2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

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Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Sandwich Panel Feature: waterproof,anti-slip,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion,anti-UV,anti-insect,Fireproof,Soundproof,Heat Insulation
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain,various colors Position: Interior,Exterior Certification: ISO9001, SGS,MA,AL,,CNAS
Customized: Customized co-extruded wpc: Flooring character: wood plastic composite
color: various wpc

Product Description:

Company Introduction

Our company-Fu Jian JianYuan WPC Science&Technology Co., Ltd, located in Luo Yuan industry park, Nan Pin city, Fu Jian province,with sales department in Xia Men city, is devoted to developing  the third generation of co-extruded wood plastic composite items with the surface of ASA material and internal PVC foam materials.

All of our items have been authorized by ISO9001 quality test system, MA,AL,CNAS,SGS and reached the international standard ,even more than the national standard.In addition,we 

has achieved 14 national invention and utility patents.

Performance of our products

1.using the most advanced double-machine co-extruded technology recently;

2. anti-slip,waterproof,anti-insect,fire prevention, UV and weather resistance,maintenance-free, eco-friendly;

3.natural wood texture and appearance;

4.30 years' lifetime;

5.easy installment;

6.providing relative certification according to customers' requirement.

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2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

 2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring     2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring  2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring




2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring 2016 The Third Generation of Co-extruded WPC Flooring

