2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

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Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Sandwich Panel Feature: waterproof,anti-slip,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion,anti-UV,anti-insect,Fireproof,Soundproof,Heat Insulation
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain,various colors Position: Interior,Exterior Certification: ISO9001, SGS,MA,AL,,CNAS
Customized: Customized co-extruded wpc: Flooring character: wood plastic composite
color: various wpc

Product Description:

Company Introduction

Our company-Fu Jian JianYuan WPC Science&Technology Co., Ltd, located in Luo Yuan industry park, Nan Pin city, Fu Jian province,with sales department in Xia Men city, is devoted to developing  the third generation of co-extruded wood plastic composite items with the surface of ASA material and internal PVC foam materials.

All of our items have been authorized by ISO9001 quality test system, MA,AL,CNAS,SGS and reached the international standard ,even more than the national standard.In addition,we 

has achieved 14 national invention and utility patents.

Performance of our products

1.using the most advanced double-machine co-extruded technology recently;

2. anti-slip,waterproof,anti-insect,fire prevention, UV and weather resistance,maintenance-free, eco-friendly;

3.natural wood texture and appearance;

4.30 years' lifetime;

5.easy installment;

6.providing relative certification according to customers' requirement.

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2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

 2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring     2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring  2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring




2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring 2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

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Q:If the living room and bedroom full wood floor to step stone?
The general situation is not needed (only need to press the line on the line), only in the bathroom needs, but if your living room and the law of the body of the secret agent to wear agent, but the restaurant is close to what can be, no need, The door is white is the best choice for black stepping stone will be better.
Q:If i reset my prestige will my floor reset ( runescape )?
This is how prestige works as best as i can explain it. Sorry if its still kinda confusing haha I may not be the best typer on this subject. If you set your prestige to zero, when you finish a new floor, your prestige will be one, and will give your the equivalent points for floor one. if you now do floor 16, your prestige will be two. if you now do floor 6, your prestige will be three. So it kinda works like that, your prestige is equal to how many individual floors you've plundered. now, if you keep doing floor 16 over and over after you reset your prestige, its just gonna stay at prestige 1, because you've only completed one floor, which is the floor you keep doing over and over again. A cool method to try is, to reset your prestige, then do your floor 16 and get prestige one, then go back and do floors 1,2,3,4, etc, and each time you do a new floor, your prestige will be one level above the floor level, and you'll get a higher average. So, it goes like this Prestige is reset Floor 16 completed, prestige goes to one. This will be a bad score because your floor 16 score will be averaged out with level 1 prestige. Floor 1 completed. Prestige goes to two. the points from the prestige level two will be higher than your floor level one, so you'll get a higher average. Floor 2 completed. Prestige goes to three. Same as before, you get a higher average. Now, if you complete a floor you've already completed, your prestige stays the same, and you get no bonus, because prestige only gives you any points on the very first time you complete a new floor. So if you re-do floor 2, your prestige will stay at three, but give you no points. Now, if you do floor 3, your prestige will go up to 4, since you haven't done floor 3 yet, and give you a higher average for points. Did that make sense? oh and to just answer your question plainly - yes - you can do floor 16 if you reset prestige.
Q:What is the best flooring to dance on?
wooden flooring
Q:How to clean up the concrete on the floor of the new house
It is alkaline, it is necessary to use acid products to clean, but do not use oxalic acid to clean, it is strong acid, and will corrosion tiles, once the corrosion, the stains are easy to seep To the inside of the tiles, it is more difficult to clean and clean. The cement on the tiles can be cleaned with a clean cleaning agent, which keeps the cement stains / sealant at the point of water, pours directly into the cement stains, and waits for 1-2 minutes. Wipe clean with a steel ball or a hard brush and rinse immediately with water. Especially stubborn stains to increase the amount or repeatedly wiped several times to achieve better results. Do not use shovel shovel, but also easy to shovel the tile surface of the residual cement stains, you can use the shield Wang Wang cleaning tile cleaning agent to remove, is specifically in addition to the surface of the cement residue, pour the solution, wait a few seconds, A wipe that is, clean, no any negative effect on the surface of the tile
Q:Will XBOX LIVE work through two floors?
it should mine is in my room upstairs but in the basement is my router.
Q:It's better to sleep directly on the ground
The warmth of the room is the flow of heat through the gas flow, from the perspective of fluid mechanics, the room air flow from the bottom up, so the ground is cold air flow where the direct sleep on the ground is not good, Tube is also the cold air flow of the fastest place, easy to cause harm to the body, I have had this experience, accidentally, rheumatism and seizures of the defensive flames, It is safe to have a height of about 200 mm or so.
Q:Industrial Strength Floor Stripper?
Ammonia will will cast off any of the acrylic coating that used to be as soon as a transparent coat polymer seal that anyone implemented. Just like every wax sort coating they flip yellow and have got to be eliminated. Talk to a ground enterprise and get a written reason behind the ground colour and an estimate for maintenance to supply to the owner.
Q:Has anyone used cork flooring?
Cork flooring is very cool looking. I'm not sure about the FLOATING cork floor but I know that the self stick cork tiles(12x12x3/16) are very durable and work well in a bathroom. This would need luan underlayment and would obviously not last as long as ceramic tile. I think it would be a viable alternative to a cheap ugly vinly flooring. My friend is an architect and he has had it in his bathroom and kitchen for 7 years now. Still looks great!
Q:Laminate flooring and doorways?
If I understand you are stopping at the doors? There are products from the flooring suppliers that allow you to stop and put in a parting strip.
Q:Floor levelling?
As mentioned by Reno, a pourable self-leveling material offers the easiest solution. However if your 2 inch estimate is correct, it may exceed the allowable thickness recommended by the manufacturer. The cost may also be extensive. If the floor is accessible underneath I would investigate the reason for such a great amount of settling. It may be fixable from underneath. We all like things easy but take the time to do it right or the problem will only get bigger.

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