28mm 38mm 48mm 55mm Neck Plastic Bottle Handle

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Plastic Bottle Preform


custom EU standard oil bottle cap and handle plastic mould manufacturer

Mould material

45# , P20, H13, 718, 2738, 1.2344etc

Mould base




Hardness of  cavity&core

P20 Steel

718 Steel

H13 Steel

2344 Steel

28-32 HRC


42-45 HRC

48-52 HRC

Hardness of wear parts


Core pulling system

mechanical stripper plate, angle pin, air cylinder, hydraulic cylinder etc.


Hot runner/cold runner

Design software


Plastic material

ABS, PC, PP, PVC, POM, PMMA, PS, PE, PET, Rubber, Silicone, PA, PBT, PEI, etc.

Delivery time

1st sample :50-60days, it's up to the design and mould request, Ship the moulds in 1 week after sampleapproved


Depends on customer's requirements.

2. Main Advantages of Plastic Bottle Preform

Plastic handle 
.28mm  handle 
.Different design with different weights

28MM Handle:

The weight is: 2.5g.

The size of carton is: 620*375*465mm.

The quantity of one carton: 3000pcs.


3. Images of Plastic Bottle Preform


28mm 38mm 48mm 55mm Neck  Plastic Bottle Handle

28mm 38mm 48mm 55mm Neck  Plastic Bottle Handle

28mm 38mm 48mm 55mm Neck  Plastic Bottle Handle

4. Packaging & Shipping of Plastic Bottle Preform

Optional packaging is provided.

All the single product will be packaged in a poly bag or bubble bag to prevent bruising and scratch.

The common packing materials we use are poly bag, bubble bag, brown/white inner box, gift box and 5-ply export carton.

When you send us an enquiry, please tell us the packing method you prefer or we can give you the suggestion。


5. FAQ of Plastic Bottle Preform

Q: How to get a quotation and start business relationship with your company?

     A: Please send us email and our sales representive will contact you as soon as we receive your email. 

  Q: How to receive a price quotaion in the shortest time?

     A: When you send us an enquiry, please kindly make sure all the details, such as the mateiral, product size, surface treatment and packaging are mentioned. 

  Q: How to start a custom project with your company?

     A: Please send us your design drawings or original samples so that we can offer a quotation first. If all details are confirmed, we will arrange the sample making.

  Q: What’s your MOQ? 

     A: The MOQ depends on the design and production processes of the products. For the majority of our bathroom sets, our MOQ is 10000sets.

  Q: What types of payment terms do you accept?

     A: Currently, the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% before production, 70% against B/L copy) and irrevocable L/C at sight.

  Q:How long can I receive an order? 

     A: That depends on the specific items and your order quantity. Normally, the lead time for a 20ft container load is 50-60 days

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Remaining: 4000 characters

- Self introduction

- Required specifications

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Q:In die mold, is it better to use UG or PROE?
UG is a hybrid model that can be partially parameterized (and, of course, fully parameterized), which is good for the model update. PTC is completely parameterized, edit update small design (home appliances), large (planes, cars), however, does not crash, the refresh time will affect the designer's idea. Comparison 9: talk about the conversion of format! UG core PARASOLID is generally supported by more than three dimensional software! Only the PROE insist The most simple! The most commonly used software is MASTERCAM, which can only be turned through raw IGES or STEP
Q:What does the mold and the flying model mean
It's the match model. If you know what to do with the fitter, you will know that it is the place where the higher ground is polished and the uneven ground is polished. Fly mode to use to the red lead, similar to Indonesia, the two sides laminating will have red mark, where sealant plane if there is no stamp, just sign here has a problem, will need to be polished. And this process is called the flying model. You still need to see it on the ground.
Q:What does a factory do?
The mold factory is to make the mold, the stamping injection moulds what It also has milling and heat treatment
Q:The plastic mould automatically dies and the product drops when it falls
We had the same problem before, when it was an ABS product, and then a 20 per cent PC in it solved the problem. We estimate that ABS is not hard enough.
Q:The application of hydraulic cylinder in mould
Hydraulic cylinder: hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and is a linear reciprocating movement (or movement). It is simple and reliable. Use it to realize reciprocating motion, the speed reducer can be avoided, and there is no transmission clearance, the smooth movement, thus is widely used in all kinds of mechanical hydraulic system. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference between the two sides; The hydraulic cylinder is composed of cylinder and cylinder, piston and piston rod, sealing device, buffer and exhaust device. The buffer device and the exhaust device depend on the specific application, and other devices are necessary
Q:What is the purpose of the mould
If you haven't seen it, one or two words are not clear, and the man above has given the standard answer. If you still don't understand, you would think so, such as shoes, if you want to shoe shape, inside a shoe last to the shoe, and then the shoe last is mould. For example, the brick that builds a house, all use a square box to do, this four box also is the mold. The clay POTS used in the neolithic people were also made of molds. For example, buckets, lunch boxes, water cups, home appliances, cars, etc. All you see and use are made of molds. It can be said that if there were no moulds, there would be no civilization! Modern westerners to die is the origin of the rules for German (ancient former German emperor ruled by the Swedish region) invented by the shoemaker, this is in order to prove that westerners are smarter than the east.
Q:How is the die in the manufacturing industry
According to the specific use time of the mould, such as one year can be used in manufacturing expense account. You may enter a long-term deferred expense account for more than one year.
Q:What do you mean by plastic mold injection molding? What's the use?
The assurance means a fixed pressure on the material in the mold. Because the plastic in the cooling process has the effect of heat bilges cold shrink, especially larger plastic shrinkage, heat bilges cold shrink is very obvious, so when we give the material after a fixed pressure, plastic shrinkage during the cooling process, the mold melt pressure began to decline, with the holding role, and the hydraulic system will automatically forward pressure, progress in the back of the material, added the contraction of the melt front, thus forming prevent products caused by shrinkage deformation. Adjust the pressure of pressure and the time of holding pressure, adjust the product defects such as the flying side, fuse connection and shrinkage mark.
Q:What is the difference between a large water inlet and a thin nozzle?
Simply put, the large water mouth is a two-plate mold, and the water port is three plates. Simply say: the big water mouth is two plate molds, the small water mouth is three plank model, two is only the difference one scraper board. The thin water mouth is: more than a big water mouth to push a board. 9, the sex limited gate (gate) : advantage: fast filling, pressure is small, feeding capability is strong, suitable for high viscosity, illiquid plastic, less pressure loss. Disadvantages: sealing water the long, slow cycles, internal stress, Influence on the plastic parts is big, difficult to remove. Restrictive gate (gate) : advantage: shear, friction, viscosity, easy filling, texture clear fast cycle efficiency, reduce internal stress, prevent deformation, less influence on product
Q:Is the stainless steel bowl replaceable in the oven?
Normal stainless steel 4xx series chromium and 3xx chromium-nickel stainless steel in the oven temperature (250) the stability of materialization must be free of problem

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