355KW YE2 three-phase ASYNCHRONOUS AC motor for induction

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Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 30 days after30% deposit

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Brand Name            OEM

Model Number         YE2

Type                          Induction Motor

Frequency              50Hz

Output Power             2.2kw

Phase                     Three-phase

Certification     CCC, ISO9002

AC Voltage       230 to 720V

Efficiency             IE2, IE1

Frame                 Cast Iron

Poles                      2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Ambient temperature     -15° to +40°c

Altitude                      1000 Meters

Duty                            Continuous(S1)

Insulation Class        Class F

Protection Class       IP55

Cooling Method       IC 411

Temperature   3*PTC or 3*Bimetal in Winding

Vibration                           A

Price                                    USD or EUR,RMB

Minimum Order Quantity         10 Pieces

Packaging Details    Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Time  Within 30 days after30% deposit

Payment Terms        L/C,T/T,West Union

Supply Ability                     10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month


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Q:What is the difference between ac motor and dc motor?
We know that the three-phase power supply phase phase difference is the voltage on the phase between 120 degrees, three of the three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding on the spatial orientation also sent 120 degrees, so that when zhongtong into the three-phase power supply in the stator winding, stator windings creates a rotating magnetic field, the stator windings creates a rotating magnetic field, rotor conductors (cage) will cut the lines of magnetic force of a rotating magnetic field and induced current, the current in the rotor conducting bar and interact with a rotating magnetic field to produce electromagnetic force, electromagnetic force produced by electromagnetic torque drive rotor rotating magnetic field along the direction of rotation. In general, the actual speed of the motor is below the rotational speed of the rotating field.
Q:What is the normal current of the three-phase motor of 3KW
So, for common communicators, the open loop control and the motor plug are not able to control the torque. If the servo ac motor is adopted, the closed-loop speed control, Angle control and position control can be blocked. For ordinary motor, you can consider, mechanical lock or jammed, mandatory locked-rotor, has completed the user's technical requirements, and then let go of mechanical plugging turn institutions, for the next process control. Ac motors are easily burned if plugged or missing. Must first understand the motor winding dc resistance of the dc resistance is under 15 Ω (motor dc resistance is smaller, the greater the power from less than 1 Ω), if the blocked or lacks when the motor has lost its ac impedance, so only under 15 Ω loop resistance of the motor, then the current can want to how much (380 v, 0.35 KW, for example: 380 present 15 = 25, 25 A was greater than the motor coil current over-current value). Often lack of phase, so the motor over-current protection (by the hand of my circuits are lack of phase, over-current protection), the first one but problems is that the current changes, this will protect the motor.
Q:How does the motor select ac contactor
Choose motor ac contactor according to the motor power to choose the right size, 1.5-2.5 times, generally the model selection manual, still have to pay attention to the matching auxiliary contact, don't you then buy back auxiliary contact is not enough to use.
Q:What is excitation, excitation current, what is the difference between motor and generator
A way of producing a magnetic field in a rotating motor. Most modern motors are based on electromagnetic induction, which requires a magnetic field in the motor. The magnetic field can be generated by a permanent magnet or by an electric magnet in the coil. The coil group that is set up to produce a magnetic field is called the excitation winding. Due to the limitation of the performance of permanent magnet, the magnetic field built by the permanent magnet is weak, which is mainly used for small capacity motors. But with the emergence of new permanent magnet materials, especially high magnetic energy product of rare earth materials such as the emergence of cobalt and rare earth ndfeb, capacity of the kilowatt of permanent magnet motor has started to develop.
Q:Why should ac motors be used in parallel with capacitors
A capacitor is usually a single phase, or 220V motor. The capacitors it takes are usually strung together in so-called starting coils, not in parallel. You know that in a three-phase machine, you have three phase electrical connections, so you have a rotating magnetic field. This magnetic field drives the rotor. There is only one phase of the single phase motor. If a single phase motor does not start the coils and start the capacitance, it will not be able to form a rotating field with a single phase connected motor.
Q:Why not use a commutator?
Because the dc motor changes the direction of the current through the commutator and the coil keeps rotating
Q:How to control ac motor speed
The ha-inverter and the rest are not economical at your speed The best way to do this is to add a gearbox
Q:Is a single-phase carbon brush motor a dc motor or ac motor?
use Synchronous motors are used mostly in large generators, while asynchronous motors are used almost exclusively in motor situations. The synchronous motor can adjust the power factor by the excitation. The power factor of asynchronous motor is adjustable, so in some large factories, application of asynchronous motor is large, can be added a synchronous motor for condenser, used to adjust the plant and the power factor of power network interface. However, due to the synchronous motor of high cost, maintenance workload is big, now commonly used capacitance compensation power factor. Synchronous machine with exciting winding and the slip ring, need the operator had a higher level to control excitation, in addition, compared with those of asynchronous machine maintenance free maintenance workload is bigger; So, as an electric motor, most current asynchronous motors are chosen.
Q:What is the speed of the general motors
There are many different speeds of the motor, the synchronous motor is n = 60f/p, and the asynchronous motor can be changed at the same speed, which is related to the synchronous speed
Q:Common problems with ac motor
Prevention: (1) remove the pulsating flux and the power supply harmonic (such as the ac reactor in the output side of the converter); (2) when the motor is designed, the bearing seats and the base of the sliding bearings are insulated, and the outer and end of the rolling bearings are insulated. 2, why can't the general motors be used for plateau areas? At altitude, the commutation of the electric motor, the electric corona (high voltage motor) and the dc motor are adversely affected. The following three aspects should be noted: (1) high elevation, the larger the motor, the smaller the output power. But when the temperature rises with elevation, it is sufficient to compensate for the effect of elevation The rated output power of the motor is constant.

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