26ton Pneumatic Tyre Roller XP262

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Product Description:

 26ton Pneumatic Tyre Roller XP262

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:XP262


Type:Road Roller

Working Method:Vibration


Axle:Uniaxial Monowheel

Grinding Wheel Type:Tyre Roller


Compaction Depth:40cm

Engine Type:Diesel Engine


Travel Speed:40cm/s

Centrifugal Force:40KN


Certification:CE, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package

Standard:ISO, CE, GOST


Origin:China(Mainland), Jiangsu

Production Capacity:1500 Units/ Year

Product Description

New XCMG 26ton pneumatic tyre roller XP262

XCMG Compactor XP262.
Driving comfort, Articulated turning, Excellent performance, Excellent configuration
Simple operation

XCMG road roller tyre roller XP262
1. Working mass: 14500kg
2. Compacting width: 2750mm
3. Shangchai Diesel engine D6114ZG10B4.

Min. Working masskg12900
Max. Working masskg26000
Axle load,wheelskg1600
Static linear loadkg11500
Theoretical gradeability%20
Min.outer turning radinsmm9000
Min.ground clearancemm290
Overlapping of front&rear tyremm70
Wwinging widthmm±50
Compacting widthmm2365
Rolling pressurekPa250~460
Centrifugal force(High/Low)mm3840
Numbers of tyre
Tires pattern
Numbers of tyre
Ago 4 After 5
Rated speedr/min2000
Rated powerkw115
Engine oil consumptiong/kWh224
Water tank capacityL1600
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL100
Fuel tank capacityL180


26ton Pneumatic Tyre Roller XP262

26ton Pneumatic Tyre Roller XP262

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Q:How much is the front toughened 20t vibratory roller in the old section?
Glass cheap, depends on what you are glass front or side of the professional roller
Q:What is the exciting force of XCMG 23t vibratory roller?
Are you sure it's Xugong 23T? I remember now is an even number, the singular tonnage built and Luo Lu Tong, other manufacturers are to symbolize the tonnage of 23 tons refers to the roller mechanical or hydraulic roller, (excitation force divided by 10) + its tonnage = tonnage for your vibration, XCMG 23 tons deep concern!
Q:What's the difference between the German BMW roller and the German BMW? Which is better? Thank you for your advice
In fact, according to the professional view, of course is BMW company's roller better ah, imports of domestic no better than ah, who knows what to import some excellent ah, besides a lot of domestic things are not qualified, imported things would not have said, they say BMW strict testing roller is imported from Germany so, the presence of parts are imported from Germany, BMW company products are sold in the world first, quality first, reputation first good, if the eye know what people know, want to do a big business, the first machine must choose the best, of course, is also the BMW company pulling machine.
Q:The roller ensures a good compaction, usually several times
Count back and forth, usually more than four times.
Q:How about a beginner? Drive a roller
(with chalk and pen in the fixed seat mark, can be very easy to let you know the wheels what need pressure.) no reference straight line can also use this earth way.
Q:XCMG vibration roller 14J and 14JC what is the difference?
As for where there is a difference, you call Xugong after consultation. Not used, basically unclear, or go to their official website to find out, see if there is any?. Hope to help you.
Q:There are several types of impact rollers
Press the wheel to distinguish: single steel wheel and double steel wheel, three wheel, tireAccording to the principle of compaction: vibration roller, static action roller, impact roller, combined rollerAt present, there are many commonly used in engineering:
Q:What's the difference between a three wheel roller and a two wheel roller?
Three roller is the static compaction, without vibration function, used for compaction of embankment or base, two roller generally called double drum vibratory roller, roller tonnage than three small tonnage, mainly used for oil pressure, the asphalt concrete, with vibration function, the upper two wheels a water tank, can go on wheels to prevent water roller compacted asphalt concrete glued to the wheels.
Q:Roller cylinder is cylindrical, the width of the drum is 1.5 meters, the cross sectional diameter is 1.2 meters, if every minute to 10 laps, then 1 when the pressure of the road surface number of square meters?
Solution: the bottom perimeter is 3.14 * 1.2=3.768 (meters)The lateral area of the cylinder is 3.768 * 1.5=5.652 (square meters)10 turns per minute, you can find one minute, the area of the road is 5.652 * 10=56.52 (square meters)1 hours =60 minutes56.52 x 60=3391.2 (square meter)Answer: 1 hours, 3391.2 square meters of road surface pressure
Q:How do I charge the roller electromechanical bottle?
With the generator on it, the engine works to drive the generator through the belt, and the generator sends the current to charge the battery

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