3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

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China main port
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1 set
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100 set/month

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Description of CTX936:

• Low fuel-consuming, high-quality turbo charged engine has good power performance and big torque   reserve.

•Double rocker with better visual field. Short wheel base chassis improves steering flexibility and operation efficiency.

• Steering system provides flexible steering operation.

•Unique energysaving patent technology, including double pumps and double circuits, turning priority and unloading hydraulic pressure system, is efficient and energy-saving with better power performance and lower fuel consumption.

•Turbo hydraulic torqueconverter together with dynamic planettype gear box enables a wide and high efficient range and facilitates the gear shifting.

• Bigger driving axle, 4-wheel drive ensures excellent towing performance.

• Four-wheel, dual-line and pliers disc braking system ensures safer and more reliable operation.

•The soundproofing, heatproofing and shockabsorbing driver’s cab has a spacious operating space, a broad view and comfortable adjustable seats, specialized cool & hot air-condition can also be equipped.

• Z-form connecting rod has strong breakout force and high raising ability, and enables high operating efficiency.

•Low alloy material and alloying blade and corner tines are used for the bucket, which is stronger and more durable.

• Higher dumping height and biggest dumping reach.

• The front loader frame provides good machine stability and stronger structural strength.

• Rational matching parts, superior machine performance and extraordinary operating efficiency.

• Various optional equipments and buckets can satisfy different needs of customers.

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

Technical Specifications of CTX936:

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader

3.0 ton Mini Wheel Loader/Front End Loader


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

• Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.
• Experienced staffs answer all your questions in professional and fluent English.
• Customized design is available. OEM is welcome.
•Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by welltrained and professional engineers and staffs.
• Special discount and protection of sales area provided to your distributor.
• Do the best reliable heavy-duty single drum vibratory road roller in China.
• Warranty period is 1-year or 1500 working hours against Bill of Lading.

