31.5MVA/220kV single phase traction transformer

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Place of Origin: HeBeiBrand Name:


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3 Winding

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YNd11 Dyn11 YNyn0d11


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1. CESI certificate
2. High short-circuit withstand
3. Low loss, PD and noise
4. CTQC certificate
5. No leakage




The application of the 31.5MVA/220kV single phase traction transformer, and matches well with the transmission capacity of UHV lines, which has wide prospect of application. Because of its large capacity and large volume, the whole transportation weight with nitrogen is about 470-490 tons, and due to the restricted transport conditions, the transportation becomes the critical issue for application of the 31.5MVA/220kV single phase traction transformer. In order to make the products applicable to any UHV substation in our country, the state grid of corporation of China set the "A study of easy-transport large capacity UHV Transformer” as a key scientific research projects, and entrusted BTW to carry out the research.

During the process of research and development, BTW adopted the advanced design technology and modular design, the transformer can be transported disassembly and with advantages of compact core and winding body, less transportation weight and low transportation cost, effectively solves the need of UHV construction in the transportation restricted areas. By using the most advanced 3D magnetic field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation for the magnetic flux leakage and eddy current loss of the transformer coil, iron core and oil tank steel structures. Besides, by using of the advanced electric field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation of main longitudinal insulation, and mastered the arrangement of the main longitudinal insulation of large capacity UHV transformer and the control of distribution of winding magnetic flux leakage. All of which make the products with low loss, low noise, small volume, strong anti short circuit ability, no local overheating and other significant advantages, and guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation.

The world's first on-site assembled large capacity UHV Transformer’s right at the first time once again filled the gap in the field of UHV transformer research after Chinese transformer industry overcame the difficulty of integral transport of the 31.5MVA/220kV single phase traction transformer, which marks BTW has fully occupied the world transformer industry technical peak. The successful development of the product filled the gaps in the domestic technology and met the urgent need of UHV construction application in our country, greatly improved the technical level and manufacturing ability of BTW in terms of UHV Transformer products.


