at about 11,5, and the pH value of the high temperature dye is controlled at about 10-11, Control in 12,5 or so. Generally add 20G / L of sodium carbonate can reach 11.
Q:anyone here ever painted their bedroom silver?
If you need to make a room silver you can do it a couple ways. Line the walls with metallic material like sheet metal, aluminum or foil or paint it with silver spray paint. These are the only ways I can think of that will make your room silver.
Q:What is hand sweeping paint, what to do with what is different from the paint
Paint is applied to the surface of the object can be firmly bonded with the base layer to form a complete and tough protective film of the material can be divided into: oily, synthetic resin, water, powder four stages.
Q:What is the fluorescent dye in the luminous stick?
Is a trace of metal ion complex, the absorption of light when the metal ions shift, when there is no light energy, these ions will jump back, thus releasing the visible light, and light.

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