3DN-S Type High Pressure Slurry Injection Pump

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The slurry 3DN is a new type product, specially designed for the leakage blocking and suited for the waterproof wall in underground engineering, breast wall, leakage blocking in mine, wall protection in well and some basic engieering etc. It is a kind of light, special, high pressure pump with fixed flow rate and the medium to be pumped can be clear water, some liquids with particles or viscous fluid as well as slurry with high density.

Our company is the drafting company of the Chinese high pressure pump Industry Standard.

Our products have a wide range of applications, such as 

1. Industrial pipe cleaning 

2.Shipyard rust removal, paint removal

4.Aviation: expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluid on runways cleaning.

5.hydropower station/ dam/dike concrete work treating.

6.Casting clean scale removal rust removal paint, removal sand.

7. Pipe pressure test, hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc.

Our company has passed European CE Certificate, ISO9001:2000 certificate,ISO 14001:2004 certificate, and AAA Credit Rating Certificate. It’s a member of Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) in USA and National Standarlization 

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Q:Air pump has been installed oil-water separator, in the process of spraying, there are small dots, how to do?
Now there is a heated oil-water separator that can completely solve the dots that appear during the painting process!
Q:About the problem of model spray gun air pump
If you want to engage in long-term model, and very loving, it is recommended to buy a set of pump, the spraying effect is less than irrigation, because of the pressure, spray pressure, spray particles easily lead to gas, dust and paint easy to spray in the process,,At one point, that is. Not to say that the gun toxic chemicals will be less toxic, you also like that sprinkler toxic, but can reduce loss, can wear masks, (don't laugh, in the model can be used very common) or with a mask, in the balcony or spray, oneself make a bellows, is not this the way to solve the problem? How can we solve the problem when we have a problem?
Q:Is the vacuum compression bag pump universal? Can my vacuum cleaner smoke?
Yes, the air pump for vacuum compression bags is also not specified. That is to say, the principle of high power and small power work the same. Vacuum cleaner can be used, but not blind, the use of time can not be too long, otherwise the vacuum inlet pressure is too small, it will damage the vacuum cleaner motor. The principle of the vacuum cleaner: when the pump rotates, it pushes the air to the exhaust port. As the air is pushed forward, the particle density in front of the fan increases and the air pressure increases accordingly, while the air density behind the fan decreases. The pressure drop behind the air pump is the same as the pressure drop in the straw when you drink the drink. The pressure behind the air pump is lower than the pressure outside the vacuum cleaner, which is the ambient pressure. This creates suction in the vacuum cleaner, which is part of the vacuum. As a result, the air outside the vacuum cleaner automatically enters the vacuum cleaner through the intake portVacuum suction compression bag method for dust collector:1. Put the clothes flat in the bag and flatten out the left and right hands.2, the towel will be sealed smooth, so that the sealing fully bonded without cracks.3. Insert the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner into the net sleeve, then insert the tail into the air pipe until it touches the clothes and draw out the air.4, after reaching the compressed state, first pull out the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, and then pull out the mesh sleeve.5, and finally with the towel will exhaust pipe smooth bonding.
Q:Is it better to use air blower or air pump hot air gun for mobile phone?
Blower type hot-air gun for repairing mobile phone. Compared to the popular hot air grab, the air pump hot air gun will be much simpler. Air pump type air gun has small nozzle and is suitable for single welding. Hot wire general use Ni Cr alloy, but also automatic air cooling function, and temperature control precision, suitable for novice operation. For some simple appliances, the air pump is enough for our needs.Hot air gun is mainly through the resistance heating, blow out hot air on the electronic components for welding, the temperature can be adjusted. Air pump hot air machine boot temperature is faster, more popular than the general, and the temperature will not rise in a straight line, but also with voltage, current and other indicator plate, the internal resistance components can also be replaced.Matters needing attention1, please do not use hot air gun with chemical (plastic) scraper.2. Remove the dry paint of the nozzle or scraper after use so as not to catch fire.3. Please use it in a well ventilated place, because the residue removed from the paint of the lead product is toxic.4 do not use hot air guns as hair dryers.5, do not direct the hot air to people or animals.6, when the hot air gun is used or just after use, do not touch the nozzle. The handle of the hot air gun must be kept dry, clean and far away from oil or gas.7, hot air gun to completely cool before storage.Hot air gun is one of the most widely used tools in mobile phone maintenance, and the process requirements are also high. Hot air guns are used to remove or install small components into large areas of integrated circuits. On different occasions, the hot air temperature and the air gun and other special requirements, the temperature is too low will cause the element weld, the temperature is too high will the worst element and circuit board. The air volume is too small, and the choice of hot air gun is also important. Do not choose low grade hot air gun because of the price problem.
Q:My aquarium oxygen pump does not add oxygen. What's the matter?
The water is pressure, the water pump is low, the flow of the air outlet can not bring the air out of the cylinder. The pump is equipped with high energy to solve the problem.
Q:The car isn't cold enough. Is it related to the air pump?
No refrigeration, there are many problems, such as lack of refrigerant, refrigerant leakage, compressor does not work, etc., you said that the air pump should be the compressor
Q:How do you handle the water in the air pump?
Do not answer the trachea, turn on the air pump, work for a certain period of time and do it yourself.
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
I suggest you focus on your protector. If there is a correct power supply in the three-phase, then the protector can be shielded and tested. In addition, I do not know your pump brand and model, you can refer to your drawings, look at the protective circuit, this piece has no series of other protection functions. Waiting for your test results.
Q:What kind of fish can live without inserting oxygen pumps?
Cold water fish, such as fish, tropical fish in Manlong, large fish kissing, and some varieties, will be a breath of air, the extraction of oxygen from,
Q:What's the difference between an air pump and an air compressor?
The two functions are the same! But there are differences, too! Container pump generally no gas storage once the use is always running, which is real-time with air compressor and gas storage, as long as there is gas under the condition of the motor will not run with almost waiting for gas will run to inflation

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