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Q:Architecture analysis of bulldozer architecture
Two, the bulldozer architecture analysis of AMD "bulldozer" will use 32nmSOI technology, which makes the "bulldozer" compared to the "Magny cours Opteron processor" can increase the number of cores, 33% of the 50% increase in throughput without increasing power consumption under. With AMD before all of the processors are different is that the "bulldozer" adopted "modular design", each module contains two core processor, this is somewhat like a SMT enabled single core processor. Each core has its own integer scheduler and four proprietary pipelines, the two cores share a floating point scheduler and two 128 bit FMAC multiply accumulators. The difference is that in the K10 architecture, ALU and AGU share three pipelines (average 1.5), and the number of pipes in each core unit of the "bulldozer" increases to 4, 2 AGU proprietary, and 2 ALU proprietary. The L1 cache is also different, in the K10 architecture, each core has a 64KB L1 64KB L1 instruction cache and data cache; and the "bulldozer" each core has a 16KBL1 data cache, each module has a 64KB bidirectional L1 instruction cache, as to whether the reduced L1 cache will affect the performance remains to be seen. The two cores share the L2 cache, which shares the L3 cache between the modules and Beiqiao.
Q:What are the common faults of bulldozers?
2 、 the main clutch lever is heavyThe main reasons are as follows: the oil filter is blocked and the oil supply is insufficient; the booster is not working; the main clutch hydraulic system is short of oil; the booster is damaged or the booster safety valve is defective; the double metal sleeve in the moving sleeve is burnt out. When the clutch lever heavy fault, whether the oil level should first check the hydraulic system to meet the requirements; if the oil level is appropriate, can temporarily remove the oil filter, and then the main clutch lever, the lever changes if you feel the strength, the oil filter is blocked, the only oil filter cleaning or replacement can be. If the circuit is normal, but the main clutch lever is heavy, they can check the safety valve and the power is stuck or oil leakage, if the booster safety valve is no problem, you must check or check mobile booster; sleeve double metal sleeve is burning, is necessary for the new.
Q:What does bulldozer mean?
4. Support both AVX and SSE instructions5, more advanced power management technologyThe key improvements include power / core area efficiency, new ISA support, core scalability and modular design concepts, which are expected to significantly improve power performance and area performance per unit.Bulldozer architecture features:1, the core design is fully modular2 、 efficient cluster multithreaded architecture
Q:What are the differences and characteristics between a fully hydraulic bulldozer and a hydraulic bulldozer?
The main difference is that the power output is different:1. power transmission route of full hydraulic bulldozer: engine hydraulic pump hydraulic motor sprocket track.
Q:What is bulldozer CPU?
The bulldozer is the American AMD company to re design the architecture, launched in October 2011, have a fever for high-end user, with DDR3-1866 native memory support, XOP instruction set, the modular design and a number of new features, fully replace the phenom processor of II series.
Q:Two ash macadam base construction, leveling machine and bulldozer leveling method
4. certificate and test items to be collected(1) material certification should be collected: two ash crushed stone;(2) test test: compaction degree (sand filling method, irrigation method), two lime gravel, lime dosage, two ash crushed stone, unconfined compression. 5. mechanical and manual mechanical consumption type: dump trucks, bulldozers, loaders, graders, vibratory roller, roller, a sprinkler, a ton of mechanical consumption over two ash gravel is divided into two layers: when the bulldozer bottom 5000m2/ team, bulldozer grader 5000m2/ 3000m2/ top team, team roller, 5000m2/ stage, 5000m2/ stage loader, sprinkler pump 40t/. Artificial consumption: 3000 management personnel and technical personnel 2000 days m2/, m2/ days, the bottom two ash gravel 700m2/ days, the top two ash gravel engineering 300m2/ days. 6., quality assurance measures: two gray gravel should be consistent with the "urban road construction and quality acceptance specification" CJJ1-2008, 7.3 and 7.8.1 lime soil base permit. Allowable deviations conform to the provisions of the following table:7. safety measures:1) when the bulldozer, scraper and roller are in the process of shaping and rolling, the personnel keep a safe distance from the machine, so as to avoid bumping.2) construction of bulldozer and roller, facilities on the ground (cable, cable and other pipelines) and underground facilities (cable, cable, cable, telecommunications, gas, tap water and heating pipelines) to establish a clear mark, pay attention to the protection of various facilities, avoid scratching, touch, digging and other phenomena.3) technical personnel in the survey work to avoid the cable tower feet touch the ground, to prevent electric shock accidents.4) non mechanical equipment operators shall not operate on the aircraft.5) the construction of plastic surgery, to all personnel prepared masks and other labor insurance items, to avoid people suffering from respiratory diseases.
Q:AMD's CPU, the bulldozer, the 4 and the 8 cores, respectively, the model
FX8120 is the 8 corePterosaur No 8 core series, the highest pterosaur level is X6 1100T 6 core
Q:Do bulldozers need to have certificates when they are going to work?
ID card or officer's certificate is ok. Costs vary from place to place and require specific consultation.Hope to adopt, thank you.
Q:The role of excavators and bulldozers?
[excavator action]1, excavation of buildings and plant foundations;2. Excavate the soil and strip the overburden of the stope;3. Loading operations in quarries, tunnels, underground plants and pile farms;4. Excavation of canals, canals and dredging channels;5, replacement of the devices can be poured, hoisting, installation, piling, rammed earth etc..[bulldozer action]1, one to three types of soil shallow excavation short transport, such as site cleaning or leveling;2 、 excavation with little depth and backfill;3, pushing the height of the roadbed is not high.[excavator] also known as "mining machinery", is to use bucket mining above or below the machine surface material, and loaded into the transport vehicle or dump to the stacker of earthmoving machinery. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened.[bulldozer] is a kind of engineering vehicle, in front of which is equipped with a large metal dozer. When it is used, the earth knife is pushed down, and the mud, sand and stone are pushed forward and pushed. The position and angle of the earth knife can be adjusted. Bulldozer can complete excavation, soil handling and soil unloading work independently. It has the characteristics of flexible operation, easy rotation, small working surface and fast running speed.
Q:If I rent a bulldozer for 28000 months, does this 28000 include the driver's pay and fuel consumption?
To rent one, it's better to buy one. The home of accessories is sold every day

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