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Q:What is the high cost of floor and floor tiles? The Or the same price which is good?
What is the high cost of floor and floor tiles? The Or the same price which is good? The Of course, the premise of the floor does not touch the water
Q:How do I dissassemble a glue-downed laminate floor?
I use a combination of floor scraper and a shovel made for tearing off roof shingles. The tear-off shovel has a metal bracket on the back which acts as a fulcrum, for prying up with the tip, that a floor scraper lacks. If this flooring is actually glued to the sub-floor, it will take a lot of elbow grease too, hehehe. Good Luck
Q:how to take the vinyl floor out.?
how old is the flooring? if it's from the 1970's, it could contain asbestos, so you want to be sure before you go too far and create bigger problems for yourself. you might be better off just burying it under the new flooring, if it's not all cracked or torn. if it is in bad shape, then you can put down plywood sheeting called underlayment, it's smooth faced and resists water damage. this underlayment plywood is only about 5/16-3/8 thick, so even with new vinyl sheet or tiles it won't build the floor up too much. some people use luan plywood, but it doesn't stand up to water very well, so i wouldn't use it in a kitchen or bathroom. if you put plywood down, screw the sheets every 6 around the edges, and every 8 throughout the middle of the sheet so it lays flat. buy or rent a drywall screw gun to do this, you can set the depth that it drives the screws deep enough without going too deep. after it's all down, go over all of the screw heads and the seams with levelastic cement so the plywood subflooring is smooth and flat. this is important because otherwise all of these defects will show through the new vinyl flooring. it's a lot of work to do it correctly and get a good job, but easier that pulling up the old stuff, or messing with asbestos. you can usually find pamphlets at the home centers on how to do this, or check out the instructions in a new box of tiles. good luck, hope this helps.
Q:Exercise - Pelvic Floor muscles?
Pelvic floor exercises are sometimes called Kegel exercises, after the obstetrician who developed them. Another name for the exercises is pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT). 1.)Try to tighten your muscles around your vagina and back passage and lift up, as if you’re stopping yourself passing water and wind at the same time. A quick way of finding the right muscles is by trying to stop the flow of urine when you’re in the toilet. Don’t do this regularly because you may start retaining urine. Once you've found the muscles, make sure you relax and empty your bladder completely. 2.)When you first start the exercises, check that you are doing them correctly. Put your hands on your abdomen and buttocks to make sure you can’t feel your belly, thighs, or buttocks moving. 3.)Don't hold your breath. You should be able to hold a conversation at the same time, or try counting aloud while you're doing the exercises. Don't tighten the tummy, thigh or buttock muscles - you'll be exercising the wrong muscle groups. Don't squeeze your legs together. Do your pelvic exercises at least three times a day
Q:Living room decoration shop composite floor is good or good tiles
Living room shop what according to their own needs in general the villa shop floor more than the fear of the fool of the fool chanting both satirical kettle Lu Lutong family living room tile shop more tiles good care shine better bright and the floor foot feeling better grade egg Need to maintain the recommendations or according to their favorite shop what
Q:how can i fix my laminate flooring?
If it’s the self locking, floating floor type yes, i have done it it can be carefully disassembled and all the reusable pieces saved and then re-installed you must have enough new pieces of the exact same floor to replace the damaged ones and re install all the flooring you removed pull up the molding that hides the edges of the floor and find where the last row of flooring installed is and lift gently to unlock all the pieces
Q:how to fix a boat floor?
a whole new floor would ofcourse require you cut out the old one unbolding any hardware or seats that may be attached to it, when cutting it out be sure u are not going to be cutting thru any wires or hoses, you will need a sheet or two of marine plywood as well as a lot of fiberglass mat and resin, you will want to mount some strips of wood on what it left of the floor edge or the walls if you had to remove the whole floor, this is what you will be screwing the new floor down to secure it, you will want to fiberglass the backside as well as the edges of the new wood before it is put down as well as any kind of spacer blocks you will need to brace the floor off of the stringers or fuel tank or whatever may be below the floor, once you have laid down and screwed the floor to the stringers and supports you will than go over it with fiberglass mat until it is approximately the same hight of what it was before or as high as it needs to be to tie into the walls or other flooring, you can than grind it smooth spray some gellcote and sand, reapply and sand as wanted. if you want it really level you can apply some marine bondo before the gellcote, less time sanding and spraying gellcote. And of course during all of this their is specific ways and technics to applying fiber glass, just laying it down and wetting it in resin does not guarantee a good bond. So are you trying to do this yourself?
Q:What is the best way to clean a tile floor?
You will need to rent or buy a good Steam cleaning, machine, Home Depot happens to have the right one, to RENT. Here in my area they rent them for $35.00 per day. 1. You will need to mask off the baseboards, and move every thing you can off the tile floor, If this floor is a kitchen floor mask the bottoms of your cupboards. 2. vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt. 3 use the Steam cleaner, and have someone using the scribing brush to help bring up the dirt, also it is handy to have a wet-vac, to remove the dirty water, 4. Do not use this area while you are doing this job as it will only put dirt back on your clean area. 5. Let dry, then you need to see what the finish looks like after it is clean, if the finish looks, patchy, you will need to get a stripping solvent, and remove the old finish. 6. This has to be done very carefully as to not damage the tiles, and grout. {depending on the condition of the tile} Once the the old sealant has been removed, you will need to rise the floor many times to make sure all the chemical is removed from the floor. You can find the floor stripping solvent at any home Depot, Look for Tile -Lab, 7. Once your floor is all cleaned and stripped of old sealant, then you can apply the NEW, this may take 2 to 3 coats. 8. Let the floor cure {set} for a day. Put every thing back. 9. Maintain the floor per instructions of the sealant to avoid, doing this again. A good sealant will have a 20 year guarantee. This is a very time consuming job, and can take up to a week to 5 days to complete Best of Luck.
Q:Home dance floor?
That really depends on your lifestyle. Will you use the dance floor more than you would the pin-ball machine, the booths? I've done homes with dance floors for people who have ballroom, line dancing and salsa as a hobby and they constantly use their floors. But, I've had other clients who thought it would be nice to have a dance floor installed only to find that they didn't entertain much that way. Now in one home, we left the dance floor but added french bistro cafe tables and chairs that could be moved when they wanted to use the floor to dance. In the end, the decision should be based on your lifestyle and what in the end will be an extension of it.
Q:Leveling a floor?
if your Flores are unlevel and loose you will need to fix it from underneath the house. this is not hard to do but it is hard work crawling around under the house . but a great workout for the abbs

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