35 Color Strip Extuder with High Speed and Steady Quality

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Φ35 Color Strip Extruder Horizontal and lifting type


1. Main use of 35 Color Strip Extruder
It is mainly used for producing double color strips or strips extruding.


2. Major Configuration of 35 Extruder main machine and performance
2.1 Temperature control is much precise; the temperature down is controlled by 2 windmills;
2.2 Feeding way: This hopper’s material is made of Stainless steel, rotation type feeding way;
2.3 Bearing of whole machine: imported brand;
2.4 Moving way of device: 4 casters is installed below the machine, it is very convenient to move;


3. Main technical specification of 35 Color Strip Extruder
3.1 Extruding capacity: 18kg/h in total
      PVC: Max18 kg/h
      PE:  Max12 kg/h
3.2 Condition:  New Application: 
3.3 35 Color Strip Extruder Plastic Processed:  PE,PVC,PP
3.4 Screw Design:  Single-screw
3.5 Automatic Grade:  automatic
3.6 Place of Origin:  Shanghai China (Mainland)
3.7 Brand Name:  CNBM
3.8 Model Number:  SJ-35
3.9 Voltage:  380V 50HZ
3.10 Certification:  CE After-sales
3.11 Service Provided:  Engineers available to service machinery
3.12 Overseas material:  PE/ps/ABS/PP
3.13 Plastic extruder:  double screw/single screw
3.14 PLC:  Simens
3.15 Transportation:  by sea or by train
3.16 Continuity produce:  yes
3.17 Automatic:  yes electric
3.18 Parts:  selects famous brand


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Q:PVC extrusion machine extrusion stone floor no pressure, what reason?
PvC stone floor extruder pressure is adjusted by the screw and die head
Q:1: what is the difference between an extruder and an injection molding machine?
1: extruder, is threaded through the push rod, the plastic die forming process by melting in the forward process. After the extruder products are silk, belt, tube, plate, etc. 2: injection molding machine, mainly to melt the plastic injection molding process, after the mold injection molding machine outjection. The main products are mechanical parts, containers, household appliances shell.
Q:How many roots are produced in an hour for an PVC tube extruder?
It depends on the type of your extruder and the specification of the tube you produced
Q:Extruder price
According to the size of the screw, single and double screw configuration is different, there are many different prices between fifty thousand to two hundred thousand, we specialize in the production of extruders, crushers and mixing machines, high quality and low price, contact information on the user name
Q:What is the adjustment method of China's extrusion machine die?
(5) sense of mold: it is the method of experience versus mold. Feel the thickness of the plastic layer by hand and adjust the mold. The utility model is suitable for the outer protective layer of large cross section wire and cable.
Q:Is the extruder the same as the extruder?
Extrusion machine, also called extruder, and is mainly used for power line, power cable, coaxial cable, communication cable, transmission cable, BV type civil line, electronic wire, computer wire, building line, data communication cable, RF cable, HDMI cable, cable, all kinds of high temperature silicone Teflon, core line line, network cable, optical fiber, rubber insulated wire cable wire and cable extrusion wire and cable equipment.
Q:Does anyone know the operating procedures for the cable 65+120 extruder?
What are the operating specifications for the extruder?One is the equipment instructionTwo is the boot operation specificationsThree is safety instructions and so onThe equipment manufacturer will provide the above
Q:Extrusion machine (ACS510 frequency converter + ordinary motor), low speed production current, how to solve?
Yes, the load characteristics and control characteristics are also to be matched. Otherwise, it will be very inappropriate and lead to abnormal phenomena.
Q:What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the extruder?
Extrusion machine regular maintenance mainly has these aspectsdrive system(1) check the temperature rise of motor and oil tank, whether the bearing is overheated locally, the abnormal noise of motor and gear, oil leakage, radial circle of oil filter and spline shaft, and the contact gap with the end of screw.(2) regularly clean the oil filter and remove the dirt at the bottom of the tank, and lubricate the lubrication points regularly.(3) the new gear box has been filled with gear oil, and new oil will be replaced every 4000 hours after the operation.
Q:Can PC and PP be extruded together with two materials in an extruder?
No co extrusion, PC polycarbonate, PP polypropylene, two kinds of product structure is not the same, not the same chemical composition, viscosity and liquidity is not the same, processing temperature and processing technology is also very different, and two kinds of products, so not incompatible, CO extrusion.

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