2X0.5Mm2 Speaker Cable Black And Red Speaker Cable

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$0.03 - 2.06 / pc
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5000 Meters pc
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10000000 Meter/Meters per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

This product is made of high quality PVC raw materials,and high-purity copper conductor ,is used for audio and video signal transmission.

22GA  0.12x30x2;OD:6mm
20GA  0.12x51x2;OD:7mm
18GA  0.12x69x2;OD:8mm
16GA  0.12x102x2;OD:9.5mm
14GA  0.12x175x2;OD:11mm
12GA  0.12x280x2;OD:12mm  

RB-14  OD:2.0 X 4.0MM,2CORE X 14/0.10 CCS
RB-21  OD:2.5 X 5.0MM,2CORE X 21/0.10 CCS
RB-40  OD:3.0 X 6.0MM,2CORE X 40/0.10 CCS
RB-65  OD:3.5 X 7.0MM,2CORE X 65/0.10 CCS
RB-85  OD:4.0 X 8.0MM,2CORE X 85/0.10 CCS




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Q:What is the function of the heat-shrink tube and the color tube for the cable connector? There are indoor cross-linked four-core terminal with the difference between heat shrink tube is what
When the decoration to find you look at the decoration company, I installed when they are confused I just told them to leave what socket and then they give a good job to live a very beautiful, you can also ask the Internet to say You still do not understand, after all, we are not professional
Q:2 [YJV22-4 * 185] - Does the SC150-FC represent two cables for the same tube?
Wire line of fire for the red, zero line optional colors are: red, yellow, blue, green, brown, white, black, two different colors. Single-core wire 1.5 square wire, for lighting, single-core wire 2.5 square wire, for the socket. Single-core wire 4 square wire for more than 3 air-conditioning, single-core wire 6 square wire for the total line, two-color line for the ground wire. Two-core, three-core jacket wire is used to do the use of the line, and more for the construction site, home improvement is not used. Three-core jacket wire 2.5 square can be used for cabinet air conditioning
Q:Others with the computer. The Expert help to see what needs to change. The Play on what parts of Warcraft accessories are okay. Will not be any problem The
Can be, but not too long, the network cable and telephone lines are not the same, prone to skin effect, because the cable is a number of fine copper wire into a line and the telephone line is a copper line, but the distance is not long, then the image is not , Personal feeling, 20M can still be within
Q:Whether the wire tube is connected to the electrical bridge can be connected to the bottom of the bridge
Copper cross-sectional area is larger, better heat dissipation, used in power distribution cabinets and sealed places for hard connection. The cable is soft and can be laid directly outdoors.
Q:Please set the amount of dismantling in the next installation? There is a building to be transformed, the need for the wire and wire with the drain what, how to set it?
With 360 measured temperature it? If yes, direct unloading, want to see the temperature with AIDA64 look
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. the line of fire installed to the gate of the gate, the zero line at random (in fact, parallel to random) .. pay attention to the device voltage 220V free to pick. Can not be. The two sides of the line is the fire line and the zero line. Install the socket .. can.
Q:I am engaged in low-voltage distribution cabinet installation wiring work. Want to learn design, need to see what books?
Simply put, the cable middle head for 2 cable connection, the cable terminal for the entry and exit, up and down the pole, understand it
Q:Music watch TV connection big lid detail steps
Hello, super TV can connect the cauldron signal. But can only see the TV channel live, do not see the music as you provide the other content of the law and lack of trouble. If your TV wants to connect the cauldron satellite signal, the source selection requires you to refer to the TV cover of the manual. As long as the video (red and white line) interface or HDMI interface output, super TV are supported. Thank you for your interest in music products, more super TV information, please visit
Q:Fire line with the weak (TV, telephone, broadband) with the trough (bridge) how laying?
1. If you use the USB extension cable, please remove the extension cord, directly into the computer USB port try. 2. Do not connect the removable hard disk before starting the operating system. 3. Please set the relevant items in the BIOS is not configured correctly. 4. This mobile hard disk carries a virus or computer. 5. Mobile hard disk power supply problem. 6. For other USB port try. 7. Try to use this mobile hard drive to run on other computers. 8. Check the computer operating system is normal. According to this method into the test will be able to find out the reasons.
Q:What are the causes of the power cable fire accident? How to prevent
The presence of the patch panel solves this problem and can be managed better by replacing the jumper or changing the port

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