35mm Cup Glass Door Soft Closing HInge GS35H

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1. Compared with most hinge in market, installed with which the door will swing after opening the door, our two way hinge have solved this problem.


2. Our concealed hinge has been sold more than 500,000,000 sets all over the world for now already, which proves that our products have high quality and competitive price.


3. Strengthened adjustable screw can widen the adjustable ranges and lengthen using life.


4. Widening manganese steel spring can disperse force when the hinge closed. Strengthened spring is 2.5mm thick, while the thickness of normal ones is 1.5mm.


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Q:How to install drawers in brick cabinets, brick cabinets can be installed basket
For brick cabinets, drawer slide selection, we suggest that you go to the regular hardware market to buy, so that the purchase of brick cabinets, drawer drawers, quality is guaranteed. When installing brick cabinets, drawer slides, it is best to ask professional installation master to install, to avoid affecting the kitchen cabinet installation effect.
Q:Three drawer drawer how to assemble or disassemble?
Open the drawer with second slides, you can see a black plastic sheet at the junction of second section and third section of the guide rail. The drawer on each side of a paddle.
Q:How to install wardrobe telescopic mirror slide rail?
Finally, the installation of cabinets, nine Home Furnishing network proposal should take the jutizhaiban plastic screw hole, and then loaded from the top down the track, a slide using two small screws one after fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:What are the types of drawer slides?
The steel ball slide rail is basically a two section and three section metal slide rail, and the common structure is arranged on the side of the drawer, the installation is simpler, and the space is saved. A good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure the smooth sliding and large load bearing, and the slide rail has the functions of buffering, closing or pressing, rebounding and opening. In modern furniture, the steel ball slide rail is gradually replacing the roller type slide rail, becoming the main force of the modern furniture slide rail.
Q:How to install a customized furniture drawer
The drawer slide is divided into three parts: movable rail (inner rail), middle rail and fixed rail (outer rail)Before the 4. slide is installed, the inner rail, that is, the movable rail, should be removed from the main body of the chute. Be careful not to damage the slide when it is disassembled. The disassembly method is simple. The circlip on the inner rail is pressed and the inner rail is removed.
Q:Recently saw a drawer slide, installed up, as long as a light press, you can open, hands free, or personally feel good,
On the other hand, it can achieve perfect mute effect, so the whole process is silent, soft and smooth. Opening and closing times up to 80 thousand times, it can greatly extend the service life of the cabinet. Therefore, many furniture is now popular use of this slide.
Q:How to drive retractable rail for industrial use roll
Install the cabinet, nine Home Furnishing network proposal should take the jutizhaiban plastic screw hole, and then loaded from the top down the track, a slide using two small screws one after fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:What does mean?
Slide rail, slide, also called refers to fixed on the furniture cabinet, drawer or cabinet panels for furniture entry activities of hardware connecting parts, slide for cabinet, furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wooden and steel furniture such as drawer drawer connection.
Q:What's the difference between hydraulic and hydraulic slides and airplane loose leaf?
I do this I asked under renovation project manager, he said that what the drawer can not change, with the change of thickness is not the same, do not go up, only to change the new cabinet drawer, hearing what he said I was a bit confused......Drawers don't need to change, you don't have doubts
Q:How many models are there in the drawer track?
As the name suggests, the drawer track extends inside a section, called two tracks. The drawer rail extends inside a length, and then extends out of the extended part, called the three rail.

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