2GB Elegant Crystal Rose Jewelry USB Flash Memory Drive Black

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10Pcs pc
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10000Pcs Per Month pc/month

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2GB Elegant Crystal Rose Jewelry USB Flash Memory Drive Black Convenient-pocket sized for easy transportability
Portable design, easy to use
Great and comfortable hand touching texture
Plug and play, No need extra power supply
Interface: USB 2.0
Capacity: 2GB
Reading Speed: 12MB/sec
Writing Speed: 6MB/sec
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X

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Q:Why can't I find my U disk?
1. go to the system directory C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers to see if there is a sptd.sys file. Delete it and restart it. Problem solving! Note: this sptd.sys is not owned by Microsoft Windows. (probably installed on Daemon Tools.)Mapped network drives in the 2.1. system. The drive cannot be assigned to the U disk.Solution: disconnect the mapped network driveThe 3 letter is hidden.Solution: enter the registry (regedit.exe) and enter the "HEKY-CURRENT-USERSoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexplorer" branch. Find the key value "NOdrives" that exists on this path, and delete it. Log off and login again. (not the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key)The 4.U disk is not in the correct formatThe general U disk is using HD (hard disk FAT16) format, and if you start the program using the U disk, the U disk format may not be correct. Please use PQ, PPM and other hard disk partition software to re partition;5.usb mobile storage devices are disabledPlease guarantee:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesusbehci]"Start" =dword:000000046.U disk problem.Solution: reformat the U disk. The best low-level format, to find a U online disk tools.Not really. That's the last move: clean the Windows XP again!
Q:How can the CD system be transferred to the U disk?
The file system usually can be copied and pasted by way of CD file;A copy of the genuine copy of the system disk, requires specific software extraction, such as light and shadow magic, CD-ROM master, floppy disk pass and other software.The specific operation for the system disk placed into the DVD drive system to load the file, open the CD management software, to a floppy disk through for example: select "tools" -- "extraction" -- "from the CD extraction" set to extract the files to save directory "-" complete "can extract the disc in the file.The files extracted through the disc software can be copied directly into the U disk.
Q:ASUS G31 motherboard how to set U disk start?
ASUS motherboard, you insert the U disk after boot, a boot on the non-stop, press F8, you can open the startup item selection function, you choose your U disk can start.
Q:U do not display the folder, how to do?
The folder may be a virus into system hidden folder, open the display system of hidden files should be able to see, XP is my computer tools folder options - View - the box hidden front protected files do not choose - displays all the files and folder options should be selected and determined. The
Q:How do I get a song from the U?
Use Baidu search song, click the audition audio visual column, there is a website, click on it
Q:U disk open, the inside of the file is all garbled, how to do?
U disk file garbled, can be repaired as follows:1) the U disk into the computer USB port, then open the "my computer", and find the right click on the disk, click the "properties" option on the right side of the menu options, click on the "tools" window in the window that appears when.2) then click "start check" button to enter the check disk window automatically fix file system check below the "error (A)" option and click the "start" button, the system automatically started to check and repair the U disk.3) check and repair the process takes a few minutes to wait, repair after pulling out a U disk. Again, insert the U disk into the computer, and the files inside can be displayed normally.
Q:How long is the service life of a U disk?
U no specific life. In general, it depends on your computer. Frequency of use. The quality and quantity of storage and disk size. Look, what brand is yours?
Q:U disk pack file
FAT32 format is unable to copy a single large file. You can try to compress software, separate large files separately, compressed into several small capacity compressed files, to other machines installed, using compressed software to unlock to the hard disk, become a single large file, and then install. Specific compression software, this method of use can be used to help or check on the internet.
Q:The U disk can be displayed on the apple system, but not shown on the win7. Why? What should I do?
1. First, go back to the desktop of the win7 computer, find the computer icon on the desktop, and right-click to select the administrative options that appear in the slide menu.2. after opening the computer management interface, click on the memory disk management tool in the menu on the left, so that all the disk information in your current computer will appear on the right menu.The next 3 find U disk position where the drive, right click, select properties, and then in the properties window to switch to the volume of this column, click on the bottom of the button and write.After the operation is completed in 4 at the window is not a computer, U disk drive is displayed automatically.Notice: make sure the interface of computer mainboard is not damaged.
Q:How can I not copy my picture in the U disk?
1, the disk is write protected, is the U disk? Yes, there is usually a slider or something. Just open it. 2, if you have a cell phone card, unlock it on your phone and get rid of it. Or some other memory card, similar to the same operation 3, or your disk is NTFS format, and you do not have permissions, use administrator users to change permissions.
Our company is dedicated to becoming a top industrial manufacturer of mobile storage products and digital related products in manufacturing and sales industry. Currently, our company is a professional manufacturer integrating manufacturing and sales. Our firm mainly produces all kinds of usb flash drives, SD/TF cards, etc. We provide OEM & ODM, wholesale and agency services and the products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value
Main Markets Europe, North America,Middle East.
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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional