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tem Name: 3D Shaggy Carpet with polyester stretch yarn and silk

Original: Tianjin China

Material: Polyester

Technique: Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm / Low pile 3cm

Size: 70*140cm or customized

Color: White, Ivory, Beige, Pink, Red, Orange, Lilac, Blue, Silver, Grey,       Coffee etc.

Total weight: 3000g/m2

Design No.: TJS003

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a         sweet life

Advantage: Non-slip, Moisture-proof, Anti-static, Soundproof, Cold           insulation, Wear-resistant,Easy clearing, Cost-effective

Application: sitting room, bedroom, Entryway etc.

Washing: please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour         after add water dilute washing. Payattention to dryin         the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:What color of the carpet is good?
Will be too close to the coffee table. If the color of the carpet is too light and it's between the tea table and the sofa, don't choose hard carpet, it's not good.
Q:how to prevent the carpet paved outside from blowing up by the wind.
Has adhesive force,. You can fix it with a carpet liner.
Q:I need a heavy duty carpet cleaner?
i recomend Hydromist 20 Heavy Duty Carpet Extraction Cleaning Machine which has 20 litre portable extraction cleaning machine,3m Hose and Stainless steel carpet wand
Q:I have a 7x10 area rug i washed and hung dry?
Haha- I also have a similar project! I merely keep them in an previous cubby hollow specially situations or purchase some new clothing when I even have the time. yet whilst they are truly bothering you basically putting there empty, take stuff out of your cloth wardrobe drawers and carry those up too. via the way, I basically have seventeen empty hangers now- I have been given rid of the grotesque ones and colour code via clothing varieties (long sleeve, short sleeve, etc) Hooray for OCD!!! XD
Q:Viscose Rayon area rug?
You can secure it with double sided carpet tape if you are concerned about creep. The home improvement centers sell it and it works very well to secure the area rug I have under my dining room table. Viscose rayon would indeed be a good choice in an area with chair traffic, food and beverages. It won't hold stains or smells like wool does, will be easier to clean than silk and is better quality fiber than nylon. If the flooring that it is going over is hardwood or ceramic tile, you can also purchase a non-skid underlayment that will protect your floors and stop creep. Go for it and enjoy!
Q:minimal amount of rugs needed?
In winter my pony is fully clipped and wears: -An under rug with full neck (Masta) -A stable rug (fairly heavy, not sure on brand - fairly old) -If it is very cold, he'll have a Masta fleece on under both rugs Before he comes in during the winter he wears: -Heavyweight or middleweight turnout depending on the weather In the summer: -Lightweight turnout rug if raining -Fly sheet if flies are bad and it's not overly warm - a couple of years ago they were sweating buckets in fly rugs, so it was decided they would wear them if and when needed. His turnout rugs are Masta and I think he has a Horseware Ireland one too. Fly sheets are Masta and either Rambo or Horseware Ireland (I forget which) If it's cold and we're travelling him to a show, he has a Royston fleece.
Q:indoor/outdoor rug clean?
You can wash it with warm water and soap or something or if it is old just throw it away
Q:Carpet Cleaners!!! Please Help?
i have just had my carpet clean by a professional carpet cleaner he moved all my furniture and cleaned every where, he did a marvellous job and when he had finished we had it stain guarded well worth the money
Q:Is the bedroom a good wooden floor or a carpet?
Each has its own advantages, and each has its own shortcomings.Composite wood floor with wood floor comfort Juegan overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring, easy to deform, so relative to the solid wood flooring, composite wood floor maintenance and care is more simple, in daily use, in addition to the daily cleaning, do not need special care. Composite floors should also be avoided by direct sunlight, long exposure may lead to surface cracking and aging. The indoor environment has higher requirement of dry humidity and easy to deform when encountering water.
Q:What is the adhesive of the red carpet of the automobile exhibition hall
Not always, some with ordinary tape, some with no trace of double-sided adhesive.

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