35 Color Strip Extuder with High Speed and Steady Quality

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Φ35 Color Strip Extruder Horizontal and lifting type


1. Main use of 35 Color Strip Extruder
It is mainly used for producing double color strips or strips extruding.


2. Major Configuration of 35 Extruder main machine and performance
2.1 Temperature control is much precise; the temperature down is controlled by 2 windmills;
2.2 Feeding way: This hopper’s material is made of Stainless steel, rotation type feeding way;
2.3 Bearing of whole machine: imported brand;
2.4 Moving way of device: 4 casters is installed below the machine, it is very convenient to move;


3. Main technical specification of 35 Color Strip Extruder
3.1 Extruding capacity: 18kg/h in total
      PVC: Max18 kg/h
      PE:  Max12 kg/h
3.2 Condition:  New Application: 
3.3 35 Color Strip Extruder Plastic Processed:  PE,PVC,PP
3.4 Screw Design:  Single-screw
3.5 Automatic Grade:  automatic
3.6 Place of Origin:  Shanghai China (Mainland)
3.7 Brand Name:  CNBM
3.8 Model Number:  SJ-35
3.9 Voltage:  380V 50HZ
3.10 Certification:  CE After-sales
3.11 Service Provided:  Engineers available to service machinery
3.12 Overseas material:  PE/ps/ABS/PP
3.13 Plastic extruder:  double screw/single screw
3.14 PLC:  Simens
3.15 Transportation:  by sea or by train
3.16 Continuity produce:  yes
3.17 Automatic:  yes electric
3.18 Parts:  selects famous brand


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Q:How to choose the mould of the cable extruder? Ten
Depending on your specific specifications, if XLPE is insulated, extrusion die with small touch line, set on the use of cable diameter, large core conductor than a few tenths of good, if you like to use 70 square tube extruding mold insulation of the conductor element some is big 1 can be set according to the touch, the tensile ratio calculation, PVC1.6 DYWL material with smaller good-looking it is simple of the extrusion process
Q:Plastic double screw extruder, pumping air will accumulate material, how is it going on?
Adjust the assembly and check the exhaust block
Q:Wire and cable extrusion machine temperature exceeds the process documentation, what are the reasons?
When making documents, they are not in accordance with the actual situation.
Q:Produce 10 square wires with the smallest extruder
If the production of single core line, then 50 machines can also do, but low efficiency, unstable line,.70 or 90 machine idealIf it is a production sheath line, do at least 70 machines, preferably 70 or 90 insulation, and 90/120 as sheath
Q:How to adjust the 65 screw gap in the extruder?
That's the tune.This should be practical learning. The outlet plane of the barrel is about 3 mm in diameter.
Q:Why will the extruder frequency shift stop?
Because the frequency converter is out of order, you can look at the fault record parameters of the inverter.
Q:What are the common extrusion molding products?
Extrusion molding products are as follows:1 、 plastic pipe, for example: water pipe up and down;2, plastic profiles, such as: doors and windows, plastic steel profiles.3, plastic plates, such as: wood plastic doors, plastic doors,4, plastic sheet (sheet and board is the difference between the thickness, thin, thick plate), such as: mobile phone membrane.
Q:What is the three layer coextrusion blow molding machine for blow molding of plastic bag tension formula,
The recipe is either too large or too small. Do you mean that the tension is not enough, transverse or vertical?
Q:What is the waste gas produced by the extruder, granulator and mixer?
Do you want water spray, dry filter, carbon adsorption, fan, and discharge? Will that be better, thank you?Chasing the answerIf the exhaust gas contains acid and alkali waste gas (slightly acid base acceptable), there is no need to water spray, the main role of water spray is used to neutralize the acid and alkali containing exhaust gas. The exhaust gas is dry organic waste gas, only dry filter, activated carbon adsorption odor can be discharged.
Q:Does anyone know the operating procedures for the cable 65+120 extruder?
Operating procedures are based on the preparation of equipment instructions, you can increase some of the preparatory work before the boot, the middle is the operation of equipment instructions, and finally must have safe and civilized operation instructions!

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