20kw Canopy Silent Diesel Generator for Industrial Use

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

1) 50KW silent diesel water generator 
2) weifang engine, R6105ZD 
3) bottom fuel tank & battery 
4) key/auto start control



*Powered by weifang engines 

*Radiator 40°C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard 

*12//24V DC start motor and storage battery

*Brushless, self-excited, IP22/23, insulation H alternator

*Absorber to reduce vibration

*Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter 

*Main line circuit breaker 

*Control system: Key start control panel as standard, digital auto start or ATS system is optional  

*8 hours operation base fuel tank 

*High efficient muffler to reduce noise 

*Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon and flange etc.

*Genset type: open type or soundproof/silent type, or trailer type 

* Maintenance and operation manual, quality certificate, etc.

 *Rigorous testing must be done before delivery, including 50% load, 75%load, 100%load, 110% 

and all protection function(over speed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure, battery 

charging fail, emergency stop)    

*Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CE (ESC/070119), BV 


Specifications for Silent Diesel Generator 


GensetPrime PowerStandby PowerEngine ModelFuel ConsumptionDimensionWeight
C360360/450396/495KTA 19-G32073200*1400*19004300
C400400/500440/550KTA 19-G42063300*1400*20004450
C500500/625550/688KTA A19-G6A2063500*1920*22504700
C600600/750660/825KTA 38-G22164300*1750*24006750
C720720/900800/1000KTA 38-G2A2034300*1750*24006950
C800800/1000880/1100KTA 38-G52054460*1900*24008300
C10001000/12501100/1375KTA 50-G32135560*2050*231010900

 20kw Canopy Silent Diesel Generator for Industrial Use

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Q:What is the difference in construction and operation of ATS that switches between electrical source?
There may be no difference. It will depend on the application. For example, if I specified an ATS that had the proper voltage and current capacities, the only other item of concern would be to determine if the transfer would be a make before break or a break before make type of transfer. In a make before break, it would mean the sources would be placed into parallel operating condition before one of the sources was interrupted. This would require the ability to synchronize the sources. Which means the frequency, voltage and phase relationship of the sources must match before they are placed into parallel service. On a break before make switch, usually only phase rotation and approximate voltage levels are of concern. Hope this helps, Newton1Law
Q:Which would make more sense? Converting diesel electric trains to biodiesel, or?
So you people don't really read any of these postings do you? How many times do we have to answer the same questions? Bio diesel is not the way to replace fuel oil (diesel). There is not enough acreage in the USA to grow the amount of crops, any crops, to make bio fuels to power the existing fleet of vehicles much less the future fleet. And carrying water on locomotives is very inefficient. Steam Engines (Sterling Engines) are a very efficient means of moving huge vehicles. That is why they use nuclear/steam to power air craft carriers but hauling water to make steam cuts the payload so much that it becomes unprofitable. Why would we want to go back in time and technology? We can go to plug in electric powered vehicles that are charged by photovoltaic panels at your home or work. And, naysayers pay attention to this, Linear Electric Drive would power long distance and heavy hauling.
Q:What makes diesel engine oil turn black?
ALL engines start to turn oil dirty as soon as they are started.regardless if it's a diesel or gas engine.
Q:What size generator do I need for my single wide mobile home?
Add up the wattage and look for the correct size to supply it.
Q:Remote, high altitude generator, 10 kW?
Your solution may be more simple than you think. (a) An electrical machine will not fail at high altitude. The only concern you need to have is sufficient cooling of the machine. At high altitude, the air density is less, but the temperature is cool in addition. But then 10kW is not much at all to be concerned with heating. (b) Get an assembly done at a workshop so that you can run a belt off your truck axle to your generator shaft. (c) Drive the generator (make sure you have anchored it safely to the ground) from the axle of the truck (whose driven wheels you have raised with a jack). Start your truck and power up your generator. (c) 10kW is less than 14HP. This means your truck (200HP?) will not even have to be driven hard to generate the torque to give you full power for your generator. (d) You may need a separately excited DC source (lead acid batteries) for the field of your alternator if you don't use a permanent magnet rotor.
Q:Finding the value on a Shanghai 20kw diesel generator?
Companies like China Star have become famous for diesel generators, so being from China is not a negative. Just look up any US made generator and reduce by about %30 to get value. I think a US generator of that size, which is sufficient for a whole house, should run about $2500. So as used slightly, I would start around $1800 I think. But you may have to come down to $1000 if the market happens to be slow. Check on Craigslist to compare. I am only guessing off the top of my head. It is contractors who buy them the most, and few people are building right now.
Q:What rating is my generator really? (Industrial)?
While your generator will handle the amperes as either KVA or KW, unfortunately, the KW rating is is the rating of your driver. You are driver limited, not generator limited.
Q:Electric Power Generation by Diesel generators?
Here is a sample answer for gasoline generators to run a SINGLE HOUSEHOLD. Multiply the answer by 250 but just remember that diesel costs a lot more money. NorthStar Trifuel Generator — 614cc, 13,000 Surge Watts, 10,500 Rated Watts Fuel consumption is as follows: Gasoline:1.72 gallons per hour @full load. 1 gallon per hour @1/2 load. 1.72 gal @ $5 gal 41 gal $205 per day $1,435 7 days ($0.143 Minute) 1 gal @ $5 gal 24 gal $120 per day $840 7 days
Q:What type of generator do I need to power a 180amp mig welder.?
It will probably take something like 6.6 KVA's to run it. Similar one's take a 220 VAC, 30 amp circuit. The Model 180 MIG welds up to 1/4 steel. 6 heat settings and infinitely adjustable wire speed control welds a wider range. Max. output 160 amps with 30% duty cycle. Requires 220 Volts 60 cycle 30-amp circuit.
If you mean the build-in pcb of a fuel/diesel generator which build-up voltage initially and then keep it stable under any load, then read this: First you need to see your generator minimum requirements to determine specs of AVR. You will probably found a label on generator with those Information: Ex. volt (maximum excitation voltage) Ex. amp (maximum excitation amperage) Your AVR output must exceed those specs. If generator is brushless type in most cases it does. Also input voltage of AVR must be the same as output of generator (ex. 110V110V, 220V220V). If generator is triple phase then you can do the same (ex. 380V380V, 440V440V) but if generator have output in star formation then you can use node for a smaller voltage of AVR (ex. 380V220V, 440V253V). If generator work in parallel operation (usually marine main generators does) then things get complicated. In this case AVR is good to support current transformer to make generator more elastic under load fluctuations and match other generators in the same circuit.

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