2016 Wholesale LED Bulbs Environment-friendly and no UV or IR

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$1.80 - 4.50 / pc
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1000 pc
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7000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

LED Bulb
• Wide range of available voltage and low consumption.
• Environment-friendly and no UV or IR.
• Easy to install and maintain and normal base type can be matched.
• Replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture, such as ballasts and starters.
• Long lifespan, Energy saving and high luminous intensity, energy consumption can be 30% of traditional bulbs.
• Anti-shake, convenient for transportation.
• LED Bulb light with SMD5730/SMD 2835 as light sources, super more brighter than traditional lighting
• LED Bulb light with High efficiency, high power factor, environmental friendly
• Unique heat-dissipating design and perfect thermal management.
• LED Bulb light 70% energy-saving compared with traditional lighting
• Professional optical design ensures the LED Bulb high light efficiency
• Long Lifespan, low cost of maintenance.
• LED Bulb light widely used at factory. Super market, public square and street illumination.

2016 Wholesale LED Bulbs Environment-friendly and no UV or IR


Product Reliability
1. Plastic coated aluminum high brightness IC driver led bulb with 2 years warranty;
2. As long as 72h aging test with automatic switching before each shipment;
3. 100% versatility test will make sure the fastness of the assembling;
4. 100% resist voltage test of AC85-265v makes sure those tubes compatible for both 120v and 277v;
5. -40°C to 50°C(-40°F to 122°F) extreme environment compliant.

2016 Wholesale LED Bulbs Environment-friendly and no UV or IR

1. Aluminum and plastic in one piece, aluminum inside, plastic outside. Excellent heat radiation;
2. Large lighting angle, much more lumen and brightness;
3. Beauty & Elegant, No flicker, 10 colors or customized color bulb;
4. High brightness EPISTAR LED, no light spot or dark shadows;
5. Environment protection material, green lighting solutions.

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Q:Choose which light bulb LED bulb is the healthiest
For home use, you can select LED bulb below 8W, with a color temperature below 3500K
Q:LED bulb bulbs, do you need 3C certification now?
Simple bulb does not require 3C or CQC certification.Only with lampholders, and then judge according to the situation.
Q:Secret LED bulb bubble price difference why so big?
Power Supply。 Good quality will be equipped with power supply, usually in the lamp cavity. And low prices are put on the lamp board with several capacitive resistance to deal with
Q:What material is applied to the glass cover of the LED bulb? Can reach 90% of the light, can not see the inside of the lamp. Who knows, thanks for telling!
Can reach 90% of the light, can not see the inside of the lamp
Q:LED what does "A60" mean by bulb 60? And what does "MR16" mean?
The diameter is 60mm, but the total length of each company is not the same
Q:Led the bulb is flashing. What's wrong with it? How do you fix it?
There is a drive power failure, and if you do not electronic repair ah, it is recommended to return directly to another driver, generally have 1 years warranty period
Q:LED how to classify bulb bulbs?See some LED bubble bulb specifications are written in A60, A45, and some are written G60, G45, I do not know, in addition to the maximum diameter of the same, what is the difference between the meaning of A and G?In addition, how can the whole LED bulb be classified, only by the maximum diameter, or with other classifications?,
No other special significanceThe type of label has made their size, type or number of series LED lamp series models more balls of small power spherical. No number certain special shape at present. High power may be more common. Watts arrangement model
Q:What's the difference between a glass cap for a bulb and a PC hood?
1, impact strength comparisonPC and glass is the biggest difference resistance shock, PC is transparent plastic, the most resistant to impact, smashing not broken.Similarly, PC is 200-300 times the impact resistance of glass. PC is 30-50 times the impact strength of PMMA acrylic.
Q:Why is 3W's LED plastic bulb so cheap on the market? Is there any drawback to the price difference between aluminum and aluminum?
Now the market LED lamps quality uneven. LED lamps need constant current and constant voltage drive to be durable. The cheap 3W LED plastic bulb power supply is only the drive of the resistance capacitance pressure drop. Drive rank: 1. constant current and constant voltage drive. 2. constant current non constant voltage drive. 3. constant pressure and no current drive. 4. resistance capacitance pressure drop drive (resistance capacitance voltage drop is the worst and cost is the cheapest)
Q:What's the reason why LED bulb gets a lot of heat?
If the radiator has a large radiating area, the temperature is low

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