300 Copper Continous Extrusion Machine with High Capactity

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Copper Extrusion Machine for all series


- The History of the copper extrusion machine

The Conform Extrusion/Copper Extrusion Machine is a newly-developed [Metal Plastic Processing Technology] .


- The Application of the copper extrusion machine

To produce:

l   Copper bus bar from copper extrusion machine

l   Copper flat wire from copper extrusion machine

l   Copper round wire from copper extrusion machine

l   Shaped copper material under approximate any size… …


- The theory of the copper extrusion machine

Tooling and Steps of the conform theory:

[1] the continuously-rotating extrusion wheel,

[2] the frictional force between the wheel groove,

[3] continuous rod’s pulling,

[4] the plastic deformation happens inner the die chamber.

[5] And finally the output is extruded out.

300 Copper Continous Extrusion Machine with High Capactity300 Copper Continous Extrusion Machine with High Capactity


For continuous cladding process, two aluminum feed-stocks are employed, and the chamber is fitted on the upper position of the extrusion wheel. The core wire or steel wire is fed in the tangential direction, and the aluminum feed-stocks are formed into the aluminum pipe through the chamber, then the aluminum pipe wraps around the core wire to be formed into the cladding or sheathing product.


The revolving extrusion wheel is driven by a motor, and it guides the feedstock to enter the wheel groove. The feedstock is dragged into the chamber by the friction between the wheel groove and feedstock. The friction generates high temperature and heavy pressure, under the high temperate and pressure, the metal is formed into the pipe or profile through a die.


Advantages of copper extrusion machine


1. Lower energy consumption


2. Better microstructure

The continuous extrusion method use oxygen free copper rod and has natural closed space during extruding and can easily produce oxygen free copper bar. It is impossible for the traditional process.


3. Higher material using ratio

The excess stock of traditional extrusion process and waste heads after drawing process cause low utilization ratio of material


4. Lower labor and processing cost

The traditional process needs more manpower and great worker's labor intensity,

300 Copper Continous Extrusion Machine with High Capactity 


Tech. parameters  of production line





Nominal Diam. of extrusion wheel (mm)




Material type (Up-ward oxygen free copper rod)

Pure copper

/brass copper

Pure copper

/brass copper

Pure copper

/brass copper

Max. product width (mm)




Max. sectional area (mm²)




Production capacity (kg/h)






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Q:Cable extrusion machine 6.57090 machine model how to see, know the master to say, thank you
Cable extruder type 657090 machine, describes the diameter of the screw, the unit is mm.The greater the number, the greater the equipment, the greater the amount of gumIt is usually marked on the control cabinet of the equipment
Q:Floor heating pipe PERT plastic extrusion machine production process,
Is the fitting of the moving parts normal?.Is there an impact on the extrusion chamber?.
Q:Comparison of injection molding machines and Extruders
Considerations for extruder use:1, extrusion machine is running forward, avoid reverse2, avoid fasting operation, must heat engine feeding operation, so that can avoid sticking bar (holding shaft) phenomenon3, the extruder inlet, vent hole is strictly prohibited access to iron and other miscellaneous, so as not to cause accidents, affect production4, safe use of electricity, grounding wire5. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the rotating parts such as the material inlet, the material outlet, the belt, the gear and so on6, before using the machine should be injected with lubricating oil, so as not to cause damage to the machineSince the extruder as one of the three synthetic plastic material since the advent of rapid development.
Q:1: what is the difference between an extruder and an injection molding machine?
1: extruder, is threaded through the push rod, the plastic die forming process by melting in the forward process. After the extruder products are silk, belt, tube, plate, etc.
Q:Why can the plastic extrusion machine extrude the flat bar?
What's the reason for pulling out the stripes?1, the vacuum is not enough.2, high temperature settings.3, formula lubrication is too much
Q:Can PC and PP be extruded together with two materials in an extruder?
No co extrusion, PC polycarbonate, PP polypropylene, two kinds of product structure is not the same, not the same chemical composition, viscosity and liquidity is not the same, processing temperature and processing technology is also very different, and two kinds of products, so not incompatible, CO extrusion.
Q:What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the extruder?
HostCheck the patency of cooling water, temperature (general / 26 C), feeding, cylinder temperature and pressure, friction condition of screw and barrel.NoseThe size loss of the perforated plate, the damage and corrosion of the runner surface, and whether the obstruction occurs affect the appearance and output of the product.
Q:How to adjust the 65 screw gap in the extruder?
That's the tune.This should be practical learning. The outlet plane of the barrel is about 3 mm in diameter.
Q:Our factory has a continental 590 control DC motor used in extrusion machine,
I've also encountered (missing a pulse alarm), and finally checked out is a SCR triggered, impassability, you can try
Q:Which converter is suitable for extrusion machine 5
Proposed Delta VFD-cp Series ~!AskCP2000 is constant pressure water supply... Are you sure you can use it? And C2000 is better than qualifiedChasing the answerWrong number ~ ~ should be C2000, and VE Series ~ ~ these two are suitable, ~~B, CP is not good ~!

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