300GSM Ivory Board, with Best and high Quality

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10000 pc
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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description

C1S Coated Ivory Board/ FBB/ Bristol Paper
1. Grammage: 190-400gsm
2. Excellent folding strength, brightness, smoothness
1. Excellent folding strength, good ply bond that can resist cracking and delamination during folding process. All raw materials are imported wood pulp without domestic supply and de-inking pulp.

2. Good surface smoothness and high whiteness, result in high quality printing and more realistic images.


End Uses:
Premium magazine and book covers, cards, tags, graphical prints and packaging

ItemHigh Quality White Ivory Paper
SizeNormal size, according customer's requirements.
Minimum order1*20GP
Delivery time10~15days after get deposit
FOB portTianjin
 UsePrinting and packing


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Q:The difference between heat sensitive paper and plain paper
The difference between ordinary paper, thermal paper and simple, like lottery paper is thermal paper, ordinary paper, coated paper, offset paper, matt coated paper, kraft paper, plain paper, practical, thermal paper case, above the font will not see
Q:What kind of paper is the paper that releases the newspaper?
The culture is divided into paper coated paper, paper, paper, paper stock, mold printing paper, drawing paper, poster, typing paper, Bible paper, paper covers, cigarette paper, newsprint paper, Grasin.
Q:Do you need a separate layer of wood or cardboard for the skeleton bed mattress?
No mattress or mattress is required for the mattress. The mattress is directly laid on the mattress.
Q:What do you mean by the edge strength and the bursting strength of the board?
It seems to be a printed term, and I don't remember it. Bursting strength should be the ability of the paper to resist foreign forces until it breaks.Edge pressure: the maximum pressure at which the edge of a paper can withstand
Q:Is cardboard a conductor?
Not good at conducting objects is called insulators. (not conductive objects called conductors, not conductive objects called insulator, this is generally a common mistake in life), the wet state paper is different, have different electrical properties. But the conductive is true, so the paper is not a conductor.
Q:What do you mean by "GSM" on the printing paper?
This is the meaning of paper weight;GSM is the unit of paper;70GSM is 70 grams per square meter;80GSM is 80 grams per square meter;The larger the GSM, the higher the quality of the paper.
Q:How are the quality of the paperboard separated?
Both sides have great influence on printing quality. Usually, the smoothness of the surface and the degree of sizing are better, so the printing performance is good. To make cartons of tissues, the front faces of the paper must be turned out for printing and for moisture proofing. To this end, it is necessary to identify the front and the right sides of the paper or board. Facial tissue is an extremely thin piece of paper.
Q:When the paperboard tilts, does the incoming light not attach the cardboard to the mirror?
There is an infinite line across a line, just like the surface spun out of an axis. A plane is made up of numerous straight lines. The two rays reflected must be coplanar, but not necessarily on the cardboard. For example, the cardboard is rotated slightly and a straight line is missing
Q:How big is the four paper opening?
The size of 787 * 1092 mm flat base paper is the main size of our current cultural paper. Most of the existing paper making and printing machinery in our country are producing and applying the paper of this size. At present, countries in Southeast Asia use this size of paper, and other areas have rarely used it. 850 x 1168 mm in size is 787 x 1092 mm 25 on the basis of the need to adapt to the larger format of production, this paper size is mainly used for large format, this paper called 32 books is used. 880 * 1230 mm paper is larger than other sizes, so the utilization ratio of paper is higher, and the pattern is more beautiful and elegant. It is a standard in the world. Therefore, according to the choice of size of the base paper, it is big 16 open, positive 16 open and so on
Q:What about pouring a cardboard cup over?
In cardboard, the cardboard falls and the water pours out of the glass.

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