300MVA/ 230kV export America phase-shifting transformer

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Place of Origin: HeBeiBrand Name:


Model Number:






Coil Structure:


Coil Number:

3 Winding


50000 63000 80000 100000 120000 180000

Rated Voltage:

300MVA/ 230kV

Connection Symbol:

YNd11 Dyn11 YNyn0d11


Cover type or Bell type


MR or ABB or SMS

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Mainbody --naked Disassembled parts -- crate
Delivery Detail:3 months



1. CESI certificate
2. High short-circuit withstand
3. Low loss, PD and noise
4. CTQC certificate
5. No leakage




The application of 300MVA/ 230kV export America phase-shifting transformer can significantly improve the economy of the UHV substation, and matches well with the transmission capacity of UHV lines, which has wide prospect of application. Because of its large capacity and large volume, the whole transportation weight with nitrogen is about 470-490 tons, and due to the restricted transport conditions, the transportation becomes the critical issue for application of 300MVA/ 230kV phase-shifting transformer. In order to make the products applicable to any UHV substation in our country, the state grid of corporation of China set the "A study of easy-transport large capacity UHV Transformer” as a key scientific research projects, and entrusted BTW to carry out the research.

During the process of research and development, BTW adopted the advanced design technology and modular design, the transformer can be transported disassembly and with advantages of compact core and winding body, less transportation weight and low transportation cost, effectively solves the need of UHV construction in the transportation restricted areas. By using the most advanced 3D magnetic field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation for the magnetic flux leakage and eddy current loss of the transformer coil, iron core and oil tank steel structures. Besides, by using of the advanced electric field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation of main longitudinal insulation, and mastered the arrangement of the main longitudinal insulation of large capacity UHV transformer and the control of distribution of winding magnetic flux leakage. All of which make the products with low loss, low noise, small volume, strong anti short circuit ability, no local overheating and other significant advantages, and guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation.

The world's first on-site assembled large capacity UHV Transformer’s right at the first time once again filled the gap in the field of UHV transformer research after Chinese transformer industry overcame the difficulty of integral transport of  300MVA/ 230kV phase-shifting transformer, which marks BTW has fully occupied the world transformer industry technical peak. The successful development of the product filled the gaps in the domestic technology and met the urgent need of UHV construction application in our country, greatly improved the technical level and manufacturing ability of BTW in terms of UHV Transformer products.


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Q:line output transformer replacement?
Solder the joints!!!!It is OK to use the old connectors!!!! Be sure that the power of the new transformer it is the same with the power of the old one.
Q:Electrical Transformers?
In simple words, what a transformer does is reduce the voltage on an alternating current. An alternating current is the one that has sin wave for. In other words, the voltage in one moment is positive and in the next moment it's negative. This is what makes posible for a transformer to work. A transformer consists of two coils that are put one next to the other. For example, you can get a coil by turning a wire around a screwdriver. One of the coils has less turns of the wire than the other. It is said that when you pass current through a coil, you will get a magnetic field. This magnetic field will depend on the number of turns the wire has on the coil. It works on the other way too, if you induce a magnetic field on a coil, it will generate a current. Why does this work?. Well, you can imagine a copper wire as a collection of little magnets surrounded by electrons. Well, when you pass the wire through a magnetic field, all the magnets will head to the same direction and this will make the electrons move with them. This is the principle a transformer uses. You induce an AC current through one of the coil and this creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field passes through the other coil making the electrons move and since the second coil has less turns than the first one, you get a smaller voltage. Why can't you use a transformer on DC? Because when all the little magnets move in one direction with DC, they stay that way and you won't get a current, you need to keep them moving so it works. Hope this helps.
Q:Why do transformers squeak?
SQUEEK? That sounds like a high (audio) frequency oscillator. So this sounds like a pulsed regulator, not like a transformer-type power supply. I would guess that your unit is measuring the battery voltage, then applying a pulse of power to charge the battery, then checking the voltage again in a continuous sequence. This would be a switching type charger. 5 Volts - sounds like a personal electronics unit, for instance a cell phone or personal entertainment. Right? 240 Volts - Sounds like Europe. Right? (In America it would either be 120 Volts or some switching supplies are designed to operate from 90 to 250 Volts.)
Q:Three-phase transformer how to calculate the current, ah, the formula is?
For example: 10KV / 0.4KV, 500KVA transformer Primary current: I1 = 500 / (1.732 * 10) = 28.9A Secondary current: I2 = 500 / (1.732 * 0.4 = 721.7A
Q:Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen?
I think its again about the cube
Q:50kva transformer price
2, Transformer (Transformer) is the use of electromagnetic induction to change the principle of AC voltage device, the main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace change, rectifier, frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mine transformer, audio transformers, IF transformers, high-frequency transformers, impact transformers, instrument transformers, electronic transformers , Reactors, transformers, etc.). Circuit symbols commonly used as the beginning of the number. Example: T01, T201 and so on.
Q:Is it possible to repair a transformer for a halogen lamp?
Halogen Lamp Repair
Q:What is the main purpose of the transformer?
Second, the loss of the transformer When the primary winding of the transformer is energized, the magnetic flux generated by the coil flows at the core because the core itself is a conductor and the potential is induced on the plane perpendicular to the line of magnetic force. This potential forms a closed loop on the cross section of the core and generates a current, As if a vortex was called "vortex". This "eddy current" increases the loss of the transformer and increases the temperature rise of the transformer's core heating transformer. The loss caused by "eddy currents" is called "iron loss". In addition to the need to use a large number of transformer transformer copper wire, the existence of these copper wire resistance, the current flow through this resistance will consume a certain power, this part of the loss is often turned into heat and consumption, we call this loss " The So the temperature rise of the transformer is mainly caused by iron loss and copper loss. Since the transformer has an iron loss and a copper loss, its output power is always less than the input power. For this reason, we introduce an efficient parameter to describe this, η = output power / input power.
Q:Physics? transformer help?
A Step up transformer is outdoors a skill station and will enhance the voltage for the skill lines so it may bypass swifter and better parts. A step down transformer is after the skill lines to shrink the voltage and making it secure for domicile use.
Q:2500KVA transformer rated current 3608A, how much can be overloaded current?
Ventilated good circumstances, you can temporarily overload 300A.

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