304 Stainless Steel Coil Cold Rolled for Construction

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Product Description:

cold rolled steel coils description:

Grade:300 Series

Standard: JIS,AISI,GB

Thickness: 0.16-3mm

Width: 15-500mm

Model Number: 304

Type: Coil

Application: home appliance

Certification: SGS, ISO

Surface: No.1,2B,4k,8k,HL

Color: natural color

Chemical composition:C 0.046% Cr 18.26

Quality: prime quality 304 stainless

Item:304 stainless steel


304 stainless steel coil cold rolled
Thickness: 0.16-3mm
Quality:High quality


Stainless steel coil


Hot   rolled and cold rolled


ASTM   A240,GB/T3280-2007,JIS4304-2005,ASTM   A167,EN10088-2-2005,GB/T3280-2007,EN10095-99,JIS4312,etc




Golden,   rose golden, titanium golden coating, champagne golden, brown, bronze,   titanium black, sapphire blue, purple, gray, silver, coffee champagne,   jade-green, etc








could   be cut into any size as per customer's request.                                                                     Usually our common sizes : 1219mm*2438mm (4*8ft), 1219mm*3048mm   (4*10ft) and 1000mm*2000mm.

Price   term



cover   with PVC, and wooden case, or customize package.


Architectural   decoration, luxury doors, wall decoration plate, elevators decorating, KTV   indoor decoration, metal tank shell, ship building, decoration inside the   train, as well as outdoor works, advertising name plate, the ceiling and   cabinets, aisle panels, screen, the tunnel project, hotels, guest houses,   entertainment place, kitchen equipment, light industrial and others


colorful,   showing the splendor of your quality, wear-resistant as well, strong   corrosion resistance , anti-rust property and decorative effect, durable and   beautiful in good taste.

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil:

Thickness:  0.3mm-6mm

Width:   5mm-1250mm

Surface:   2B, BA,                                                                                                                                                  

Usual model(mm)

0.3*1000/1219/1250*C        1.0*1000/1219/1250*C        5.0*1000/1219/1250*C 0.4*1000/1219/1250*C        1.2*1000/1219/1250*C        6.0*1000/1219/1250*C 0.5*1000/1219/1250*C        1.5*1000/1219/1250*C           0.6*1000/1219/1250*C        2.0*1000/1219/1250*C            0.7*1000/1219/1250*C        2.5*1000/1219/1250*C                                                          0.8*1000/1219/1250*C        3.0*1000/1219/1250*C            0.9*1000/1219/1250*C        4.0*1000/1219/1250*C

Applications of Stainless Steel Coil:

1.Automotive: Automotive trim and molding/Difficult-to-form exhaust-system components, tubular manifolds, mufflers/Exhaust manifold and other exhaust-system components, catalytic converter shells, clamps

2. Construction: Gutters and downspouts, roofing, siding

3. Kitchenware: Cooking utensils, dishwashers, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, skewers 4.Chemical processing: Oil refinery equipment, oil burner and heater parts

5. Appliances: Hot water tanks, residential furnaces

6. Power generation: Heat Exchanger tubing

7. Farming: Dry fertilizer spreaders/Farm animal pens

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Q:Non-stick saucepans vs. stainless steel?
Non Stick is good for frying, sauteeing, etc., but I find they don't tend to last as long as regular stainless steel pans because they can get scratched relatively easy if you use metal stirring utensils. Stainless steel is good for soups, stews, or if you plan to use a metal stirring utensil (whisk, fork, etc.). I use both non-stick and stainless steel pots and pans. I think the most useful pots/pans I have are my medium-sized, non-stick frying pan and my small, stainless steel dutch oven.
Q:What kind of company sells steel?
If you are talking about raw steel materials and products I believe you are talking about a steel processor and warehouse company or a steel distributor. There are many different points along the steel manufacturing process that you could buy steel products. It would depend on various factors. Depending the amount, type, grade, gauge, properties, origin and a host of other elements you could purchase the steel in billet, plate, diamond plate, rolled sheet (cold or hot), coil, beam, stamped, pickled, scrapped, etc. You get the idea. Now I don't know where you are in the world, but you can go to one of the two sites below, which I have used for product sourcing and research before. The last one is a major manufacturer that I have actually been to. I hope this helps.
Q:A steel rod AISI 1040....?
Aisi 1040
Q:when was steel first made?
Even in very early iron, a small amount of steel was produced by carburization, where the iron picks up carbon by laying in hot coals before quenching. This produces a thin layer of steel on the surface of the iron. By about 300 BC Damascus steel was being produced by the crucible method on the Indian subcontinent, and the Romans used steel from Noricum. In the first century BC the Chinese were melting cast iron and wrought iron together to make steel.
Q:What is steel used for?
buildings bridges automobiles elevators railroads and railroad equipment appliances and many many more. Steel is used almost everywhere. reference: Iron and steel are used widely in the construction of roads, railways, infrastructure, and buildings. Most large modern structures, such as stadiums and skyscrapers, bridges, and airports, are supported by a steel skeleton. Even those with a concrete structure will employ steel for reinforcing. In addition to widespread use in major appliances and cars (Despite growth in usage of aluminium, it is still the main material for car bodies.), steel is used in a variety of other construction-related applications, such as bolts, nails, and screws.[66] Other common applications include shipbuilding, pipeline transport, mining, offshore construction, pipeline transport, aerospace, white goods (e.g. washing machines), heavy equipment (e.g. bulldozers), office furniture, steel wool, tools, and armour in the form of personal vests or vehicle armour (better known as rolled homogeneous armour in this role). .
Q:Accessories For Steel Building ?
Hi okorder.com/
Q:Stainless steel water bottle? ?
The problem with stainless steel water bottles is the steel takes even longer to decompose in our landfills then plastic its self. So it just adds to the waste. If you use steel be sure to recycle it when you are done using it. Another problem is the fact that we don't really make steel here anymore so you have to pollute the environment shipping steel here that the bottles are made from. It gets ship here on trucks, ships, and what not. Very big polluters!! You'd be better off just getting a reuseable bpa free plastic water bottle made in the usa. Or some of those expensive corn cups.
Q:Disadvantages of stainless steel?
For horse stirrups the main disadvantage to stainless steel is the manufacturing cost. Stainless steels tend to work harden, and are subject to their own peculiar forms of corrosion, but I see little implication to either of these factors when used as a stirrup iron or a safety latch. Stainless steel is also subject to self welding, or galling, this would be of no concern for the irons, but could result in the pivot of the safety latch freezing (I have never known anyone to ride with the safety latch closed, however).
Q:Nylon vs Steel Guitar?
Nylon string guitars are mostly classical guitars ment for classical and flamenco music, both guitars, nylon and steel, sound really well. My dad has a steel acoustic and I have a nylon classical guitar by Cordova It just depends on what style of music you play. When your buying a new guitar, play as many guitars to try them out once you find what you which one you want, you'll know
Q:Car accident with a steel mailbox?
That's exactly what happened last winter where I worked. The driver's insurance (it was a late model SUV) paid for the damage to the vehicle and to our mailbox. The 4 inch steel post really bent the SUV.

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