22 Inch LCD Monitor With Wide Screen LCD Monitor For Tv Monitor

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22 inch lcd monitor with wide screen lcd monitor for tv monitor     


LCD monitor display

  PANEL:22"(16:10)   Active area: 473.76×296.10(mm2) 

  Pixel pitch:0 .2823mm    Max.contrast ratio:1000:1
  Max. brightness:450cd/m2 
  Resoibse time tr/tf:5ms    Color:16.7M
  Viewing angle H:170° V:150°





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Q:LCD display pattern
This is basically your graphics card or memory there is a quality problem, or memory speed does not match. Try changing the display card. If it is later added to the graphics card, you must pay attention to the best purchase and the original display card exactly the same film.The display shows wave interference or shows a snowflake pattern; what you see may be caused by the ripple effect of the display. Because the video signal has been changing, the problem of video ripples is difficult to solve. The scan ripple depends on the horizontal sweep rate (refresh rate), and this can be reduced by selecting the right frequency. At present, there are some high-end display set with advanced elimination of ripple distortion function. For a display without this function, ripple effects can be reduced by adjusting resolution.Computer wiring and common faults
Q:Samsung LCD display flash is what happened?
Samsung LCD flash cause:First, the low screen refresh rate: open the display properties panel, click Advanced, and then select the monitor column and then to the inside of the "only display support maximum refresh rate" in the box next to the point right, then click the refresh rate of the marquee, the highest frequency can choose inside.Second, electromagnetic interference display: next to what is a large electrical appliances, or degaussing sound speakers, such electrical appliances will interfere with the electromagnetic display, so that the monitor away from this type of electrical interference can.Third, monitor aging fault: the two kinds of methods can not solve the case, the monitor may be aging or failure, the best repair.
Q:Why does LCD change color from side to side?
This is the characteristics of liquid crystal display, LCD display has a visual angle, up and down 60 degrees, about 120 degrees, more than the color will be distorted.
Q:Are laptops using LCDs?
No, the notebook LCD display is divided into two categories LCD and LEDLCD is often said, is Liquid Crystal Display, the LCD structure is placed in the liquid of two pieces of parallel glass crystal, fine wire and many vertical and horizontal between two pieces of glass, through the power to control the crystal rod the molecular changes of direction, will produce the picture reflected light. Liquid crystal display in accordance with different control methods can be divided into passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD two. LED display (LED Panel) LED (Light Emitting Diode) led is a solid state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. The LED pixel module is assembled and arranged in accordance with the actual needs, arranged into a matrix, and provided with a special display drive circuit, a DC stabilized voltage power supply, a software, a frame and an outer decoration, etc. to form a LED display screen. At present, some of the high-end Apple series is LED screen, more light, more power saving, more realistic. The single element of the LED display is 1000 times faster than the LCD LCD screen, and can be taken care of under high light conditions, and adapts to a low temperature of 40 degrees below zero. Another big advantage of LED is that it can last up to 100 thousand hours, even if it lasts 10 hours a day for 27 years. Laptop LCD screen is the use of CCFL fluorescent tube backlight, due to CCFL life, environmental protection and other adverse reasons, is currently toward the development of LED backlight. According to the size of the LCD screen, generally need dozens to hundreds of white LED backlight, and its LED drive IC market potential will be great.
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
The parameter is not good, there is a written, yourself, see yourself or to be able to choose good LCD
Q:LCD display lights are not what is going on, the screen is not bright
Change the host to try the monitor, if the good is the computer graphics card problem, if bad, it may be the monitor internal problems, this master came
Q:LCD and horizontal lines
The liquid crystal display is composed of a liquid crystal module, a drive circuit board and a shell, and the liquid crystal module is composed of a liquid crystal screen and a backlight, because the liquid crystal screen itself does not emit light and needs a light source to illuminate the screen. LCD screen is hardware, if there is a fault, disconnection, the phenomenon is irreversible, irreversible. The backlight is LED or CCFL light source, plus optical film material (make light walk more evenly) of the mechanical structure, closely attached to the back of the LCD screen.Is your problem, back light source on the optical film material due to aging, and the mechanical structure and the backlight module fit is not very strict, in the days when the heat deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction, light out of the uneven distribution, resulting in the exterior looks like a white bar.If the fault needs to be repaired, it needs to get the dust-free workshop of the liquid crystal module factory, disassemble and replace the backlight, and the time and cost are relatively large.If you really affect vision, it is recommended that the landlord replace the monitor, the cost of maintenance is relatively large; if you have not seen the warranty period, find JS to replace the new monitor.Any further questions, please feel free to contact us
Q:Can I use LCD for rendering images?
A liquid crystal display can be used to render images3D renders a powerful computer. Here's the main point of buying a computer:1- to understand what parts of the computer, a computer has CPU, motherboards, hard drives, memory, graphics cards, monitors, chassis, power, the mouse and keyboard composition. The configuration of the computer, that is, the configuration of these hardware.2- is a computer graphic design, need to open the PS, AI and other graphic design software, which is needed to meet these computer software running, graphic design software is relatively high on the computer color according to the practical requirements, these requirements to configure the computer. Computer to run very well, the first to have a strong CPU, in this proposal more than I5 CPU, or more than A6 APU.3-PS, AI and other software is very open when memory, so you need a large amount of memory, it is recommended 16G memory.4- video card, it is recommended with GPU function of the graphics card, so that help the computer image rendering. The rest should pay attention to the power supply, power supply to select more than 500W, otherwise the computer hardware will be bad, in the configuration of a solid state disk, so as to speed up the operation of the system, the design will be very smooth. Choose a good monitor for the rest.5- if Apple is used, it is best to use Apple computer, the system is smooth, can well meet the design requirements.
Q:Liquid crystal display, rain like ripples
That's electromagnetic interference. What power or something is next to them to keep them away?
Q:LCD TV, power or LCD?
22 inches of electricity. You can also see that the logo behind the monitor should indicate how much watts is used. The higher the wattage, the more expensive the electricity.

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