2016 textured eva foam sheets pvc foam board with CE certificate

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Thickness: 1-33mm Size: "1220mm × 2440mm; 1560mm × 3050mm; 2050mm × 3050mm ; or as your request ." Usage Life: 50 years
Density: 0.43mm-0.9mm Application: Wall cladding, decorating shelf, etc Color: White,black

Product Description:


elasticity,durable,easy to clean,lightweight


3.OEM is 


EVA sheet is featured by its elasticity, duration, light weight, 
skid and water proof, easy to wash, and widely used in professional competition 
gyms mats, training gyms mats, school pool mats, school and amusement grounds 
mats. Its well accepted by the customers both at home and abroad because of its 
low price and good quality.  

we are an experienced EVA foam producer. More than 10 
years ago, we are purely an EVA foam material supplier for EVA closed cell 
dense foam. Our EVA foam supplied the shoes industry and other related 

Currently, we supply the manufacturers of Carpet, double-sided adhesive tape, 
shoes, arts and crafts, stationery, message boards, foam toys, sporting goods 
and others  

Water resistance: Airtight bubble pore structure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof 
and waterproof properties is good.Corrosion resistance, oil resistance, water, 
acid and alkali corrosion, such chemicals antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, 
no pollution. 

Household appliances, hardware tools, toys, crafts, tourism products, 
stationery, cosmetics,  

The skates, shoes, sports lining materials back cushion, bags, mat mat; The 
knees surfboard,  

Sports equipment, automobile interior trim, shoes joint

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2016 textured eva foam sheets pvc foam board with CE certificate

2016 textured eva foam sheets pvc foam board with CE certificate


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Q:what happens when you spraypaint on plastic sheeting?
OK as for spraying something you must spray from a distance and it wont blob if you spray a even amount let dry then spray an even amount and on plastic it might sick or it may come of either by scratching or maybe water depends on i guess the brand.
Q:Why would anyone have plastic sheets?
Body Paint Lube Slip and Slide Full Body Oil Massages Chocolate Sauce Wax Golden Showers Whip Cream Play Full Body Mud Masks The possibilities are really endless... anything you can imagine not wanting to stain your sheets/bed would be on this list.
Q:Why do plastic sheets make IR temperature decrease?
Please describe the measurement set-up. How are the plastic sheets used? What is the hot water background?
Q:Where are Styrene Plastic Sheets sold?!!!!?
What you are looking for is EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene). Check Under Archetectural foam products or contact Newport foam in anaheim ca @ 714-758-1600, if you live in orange county ca. Good luck
Q:Where to get extra-wide plastic sheeting?
call your local hardware store. I just put down 6 mill plastic under my river rocks in my back yard. They sell it in rolls of 24 feet wide and 100 feet long . 24 x 100 cost me about $60.
Q:What's glued to the plastic buckle?. Which glue does the wallpaper glue onto the plastic gusset plate?
There is a wallpaper with pressure sensitive adhesive. When the protective paper is removed, it can be glued directly to the plastic gusset plate
Q:What are the basic performance and waterproof function of plastic drainage board?
The waterproof and drainage protection board can effectively protect structures and waterproof layers, and resist various acids, bases and plant root thorns in the soil. It can protect buildings and waterproofing from damage when the basement wall is filled with backfill.
Q:What's the difference between a TK board and a plastic board?
Use in advertising a product promotion information is used for the exhibition and the notices in the mounting panel, is also being used in a lot of screen printing, especially suitable for a wide range of promotional activities to carry out unified.
Q:Can I use a hard plastic sheet as the bottom for my 2 guinea pigs c&c cage ?
Nono, its good. Make sure you clean the plastic before it comes in contact with the pigs. I guess you know this, but line the top with bedding or fleece :P have fun!
Q:Long time use of plastic boards will cause harm to the body
Meeting。 It is recommended to select wood or bamboo chopping board, cut vegetables or vegetables can also choose the glass block.

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