35 Wide Full Extension Ball Bearing Slide 353

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Q:Drawer sliding way how to disassemble, my kitchen cabinet damping drawer can not shut, shut oneself still open, how to repair?.
When you remove the drawer, you can see the screws nailed to the track and you can pull it down. You according to the above problems, you may be the cabinet with the original track, most of the iron, there may be all bad sectors, you buy Stainless Steel installed is not expensive, it was a little more than 2 yuan an inch, hardware market very much, suggest you buy 304 stainless steel rails 12-14, the price between 25-30 inches
Q:Are there any baskets with no damping slides placed directly in the drawer?
Should not. But if you have to do and want to pull the drawer basket is very simple, only my basket is not to slide, and then directly fixed inside the drawer is.
Q:Three drawer drawer how to assemble or disassemble?
Open the drawer with second slides, you can see a black plastic sheet at the junction of second section and third section of the guide rail. The drawer on each side of a paddle.
Q:Cabinet drawer drawer how to install, brick cabinets can install the basket?
In the selection of cabinets, brick cabinets, drawer slides, steel quality is also the most important, good drawer drawers can all pull out, do not tip off, and simple disassembly. Different specifications of the drawer, steel thickness is different, bearing is also different. It is understood that the large brands of a 0.6 meter wide drawer, brick cabinets, drawer slides, steel nearly 3mm thick, bearing capacity can reach 40 - 50 kg. The purchase can pull the drawer by hand on a beat, see if loose, bang bang sound or flip.
Q:Recently saw a drawer slide, installed up, as long as a light press, you can open, hands free, and personally feel good,
You should be hidden DTC Dongtai metal damping slide bar, it is a popular track, is to increase the rebound and damping effect, based on hidden slide on the one hand, it makes the cabinet drawer according to that, a push off, but also free in hand, look more beautiful and generous.
Q:Are there any differences between the guide rail and the roller guide? What role did they play?
For example, drawer bar, general drawer of the ball, with roller, then you pull, and sometimes not stuck, then the whole drawer will be pulled outGenerally, the ball bearings would not have this problem, they have their own fixed system.So I think the steel ball rail is better
Q:Installation dimensions of drawer slide and cabinet body
The cabinet can be installed three drawers, an average of three equal height to remove the skirting board and panel
Q:Seventy percent off the disassembly and installation of slide rail?
When a man holds something in his hands, if he is holding a drawer with a handle, then we may have to put everything down, and then pull out the drawer before we can do as we wish. In modern home design, we need more personalized, visual, human baptism, produce a different feeling.
Q:How do you fit the rails on the drawer? How to locate?
The installation method is part of the track are arranged in the cabinet body side (first installed), the other part is correspondingly arranged on the side of the drawer (according to the cabinet installed position in the drawer side with the pen on the mark, and then put the drawer out on good track) can be spliced. They are screwed with wooden screws (that point screws). Do not make holes in them.
Q:How to install the push and pull table slide
Finally, the installation of cabinet, you need to first side of the plastic hole on the side of the cabinet screw, and then installed on the track from the above, a slide, respectively, using two small screws, one after the fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.

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