36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

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1000 watt
Supply Capability:
10000 watt/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon Max. Power(W): 220 Number of Cells(pieces): 72
Size: 1650*992*35mm IP65 Junction Box: Output Power:10 Years 100%, 20 Years 90% Warranty Low-Iron Temperd Glass/3.2mm: Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Silver

Product Description:



Basic Info.

Model NO.

SPP-JT220W 230W 240W 250W


Monocrystalline Silicon

Peak Power Pm

220W 230W 240W 250W

Max. Power Voltage Vmp


Max. Power Current Imp(a)


Dimensions(L*W*T)/ Weight

1650*992*35mm/19.0 Kgs

Front Cover(Material/Thickness)

Low-Iron Temperd Glass/3.2mm


Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Silver

Junction Box Protection Degree


Warranty:Output Power

10 Years 100%, 20 Years 90%

Product Certification / Standard


ISO Certification


ISO 9001:2008

Export Markets



36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved


Additional Info.


Packing:Carton and Pallets

Standard:CE, ROHS, TUV, IEC61215, IEC61730


HS Code:8541409000

Production Capacity:10000PCS/Month

Product Description

Take the solar panel under sunlight, the solar panel convert the sunlight into DC electricity
The electricity can be used directly or stored in battery for mobile phone charging, LED lighting, TV sets, fans,  refrigerator and can changed to be AC power by inverter
The solar panel is green energy supply, markets supported by all country's governments
Warranty and long Life-time(for example):
100W after 10 years is still 100W
100W after 20 years is 90% 90W
100W after 30 years is 80% 80W
DC electricity providing
AC electricity providing by connecting with inverter
Battery power charger
LED and loading power supply
Accessories and material:
solar cells, tempered glass, EVA,TPT,  aluminium alloy frame, connector box, shunt diode, 5m double wire 
carton package, Logo(if necessary), bar code(if necessary), solar panel specification back label
Agent Support: Company Overseas Department
After-sale Service: Company After-sale Service Center
220W 230W 240W 250W  polycrystalline solar PV panel performance and specification:






Peak power Pm(W) 





Open circuit voltage Voc(V) 





Max. power voltage Vmp(V)





Max. power current Imp(A) 





Short circuit current Isc(A) 





Solar cells Efficiency 





Model efficiency 





fill factor 


Dimensions(L*W*T)/ Weight(kgs)

1650*992*35mm/19.0 kgs

solar cell / No. of cells and connections

Poly crystalline silicon 156*130*0.19mm/72pcs in series

Front cover(material/thickness) 

Low-iron temperd glass/3.2mm


Ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA)


Anodized aluminum alloy/silver

Junction box protection degree 


Cable /Cable connector Model

PV1-F 1×4.0mm2×900mm/ MC4


Irradiance:1000W/m2,Cell temperature:25ºC,AM:1.5

Max. static load ,front(e. g .,snow/wind)


Max. static load ,back(e. g .,wind)


Max. hailstone impact (diameter/velocity)

25mm/ 23m/s

Max. over-current (A) 


Max. system voltage (V) 

1000V DC

Application Class

Class A



Operating temperature limits

-40ºC- +85ºC

Coefficient current TK 


Coefficient voltage TK 


Coefficient power  TK 



≥25 years


Output power: 10 years 100%,20 years 90%

Product Certification / Standard


Other Certification

ISO 9001:2008


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Q:Solar Energy - What would these solar panels power?
60 Watt Solar Kit 60 watts not much. Max. Power*: 60 Watts Voltage at Maximum Power (Vpm): 6.7 V Current at Maximum Power (Ipm): 3.30 A 0 or 20 of them plus inverter plus battery's not real viable I think how much energy was used in the manufacture of the cells,unfortunately a long way to go
Q:What is the cost of Solar Panels?
That okorder.com/
Q:how many solar panels?
It depends on how many watts of electricity you wants..
Q:what is the cost of a solar panel
Photovoltaic solar panels are priced by the watt. Average price today is just under $4.00 per watt. More efficient panels take less space to produce the same amount of electricity. To design a system, you first must decide how much power you are looking to produce. then you look at the various products to find what fits your need. if you have a very compact space, you may pay more for more per watt for really efficient panels, but if you have a good amount of space you can get lower cost panels that take more space and cost less. With a wind turbine complimenting your system you will only need a modest battery storage bank. 5kw system could get you off grid entirely! 5,000 watts x $4.00 = $60,000. 3kw system with net metering mat cost about $2,000. Many homeowners (like me) build their systems piecemeal to keep costs manageable. Good Luck! P.S. - If you build it with the house, the price can be rolled into the mortgage. $60,000 would add +/- $300.00 a month to your payment, but you would have no Electric bill, a savings of $00-200 a month. Once it is paid for, you only have to pay maintenance costs.
Q:What direction do solar panels usually point?
I can't believe how many people posted wrong answers to this. Where are they looking? What are they thinking? In the northern hemisphere, solar panels are ALWAYS oriented due south. In the southern hemisphere, face them due north. I am typing on a computer that is running on a solar electric system that supplies my whole house. Been this way for years. So it works.
Q:how to power a 400 watt heater with solar panels and batteries?
well, you need to produce 3200 watt-hours per day with your solar panels how many you need depends on the type of panel and size and how much sun you get (the energy of the rays depends on your latitude and the time of year) the amount of batteries you need again depends on your requirements and your insolation if you only need to heat when the sun is shining then you don't need any batteries at all if you want to heat for 8 hours after the sun has quit shining then you obviously need batteries to hold 3200 watt-hrs of electricity to actually size a 3200+ watt-hr solar system you need a lot more information
Q:Feedback on Solar Panels?
They work. If you have realistic expectations of them, understand their limitations and have a good knowkedge of electronics, you will be glad you have them, and you will also likely want to add more as you can afford them. If you need someone else to install them and you know little to nothing about electronics, your installation cost will be much higher. However they are not always a total solution, and for those wanting to continue using energy the way they do when attached to the grid they will be disappointed. You do need to make some changes to how you use energy. Get them for the right reasons, and at some point you can unplug your house from the gtid. Grid tir is fine for some, but highly overrated by those who wish to social engineer society to have things both ways- tied to the grid to produce power while letting the power company do it's thing to your appliances,
Q:How Do Solar Panels Work?
sunlight is collected by cells in a panel which is transefered to enrygy
Q:how the energy of solar panel measure?
Most PV solar panels are labelled with their peak power output - this is the maximum power (measured in Watts) which that panel can generate in full sunlight. Remember these simple formula- V=IR and P=VI The current flowing through load keep the flow of electrons and thus energy is produced.
Q:What do I need to do to run my dehumidifier from solar panels?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What do I need to do to run my dehumidifier from solar panels? First of all is it possible? I do not know how much electricity my dehumidifier but could someone give me an idea of how much this would cost to do? A link to a solar panel or equipment that would do the job would be nice too. Thanks in advance.

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