250kva/200kw cummins soundproof generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

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test load: 25%,50%,75%,100%,110% painting: powder coating noise control for silent: below 75 db in 7 metres
protection class: IP23 certificate: CE,ISO9001 delivery time: 25-30 days
insulation class: H fuel tank capacity: 8hours or by your request

Product Description:

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

Datasheet for 250kva&200kw cummins slient generator set 

GenSet ModelGDC250*S
Continuous Output200KW / 250KVA
Engine Brand & ModelCummins 6LTAA8.9-G2
TypeWater-cooled, 4-stroke, Natural Engine
No. of cylinder6
Bore x Stroke                                         114x145mm
Engine power                                           220kw
Compression ratio17.3: 1
Fuel consumption≤ 207g/kw. h
Displacement                                           8.9L
Engine speed                                           1500rpm

Lubricant Capacity28L

Starting systemD. C. 24V electric start
Cooling wayPositive Water Cooling Cycle
Alternator Brand & ModelGODLIKE  JDG274K(prime power 250kva)(original stamford alternator optional )
Frequency                                                     50HZ
Voltage                                                             380/220V
No. of phases3
Insulation classH
Power factor0.8
Protection GradeIP23
Noise control ≤75db in 7 metres 
Voltage Regulation, Steady State≤ ± 1%
Control Panel - Standard equipped or LCD digital control module(DSE&SMARTGEN)
8hours Base Fuel Tank & battery included
Options: ATS


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250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

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Q:self build generator AVR problem advice and componants please?
You have to set up a speed control of some sort. There are electronic versions out there that run off the frequency of the alternator. They are not cheap. It is surprising just how much power is required to produce your desired electrical output. I have a large diesel direct coupled to a four pole alt.with mechanical speed control also for 1500 rpm for 50Hz 240V and have also found a little issue when welding with it. If the governor is set for the load it can over rev a bit - if set to be perfect without load it struggles to get back up to 230V if welding at 120A plus. It's been easier to live with it in the end. If you are stalling out you will have to do something about a reliable speed control - check out the quality alternative energy companies that actually install RAP systems and ask about the control setups they can provide for exactly your situation. Keep looking because there are systems that will fix your problem, and give you a very useful machine! Good luck.
Q:are diesel generators allowed on commercial truck ?
if your talking about a power source for accessories, yes. but keep in mind the additional weight factor!
Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
heating of the planet through global warming, but it is less refined than regular, so that saves a little energy.
Q:what is diesel power plant or station & how it is work?
A diesel power plant is a stationary installation incorporating one or more diesel generator sets with controls and switchgear. Diesel plants are usually used as emergency backup systems for military installations, hospitals, and other vital installations that depend on reliable electric power. There are also diesel power plants that are the only power supply for remotely located installations and communities; for example, remote radar stations and island resort towns. In a diesel plant, there are one or more diesel generator sets, consisting of a diesel engine and a suitable generator. A typical arrangement would involve three generators of which any two can handle the peak load while the third can be held as a standby unit or dismantled for major maintenance at intervals. There will be a switchyard that contains the electrical contactors and safety devices for connecting the generators to the grid as needed, and there will be control panels for the individual generators, as well as synchronizing gear to keep the generators in phase. In many installations these controls are computerized and can be operated and monitored at a distance over the internet or other communications arrangement. Also, there will be arrangements for handling the fuel required by the engines. Often there is a large tank and separate day tanks for each engine. This type of arrangement helps ensure that the entire supply is not lost in case the fuel plumbing or day tank for one generator set springs a leak.
Q:Diesel 3 phase 100 Kva electric generator shuts down?
Having unbalanced voltage will surely shut down your system, or it will destroy any load you put in the system. Have a look on the rectifier or voltage regulator section of your alternator.These might need a change. The 12 secs is just a time delay before giving out error message.
Q:1 mw generator head price?
Generator Heads
Q:Full Time Generator for a House?
This would need to be a big and expensive generator, probably water-cooled - check out prices on OKorder - if you are only there 2 weeks at a time, that is a lot of money to spend, and a big risk to leave it where it could be stolen when you are away. May I respectfully suggest that you consider non-electric alternatives? It seems rather out of place, and certainly not very green to have a petrol or diesel generator chugging away for 2 solid weeks close to what I guess is a holiday home somewhere remote in the countryside. There are fridges and freezers available which run off LPG (propane or butane) and even kerosene (which might be easier for you to transport to your holiday home) The same goes for a water heater and cooker A washer/drier seems unnecessary (and also not at all green) if you live in a desert atmosphere - take a look on OKorder with the search words as follows: caravan washing machine These small machines use very little water and energy, which I suggest will be important factors for you. Finally aircon (the trade I presently work in) - may I suggest that you look for simple, low energy units that use water evaporation for cooling (will also humidify the dry desert air) - if you follow all the above guidelines, you should be able to get by with a 3 or 5KW portable generator that you can take home for safe-keeping. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I think the idea of an all electric holiday home in the wilderness is in need of a serious re-think for many reasons. Good luck!
Q:How can I use my car's engine as a generator?
The easiest would be to get a heavy duty low-speed alternator (like used in police cars and cabs that spend a lot of time idling). It could put out over 1000 watts of 12 volt DC. Then get an invertor (DC-to-AC converter) rated for 1000 watts 120VAC output. If you are not using the alternator to make AC it will still do a great job on keeping your battery charged.
Q:backup generator maintenance tutorial required?
I am generator technician, what specific things are you looking for?
Q:For or against using nuclear energy to generate electricity?

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