2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

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$77,400.00 - 98,556.00 / unit
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720 unit/month

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2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

International size rating4640/650
Shot volumecm3216027343376
Shot weightG196624883072
Screw diametermm8090100
Injection pressurempa215170138
Screw L:D ration 21:0121:0119:01
Screw strokemm430
Screw speed(stepless)r/min0-125
Clamping forcekn6500
Opening strokemm920
Platen sizemm×mm1320X1290
Space between fie barsmm×mm930X900
Mold fhickness(Min-Max)mm350-910
Hydraulic ejection strokemm265
Hydraulic ejection forcekn182
Hydraulic system pressurempa17.5
Pump motorkw55
Heating capacitykw38.3
Number of femp confrol zones\6+ nozzle
Dry-cycle fimeSec6
Oil fank capacifyλ1500
Machine dimensionsm×m×m9.6X1.9X2.3
Machine weightkg36000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:one machine should shipped in a 40GP and a 20 GP containers
Delivery Detail:a week if it's at stock OR a month




1.high response 2. high precise,3oil saving 4. water saving 5 long warking life

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


1.template structure of the high-rigidity design,with a bigger clamiping unit. 2. T- slots and conventional screw holes make mold is easy to install. 3 by using our patent bridge structure ,the injection unit will be more stable 4, equipped with imported low-noise and high efficiency variable pump system,saving energy 30% to 60% and and 20 %~40% oil and water 5. high-efficiency filter makes the hydraulic oil clean and a long working life 6. the color screen control system, is conventional to operate it.

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Q:What is a vertical injection molding machine?
Features of vertical injection molding machine:1, an injection device and a locking device for processing in the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened and closed down. It covers only about half of the horizontal machine, so it is converted into an area of about two times.2, easy to insert molding. Because the surface of the mold faces upwards, the insert is positioned easily. The template fixed template movable machine, belt conveying device and mechanical hand combination of words, can easily realize automatic insert molding.3. The weight of the die is supported by the horizontal plate for opening and closing movements. The phenomenon of the front falling of the horizontal machine caused by the gravity of the mould can not occur, so that the mould can not be opened and closed. Conducive to durability, mechanical and die accuracy.4, through a simple manipulator can be taken out of each plastic cavity, is conducive to precision molding.5, the general mold locking device is open for opening around, easy to configure all kinds of automation devices, suitable for complex, sophisticated products automatic molding.6, the drawstring lose conveying device is easy to achieve string moldthe middle installation, easy to realize automatic molding production.7. It is easy to guarantee the consistency of resin flow and die temperature distribution in mold.8, equipped with rotating table, moving table and tilt table and other forms, easy to insert molding, mold combination molding.9, small batch production, the mold has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, and easy to uninstall.10, has withstood the test of many earthquakes, vertical machine because the center of gravity is low, the relative horizontal machine shock resistance is better.
Q:What is the best brand of injection molding machine?
And a Hongkong Apollo injection molding machine, Kawaguchi in Shanghai foundry manufacturing, equivalent to Toshiba Shanghai manufacturing, this brand is the last time see in TOYOTA inside the car, first thought is Kawaguchi machine, before we know the results of Apollo, good mechanical recommend to you, according to their own products to choose suitable machine we canTaiwan: China machine series Qin, Huarong, Nan Rong, full of Taiwan, this machine, Fuqiangxing, etc.Japan Machine Series: Sadegh, Sumitomo, NISSEI, just, Kawaguchi, Niigata, Toshiba, MITSUBISHI...Europe and the United States series: Maffei Engel, Lubbock, Cincinnati, Albemarle, Demag, FANUC
Q:Can you tell me if there are 350 grams of three injection molding machines? How much? Thank you
I don't know this brand of LG, Jin Haitian I know!
Q:Trouble shooting of injection molding machine
Common faults and elimination methods of injection molding machineNon locking modeA, close the front and rear door safely;B and check whether the safety threshold switch works properly;C, check the thimble recession switch;D, check mode lock electronic ruler and die stop switch;E, check mould parameter, speed, pressure and position setting is correct;F check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;G, the mold thickness adjustment or switch mode switch open, in the automatic state can not die;H, if there is a hydraulic safety lock, check whether it is normal.Open moldA and check the test status of the electronic ruler;B check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;C, if the high pressure mode locking down time is too long, because the metal structure related to the elastic deformation caused not opening, approach: a) to improve the opening speed, pressure, pressure reducing opening time, b) in general can be opened;D, if there are core pulling, twisting and other operations in the opening die, the working state of the lock die is not normal, so it is necessary to check whether the start and stop signals of these actions are normal.Die adjustmentA, mode adjustment counting switch fault;B and the original position change of the mould (in this case only one way adjustment)C, regulating valve coil is charged, and spool work is normal;D, the working state of the regulating motor;E, the die nut dies.
Q:What products can be produced by injection molding machine?
we can choose to do energy-saving energy-saving servo servo injection molding machine, has become an industry trend of energy-saving injection molding machine, Levin Bullock company as a professional manufacturer of servo energy-saving injection molding machine, the successful transformation of hundreds of cases, the average energy saving rate is more than 50%, free trial, free to do the program, customer service warranty of two years, to speak with the effect, if you have other questions, you can Baidu A bit of "servo energy efficiency", that has their official website. Can do a detailed understanding.
Q:How to choose an injection molding machine
The selection of injection molding machine is usually made by the following parameters, for reference.1: modulus of capacity, that is, the maximum plastic mold size that can be placed.2: amount of material is melt, maximum amount of glue tube can shoot a glue, injection molding products of the first mock exam should not exceed the total amount of 70% melts.3: clamping force, with reference to the largest product surface area, the maximum injection pressure, the mold can not open the clamping force.
Q:What are the main plastics used for injection molding?
PMMA poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA)PC polycarbonatePOM POMTeflon, PFA PTFE (Te Fulong)CN cellulose nitrate (Sai Lulu)Specific technical parameters,
Q:The injection molding machine does not store the material to do so,
There are several situations may lead screw rebate: 1, no material or hopper outlet plug; 2, the back pressure is too large, resulting in melt coming from the nozzle; 3, material additives or mineral oil too much, causing the screw slipping; 4, the screw is not smooth, with melt wrap screw, cannot be dissolved in your current temperature; 5, machine maintenance, reverse screw; and I hope to help you.
Q:Injection molding machine computer maintenance where professional?
Shenzhen Jingcheng science and technology, can provide computer maintenance injection molding machine, injection molding machine computer (Philip series, Haitian quanlifa series series, Fuji series, Haitian, Haitian, PA series, Derek series, YIZUMI series, Bo Sea series, series, all kinds of injection molding machine computer decryption) injection molding machine parts, injection molding machine screen, control screen, all kinds of paper mask etc..
Q:How many tons is the injection machine of 4 Ann?
Ann is the name of Hongkong in the last century. Ann means the amount of injection, and tons, that is, clamping force. generally speaking3 Ann -----60T4 Ann -----90T7 Ann -----120T10 Ann -----160T14 Ann -----210T17 Ann -----250T

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