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Q:The zero line of the transformer can be connected with the ground wire. Why not leave it?
Transformer at the zero line with the ground line together, called "repeat ground", is to achieve a stable system 220 volts power supply, the advantage is now widely used 380 / 220V system. That connector out immediately, there is a zero sequence current transformer, set in the zero line busbar, mainly to protect the transformer, it will not allow the transformer zero line there is a large current, that is a fault. The substation is coming out again. The general line is the end of the user or equipment, the device is a three-phase five-wire system, there is a main switch, often this switch is with leakage protection function, it does not allow any part of the line ground, the body accidentally touch, Causing the switch off power, can play a role in protecting personal safety. So, this part is not allowed to zero line and ground together, also known as TN-S system.
Q:Transformer input power how to ask?
The significance of no - load power factor of power transformer The power transformer is likely to run without load, while the low power factor will increase the grid supply voltage. When the power transformer is unloaded, the no-load current is mainly used to establish the transformer core excitation and provide the excitation loss. The excitation current is part of the current current is reactive current, the general design, the power transformer power factor is low. When the power transformer winding side of the application of sinusoidal AC, the magnetic field is also sinusoidal changes in the magnetic field. However, the core of the transformer is a non-linear magnetically permeable material, so the field current that produces the magnetic field must be non-sinusoidal. Generally appear as "steeple". Figure 1 for a single-phase transformer no-load current waveform and its harmonic spectrum. Transformer no-load operation, the output power is zero, no-load power is equal to no-load loss. In the case of loss of fixed, the smaller the no-load current, the higher the no-load power factor. Therefore, the power transformer no-load power factor is higher, the better the no-load current is better. Increasing the no-load power factor is one of the main technical research directions of power transformer manufacturers, and reducing the no-load current is an important technical means to improve the no-load power factor.
Q:What is the M of the transformer capacity MVA?
MVA with a table of his capacity, read: trillion volts in which M with a sign The conversion unit is 1MVA = 1000KVA = 1000000VA
Q:50 What is the actual power of the transformer? Is 3 phase 50 or 3 together 50
If it is three-phase transformer, the power of the brand name is the sum of the power of three phases
Q:What is the transformer absorption ratio (R60 / R15)
Absorption ratio = R60 〃 / R15 〃 For the same insulating material: the moisture or defective absorption curve will change, so you can determine the insulation curve based on the insulation is good or bad, usually in megger in 15 seconds and 60 seconds of the insulation resistance ratio (This is the absorption ratio, expressed by the K value), because the insulation of the degree of moisture increases, the leakage current increase than the increase in the starting value of the absorption current is much more, expressed in the insulation resistance is: megger in 15 seconds and 60 seconds of the insulation resistance is basically equal, so the K value is close to 1; when the insulating medium is dry, because the leakage current is small, the current absorption is relatively large, so the K value is greater than 1. Experience: When the K value is greater than 1.3, the insulating medium is dry, so that by measuring the absorption ratio of the insulating medium, it is possible to determine whether the insulating medium is damped and K is a ratio which eliminates the geometric dimensions of the insulating structure , And it is the same temperature measured under the value, without going through the temperature conversion, the comparison of measurement results is very convenient.
Q:Altium designer DXP transformer in the same name how to change?
You can re-draw one, you can also copy the source file in the transformer to change it. As for the PROPERTIES you said in the EDIT PINS NAME option, that is only your name to the pin, help to understand. For example, a transformer with only one primary edge and one secondary side, and the same name (two points of the graphics port) are located in the top, 1,2 pin on behalf of the original side, 3,4 pin on behalf of the secondary, Or 2,4) is the same name. 1,2 PIN (PIN) name (NAME) were Pri +, Pri-; 3,4 pin were Sec +, Sec-. Obviously here pri and sec are primary and second abbreviations, namely the primary and secondary, and +, - can be understood as positive and negative, can also be understood as the same as + (or -) at both ends of the same name. Transformer with the name of the most obvious label is the graphics on the two points. You in the schematic after the change and then on the line. I am also doing this, need to change the same name. You can exchange.
Q:KW how to know how much transformer?
Know the number of KW, how to calculate how much transformer is needed. In general, our calculation is based on the nature of the equipment, the production process, the development prospects of the production enterprises to analyze the size of the transformer, some companies, how many kilowatts to choose the number of KVA, and some enterprises have all the equipment must boot Run, then, on the choice of a little bigger, the machinery industry enterprises, generally in accordance with the installed capacity of 4-5 fold to select the transformer capacity. For reference only.
Q:Transformer 1250KVA Dimensions
10kV grade distribution transformer oil immersion 1250KVA appearance size 1786X1170X1410 (length X width X height); dry 1250KVA appearance size 1470X1200X1450 (length X width X height), for reference, the specific best asked suppliers.
Q:What are the serious consequences of transformer circulation?
The connection group number must be the same, the wiring group is different, the transformer secondary voltage phase is different, at least 30 °, the voltage difference will be a great circulation, burn the transformer.
Q:What is the meaning of the transformer 'turns ratio'? what's the effect?
The number of turns of the primary coil (that is, the number of turns around the coil) and the number of secondary turns. Turns ratio and voltage ratio is proportional. For example, 220 volts to 10 volts voltage ratio is 220: 10, turns ratio should also be 220: 10, such as the primary is 2200 laps, the secondary should be 100 laps. Multi-turn ratio is the number of turns of the secondary output and the primary correspondence. A variety of turns ratio is to allow a sensor device is used for a variety of heat treatment process. I remember answering your question? how? Do not believe? 'U1 / U2 = n1 / n2' "/" Or ":" read here as "than", the size of the ratio is that you say the size of the divisor, you put it when the division can also be seen. U1 / U2 = n1 / n2 'U1 denotes the primary voltage of the transformer, U2 denotes the secondary voltage of the transformer, n1 denotes the number of primary turns of the transformer, that is, the number of turns, n2 denotes the secondary turns of the transformer, The number of turns, n1 / n2 is the turns ratio. The meaning of this formula is: transformer primary and secondary voltage ratio = its primary and secondary turns ratio (turns ratio) I do not know you can not understand, do not understand I can do nothing

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