24 Way Audio Snake Cable

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Product Description:

24 Way Audio Snake Cable

Multicore Snake Cable Stagebox 20WAY IN - 4WAY OUT XLR DJ Stage 30 meters



  • Multicore snake cable and stagebox.:

    • Signal ways: 24

    • Inputs: 20

    • Outputs: 4

    • Cable length: 30m multipair cable, 700mm spliced ends

    • Metal XLR connectors

    • Aluminium strain relief with cable bending protection

    • Dimensions: 165mm x 90mm x 235mm

    • Weight with cable: 19.0kg


24way 20 in 4 out audio multi core stagebox snake cable for multi-way signal transmission between stage and mixer.

Stage box in lightweight aluminium design with robust carrying handle.

All signal ways are balanced with 2 copper cores and aluminium foil screening.

The concert series snake is the toughest multipair snake series we offer in the CL-2 series wire.

The stage box uses the thickest gauge metal they offer.


It's other features include

  • raised box edges to protect the connectors,

  • an integral handle,

  • all Switchcraft metal connectors (with locking tabs on the female XLRs),

  • dual returns on the box (1/4 and XLR Male),

  • heavy duty wire mesh strain relief on both the box and fan ends.


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