2016 High Quality Water Softener Automatic Control for home use

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Product Description:

Product parameters:

Model: KM-SOFT-XB1
Size: 330 * 470 * 660 (mm)
Regeneration mode: time type / time mixed traffic
Fitting size: 6 points
Pressure: 0.5bar
Maximum working flow rate: 1T / H
Resin volume: 12.5L
Salt tank capacity: 25KG

2016 High Quality Water Softener Automatic Control for home use



2016 High Quality Water Softener Automatic Control for home use



 Water softener is a cylindrical system. The following is a control valve in the ion exchange resin tank. Ion exchange resins are from smaller synthetic resin ball composed of water to replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions ion-exchange resin, so that the water becomes "soft." Control over the introduction of purified water and demineralized water mixing valve, the outflow of water from the water softener is the hardness of the mixed water you need.

Product features
Independent research and development of the valve head, LED panel, operation at a glance.
· Water-saving automatic operation, Section salt, water stability.
· Beauty, skin care, fabric soft and comfortable life.
· Wading equipment to prevent calcareous deposits, prevent pipe corrosion, energy saving.
* Unique long life (must be compatible with special reducing agent).
* With self-developed patent

Installation requirements:
Water softener must be installed in a dry and frost-free place.
The ambient temperature must not exceed 45 ℃!
Have a reliable drainage system, otherwise, the water will damage your house and water softener.
Upstream and downstream of a water softener installed shut-off valve. Easy to install, service and repair. This avoids the flood damage to the house.
Water softener function installed on all standard drinking water pipes.
Water softener installed upstream of the meter is not allowed.

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Q:What's the direction of the switch for the water softener in the coffee machine?
4, soft bucket outlet valve is generally in three directions, when the knob is in "connected with the coffee machine tube in that direction when the flow to the coffee machine; when the knob to" open drain "direction, the water flow out from the drainage pipe; if the knob with two vertical tubes it is to close the outlet of soft waterSo, do you see what you're interested in? Coffee, Baidu, Qingdao, coffee, Ta, maybe you're interested
Q:Can the water from the cooling tower go through the water softener again as a circulatory system?
The test should be carried out first, and the result of the test is related to the configuration of water softener and the quality of water produced.
Q:I have a water softener, the tube pass into the running water is going on?
One is from the main controller to the hose, the hose inlet should be
Q:Market prospects of water softeners
Present situationSince the reform and opening to the outside world, with the rapid development of the national economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved. However, industrialization has brought about increasingly serious environmental pollution, especially the pollution of water quality. People's pursuit of health, civilization and fashionable life has formed a sharp contradiction with the worsening drinking water quality. Products to solve the problem of household drinking water came into being. Two different drinking water solutions have been co existing, competing and developing: one is barreled water, the other is terminal softener. Water dispenser + barreled water has improved people's drinking water quality and way, and soon swept the country, a barrel of the world. After entering the high-speed development period in 1997, the main share of the drinking water market was obtained, and the market leading position was established. The water softener with relatively simple structure and cheap price once appeared good momentum of sale, but these simple water softeners can not provide reliable direct drinking water for customers, and can not meet the needs of customers. Terminal water softener perfect structure (RO RO water purifier, water dispenser, ultrafiltration device etc.) restricted by cost, technology, service and other aspects, in 90s for the drinking water market competition once lost the advantage.
Q:Household water softener can not drink out of water?
Salt water softener is absolutely impossible, because it softens water through sodium ion exchange to soften, and softened water contains a lot of sodium ions, is absolutely not drinkable!
Q:What is the inlet temperature of the general soft water system?
Design flow 339m/s? Is this unit correct? Q=AV, V is the flow velocity, the A cross section area;
Q:Why should the boiler soft water deoxygenation?
Mainly to prevent oxygen dissolved in the boiler feed water, oxygen corrosion on the metal tube wall of the boiler
Q:What is the function of water softener?
Water softener has been widely used in various steam boilers, hot water boilers, heat exchangers, steam condensers, air conditioning, direct burning machines and other equipment and systems in the water supply cycle
Q:Is the water produced by household water softener weak acidic or weak alkaline?
Try not to drink water from the water softener!Soft water machine, soft water, otherwise it is hard water, is to use resin polymerization type material filter core to exchange the metal ion in water
Q:Can soft water be drunk directly? Why
Ordinary water purifier filter is limited, do not easily believe that the concept of preserving the human body needed minerals, simply also belong to heavy metal minerals, water purification equipment is to filter the aperture to intercept pollutants, no matter the ability to distinguish good or bad, if consumers need to ask what minerals from the water intake, as if no one can answer. Any kind of minerals exceed the standard will have an impact on the body.

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