2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

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$77,400.00 - 98,556.00 / unit
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720 unit/month

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Product Description:

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

International size rating4640/650
Shot volumecm3216027343376
Shot weightG196624883072
Screw diametermm8090100
Injection pressurempa215170138
Screw L:D ration 21:0121:0119:01
Screw strokemm430
Screw speed(stepless)r/min0-125
Clamping forcekn6500
Opening strokemm920
Platen sizemm×mm1320X1290
Space between fie barsmm×mm930X900
Mold fhickness(Min-Max)mm350-910
Hydraulic ejection strokemm265
Hydraulic ejection forcekn182
Hydraulic system pressurempa17.5
Pump motorkw55
Heating capacitykw38.3
Number of femp confrol zones\6+ nozzle
Dry-cycle fimeSec6
Oil fank capacifyλ1500
Machine dimensionsm×m×m9.6X1.9X2.3
Machine weightkg36000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:one machine should shipped in a 40GP and a 20 GP containers
Delivery Detail:a week if it's at stock OR a month




1.high response 2. high precise,3oil saving 4. water saving 5 long warking life

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


1.template structure of the high-rigidity design,with a bigger clamiping unit. 2. T- slots and conventional screw holes make mold is easy to install. 3 by using our patent bridge structure ,the injection unit will be more stable 4, equipped with imported low-noise and high efficiency variable pump system,saving energy 30% to 60% and and 20 %~40% oil and water 5. high-efficiency filter makes the hydraulic oil clean and a long working life 6. the color screen control system, is conventional to operate it.

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Q:What is low voltage protection (injection molding machine)?
That is, the injection molding machine in the mold process, there is a low pressure molding process, we will set a number, if the mold process to reach this pressure, there will be a low pressure alarm signal!In popular terms, the low pressure is only an exploratory fit! Do you understand this? When you have problems, think more; there is always answers!!
Q:What are the main points in maintaining an injection molding machine?
Put the book on a set up useful to you, as you said above, it is not a long time still can not find a reason, if you want to say, or to do a period of time, first understand the machinery, besides, school repair is not a day for two days to learn, only to do it will do. As for the main points is the classification to first distinguish fault, generally is the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other three categories, what process, just say not clear, if there are problems, done will be remembered
Q:The problem of injection molding machine! Fifty
This is a high-speed machine, do daily necessities certainly not, the amount of plastic is too small, and too much electricity, if you want to sell,
Q:What is the protection of injection molding machine in addition to low-voltage protection?
Q:What does "120T 140T" mean in an injection machine?
A, an abbreviation for ounce, is a unit used by the Hongkong industry to distinguish between injection molding machines. In this way, in the domestic commonly known as "T" (ton), "12" equivalent to "160T", the screw diameter of about 32 mm. In general, the injection molding machine of various specifications, there are several specifications of the screw, buyers can choose different screw size according to their uses, the screw diameter may be selected smaller, and the groove depth is also different with a shallow depth. For example, the production of PVC, will be shallow groove.Ann and T conversion is quite troublesome, here only give some common types of control: injection molding machine 4 (50T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 6 (120T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 8 (140T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 12 (160T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 16 (180T) 3 sets of injection molding machine 18 (200T) 4 sets of injection molding machine 24 (250T)
Q:The higher the screw speed of the injection molding machine, the higher the oil temperature
The higher the screw speed of the injection machine, the higher the oil temperature, which is normal, because the screw will rotate continuously and friction of the material, friction will produce heat. We generally cold water machine injection molding machine can be equipped with a mechanical product in Europe, so can increase oil temperature control.
Q:Injection molding machine barrel temperature in production
PVC for the temperature requirements are very strict, the back pressure is small, hard PVC temperature can not too low at about 170-190, too low, but not good, there is a delay melt, namely the screw does not move after injection, on the verge of opening a few seconds before time began to melt, melt after 10 seconds to stop the opening of concrete how much time delay according to the time you began to melt cooling and temperature control, there is a nozzle to just not cured so far, should not be too high. This basically can control the temperature, can be controlled within 8 degrees.
Q:4 160T injection molding machine, how much cooling tower should be equipped with?
In general we 160T mold, pipe size of 16MM-20MM in diameter, but in general we pump flow rate Straw at 2 m / S (injection cooling water is recycled, water pump Straw flow is the decision point need air conditioning cooling tower), so we can assume that the size of pipe diameter is 20MM, the water flow rate of 2 meters so every hour per second; each injection molding machine needs the amount of water:PI (0.01 meters) * (0.01 meters) *2 M / s *3600 s =2.26 cubic metersYou do this, and here you should be clear! In addition, individuals feel that there is still need to consider whether the subsequent expansion of production, that is, increase the number of injection molding machine, so personally feel that the need to reserve space as well!
Q:What kinds of oil are used in the injection molding machine?
Look at it!. Spring and autumn days with 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil; but the general urban use 46# throughout the year to use, where you don't have much low temperature, in accordance with the standard conditions for winter 32# antiwear hydraulic oil, if there is a gear box to use gear oil.The main tank is mainly provided to meet the normal operation of the hydraulic system required flow, mainly with hydraulic oil, heat distribution,I contact the manufacturers are generally the Great Wall L-HM46#, anti-wear hydraulic oil consumption is relatively large. For hydraulic system lubrication and work, as well as other parts of the bearing grease, large tonnage models, which is related to the design of the oil circuit. Ask them how the hydraulic oil is used in the equipment. It is used for lubrication and work in the hydraulic system,
Q:Recommend durable low pressure injection molding machines?
It is recommended that before the introduction of low-pressure injection molding process in the factory, we must compare the comprehensive strength of the low-pressure injection molding providers in the market and decide after the factory site visits.

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