2BFX-18 Grain drill

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Product Description:

2BFX-18 Grain drill

2 BFX - 18 seeding machine is suitable for wheat and barley, millet, sorghum and other crops of drilling, and can and sowing soybean, as well as the chemical fertilizer plant. Rate, fertilization rate, depth and spacing can be adjusted according to the needs of agricultural technology.
The machine adopts linkage and tractor hitch, transportation is convenient.
The machine adopts outside slot round row species, fertilizer, seed round, fat, blocking for powder metallurgy parts, possesses the advantages of heat resistance, cold. Using corrugated rubber grain tube, two smooth; Adopt double bearing steel opener, reliable work. Using the handwheel adjustment sowing depth, easy to use.
Transmission part is composed of rubber wheel, sprocket and chain, reliable durable, can be suitable for high-speed operation.



Technical parameters:

Machine type 2BFX-18
Overall dimensions (cm) 199×293×143
Structure mass (kg) 740
Working width (cm)270
Sowing depth (mm)40-80
Power (kW)40-60
Drive wayChain drive
Kind of tank volume (L)286
Height from the ground (mm)≥300
Metering device formIron outside slot round
Pure working hour rate(hm2/h) 1.08-1.62
Working speed (km/h) 6-8
Basic spacing (mm)150
Opener formDouble disc type steel

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Q:How to raise the depth of the floor-type wheat planter
Before working, check the relative position of the rotary knife and the opener so that it does not collide.
Q:Wheat planter machine which brand of easy to use
Two can meet the requirements, the general chain drive cheaper
Q:How to mechanize the fine seeding of corn
Huang Huaihai area with 60 cm and other spacing planting methods, before the wheat planting should be considered corresponding to the needs of corn planting line spacing; the western region with wide and narrow line covered area, should also try to uniform width and width of the line.
Q:How to adjust the sowing machine. How to adjust the sowing machine
The key is not too wet, soil hand into a group, pinch the best casual.
Q:How does the air-sucking corn film sowing machine cover the soil?
Corn planter in the production of plow as a multi-use as a opener, you can carry out stubble (no rotation plots) sowing.
Q:Air sucker and scoop planter which theory is fast
Spoon wheel seeder seeder seeding high precision, grain number qualified index of 80% or more.
Q:How to buy wheat planter
Before, China's rural areas due to the use of sub-field households to households contract management system, this case will inevitably lead to land cultivation.
Q:How to play the role of party planner
Party building instructors to forge ahead, pragmatic, identify their own position.
Q:Air suction sowing machine fan price 20
2, air suction sowing machine is a kind of suction by the negative pressure to achieve precision seeding sowing machine.
Q:How does the corn planter tune in depth?
1 Maintenance before the operation of the field to clean up the sowing inside the debris and the opener on the grass, soil, to ensure good condition, and tractors and planters of the transmission, rotation, according to the requirements of the instructions filling lubrication

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