30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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color: white/black Cut-out: ¢145mm size: 185*H132mm

Product Description:

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

Product Picture

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum



1.Innovative heat sink,greatly increase heat dissipating efficiency

2.High power COB,high CRI (Ra >80),excellent lighting performance.

3.Efficient Optional design.Better anti-glaring effect with cut-off angle 30°

To achieve comfortable interior lighting performance



3000K, warm and appealing, for leisure atmosphere and accent lighting

4000K, natural effect, ideal application on public places.

6000K, bright and efficient, for pleasant and healthy office environment.


◆The LED Downlight is popular for store,hotel,shopping malls,gallery,museum,office..........


Gear box

1.Isolated high efficient LED driver

2.IC control, isolated circuit

3.ultra-long lifespan, reach ro 30,000 to 50,000 Hours


Model NO:




System power:




Light source:



Aluminum reflector and Opal diffuser

Beam angle:


Color temperature


Color rendering index


Luminous flux:






IP Rating:



Texture whtie

Operating temperature:


Rated lifespan:



3 years



 ◆The above parameters for reference only, the project custom us to determine the parameters of lamps and lanterns 

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30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

30W Recessed Led COB Downlight with aluminum

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Q:LED lamp without installation will try to light
The actuator is built, the 2 line is exposed, are respectively inserted into the socket to try it
Q:Ceiling lamp and lamp which is better?
Do you want to buy this place in the analysis of what lights, first understand the difference with the ceiling lamp lamp, lamp for general lighting, the soft lighting ceiling lamp is not dazzling, local lighting effects, for an item to reflect the effect of.
Q:What is the difference between LED and LED downlight lamp?
Because the LED spot lamp will produce higher temperature when working, therefore, when choosing the LED spot light, must select the high quality product, otherwise will have the security hidden danger. At present, LED spotlight is mainly used in all kinds of commercial space lighting and building decoration lighting. At the same time, spotlights are divided into two types of low voltage and high pressure, it is recommended that consumers choose the best low pressure spot light, because the low voltage spotlights relative to longer life, higher light efficiency. The light effect of the spotlight is usually determined by power factor. The power factor of the spot lamp can reach 0.99, but the price is much more expensive.
Q:Lamp with downlight is better
Of course it is downlight. Much brighter. The band is just nice. When my house is decorated, let my wife not buy the lamp belt. Don't waste a few practical downlight this a pretty fancy chandelier is good. Simple and generous.
Q:What is the distance between the lamp and the lamp?
According to the requirement of indoor lamp spacing, and the total length of flexible arrangement spacing, as long as determined on the same side, the need to install a few lights Tongdeng, according to the length of average distribution can then set aside appropriate space according to the specifications of the lamp, if inconsiderate, do not reserve space, I am afraid it is not installed under the lamp. As for the lamp power, according to the size of the space, and light enough to consider, choose the appropriate power.
Q:The bathroom is filled with downlight or lamp?
Waterproof ceiling lamp can be used as the main lamp, and the auxiliary lamp can also be used directly. A plurality of spotlights are irradiated from different angles to bring a rich sense of layering to the bathroom.
Q:LED downlight ceiling life how to define?
LED lamp life of up to 100 thousand hours LED downlight ceiling lamps and LED fluorescent lamp is the appearance and the shape of the lamp has changed from the internal principle there is no fundamental difference so life is by 100 thousand hours but it is how to determine the specific light attenuation is not clear that you can only be determined according to the brightness of visual light!
Q:How much is the bedroom lamp spacing
Want to know the appropriate spacing of indoor installation is the lamp, lamp spacing, to see what effect downlight indoors is, is to play the main lighting or auxiliary lighting.
Q:Home lamp is broken, want to change their own, I would like to ask how to remove ah?
Spring is the lamp card knife inserted force down effortlessly but actually demolition demolition should be careful when the smallpox broke
Q:2.5 inch downlight 7.5 hole can be used?
The lamp is generally a lamp holder, lamp can be installed directly on incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps, is a kind of embedded lighting ceiling light shooting style.

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