3018 Art Basin

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1000 Sets Per Month set/month

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Product Description:


  • One taphole



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment
  • Compact design, targeting for popular small bathroom space




  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate






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Q:Does anyone know where to get a large rubber basin to put under a washing machine for leaks?
Lowe's, they make tubs just for that reason
Q:Can I repaint wash basin that has been fired and glazed?
Try some Epoxy spray paint for a base and then hand paint or redo the origional designs-then use a good clear sealer. try it on the pticher first as the inside holds the water and only needs the epoxy paint (if any). Otherwise take it to a pottery shop and see what ideas they have. They may redesign the decor of pieces and re fire them. Dr. Tommy Skelton
Q:small hole in washing basin - fixing this?
Get a small bondo kit (fiberglass) from the local auto dealers, parts and supply dealer use that to repair this it should be relatively easy.
Q:Can you join pvc and copper pipe in order to add another water supply for a sink?
I wouldnt reccomend trying to bodge one with the other. I would use either or, not both. It is possible but the end result never lasts as long as if you had just used copper throughout. Copper is quite expensive at the moment. If you have a leak in the copper piping then the first thing you need to do is find out where its coming from. Once you have done that its quite easy to either replace that section or, if its a minor hole in the pipe, make good with some solder. Just dont forget to turn the water off before you start!! If your hole is too big then you can repair the broken part by buying 1) the length of copper you need 2) Two connecters, and 3) the solder to make the joins water tight. In my opinion you will find it much easier to replace the copper with copper rather than trying to botch iy up with upvc. Good Luck.
Q:Bathroom washbasin (granite) and washbasin (ceramic) what glue sticks?
Do not stick with ordinary glue. It is best to stick with acrylic AB glue. Hardware store to buy. For example: brother two good, 290AB glue, AB100. These are professional for you to talk about the above materials to stick
Q:Water and electricity budget water wash basin shower installation height is high is not from the branch up to turn
Wash basin 0.45, shower 1.0, inner diameter 15
Q:How to hand wash hand-made clothing?
To hand wash, fill a basin with cool to lukewarm water, dissolve your laundry detergent in it (only a small amount, since you're not doing a big load), place the items in the water and squeeze gently to get them thoroughly wet and to get the detergent into the fibers. Let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently squeeze the water through them a few times. Drain the water and squeeze the items to remove excess water. Do not wring. Rinse in the same way, with clear water, until there is no more detergent coming out of the fibers. Hang to dry. Since the fibers are cotton/polyester, they will be quite sturdy and don't really require hand washing. But because of what the items are (vest, jacket), I would probably have them dry cleaned, in order to get them properly pressed to keep their tailored look.
Q:What is the unit of measurement of the washbasin in the inventory pricing specification?
The unit of measurement of the washbasin in the list valuation specification is: group
Q:Poll: Do you have the habit of washing your feet when you step into the house?
If for some reason I get them dirty I do. Like today, I did some mowing so I went ahead and did that
Q:How to use the wash basin to raise the turtle
3, turtle with water To use the air for more than 2 days (the purpose of chlorine), it is best to prepare two plastic bucket dry, you can meet the water needs. Change the water for two to three days for a change, each time as long as part of, Do not need full cylinder for water, unless the water and the cylinder around the dirty need all the tank for water. Part of the water when the use of plastic tube with siphon principle will be the bottom of the dirty water sucked out, and then add the same capacity of new water (ie Dry 2 days of tap water) into the tank can be. This change of water turtle will not have white eyes or bad armor. Too troublesome words can use the filter, that is, the kind of fish used, the bird market has sold, it is easy turn up. With the filter can be stable water quality, how to use with nitrifying bacteria, can create a good environment. Summer to change the water to be frequent.

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