2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

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$77,400.00 - 98,556.00 / unit
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Product Description:

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

International size rating4640/650
Shot volumecm3216027343376
Shot weightG196624883072
Screw diametermm8090100
Injection pressurempa215170138
Screw L:D ration 21:0121:0119:01
Screw strokemm430
Screw speed(stepless)r/min0-125
Clamping forcekn6500
Opening strokemm920
Platen sizemm×mm1320X1290
Space between fie barsmm×mm930X900
Mold fhickness(Min-Max)mm350-910
Hydraulic ejection strokemm265
Hydraulic ejection forcekn182
Hydraulic system pressurempa17.5
Pump motorkw55
Heating capacitykw38.3
Number of femp confrol zones\6+ nozzle
Dry-cycle fimeSec6
Oil fank capacifyλ1500
Machine dimensionsm×m×m9.6X1.9X2.3
Machine weightkg36000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:one machine should shipped in a 40GP and a 20 GP containers
Delivery Detail:a week if it's at stock OR a month




1.high response 2. high precise,3oil saving 4. water saving 5 long warking life

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8

2016 High Quality Injection Molding Machine LOG-650A8


1.template structure of the high-rigidity design,with a bigger clamiping unit. 2. T- slots and conventional screw holes make mold is easy to install. 3 by using our patent bridge structure ,the injection unit will be more stable 4, equipped with imported low-noise and high efficiency variable pump system,saving energy 30% to 60% and and 20 %~40% oil and water 5. high-efficiency filter makes the hydraulic oil clean and a long working life 6. the color screen control system, is conventional to operate it.

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Q:How is the temperature of the four section of the injection molding machine set?
The plastication temperature is higher than the melting temperature for the material, some plastics segment is low, mainly to ensure the uniform material in this temperature. The nozzle temperature is higher because its low temperature and injection mold front contact to the red hot runner. This is short of non hot runner mold. And it is about to reach the theoretical amount of injection volume 80%, from the inlet temperature is low, high, slightly lower.
Q:The use of injection molding machines
The injection molding machine is the use of plastic processing machinery industry's largest production, not only have a direct injection molding machine a large number of products available, key equipment and composition of injection stretch blow moulding. Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment
Q:How does the injection machine set up the die segments and the pressure and speed of each segment? Seek advice.
The new technology is the use of branch switch reluctance servo motor, motor CNC pump speed control speed, motor CNC pump torque control pressure, through the touch screen input segment parameters, the implementation of numerical control.
Q:The higher the screw speed of the injection molding machine, the higher the oil temperature
The higher the screw speed of the injection machine, the higher the oil temperature, which is normal, because the screw will rotate continuously and friction of the material, friction will produce heat. We generally cold water machine injection molding machine can be equipped with a mechanical product in Europe, so can increase oil temperature control.
Q:What are the categories of injection molding machines? 5
More and more like a computer, you can DIY it! Ha ha......As for the electric and full electric is very simple, electric refers to injection pressure preservation, feeding is the use of electric motors as the driving force, which is an electric injection molding machine relatively early model. Now all electric machine is every action is using the motor as a driving force, die opening and closing a top top back motor, a motor, injecting and feeding a motor, a motor and Zuosi retreat...... However, the number of motors in different brands is not necessarily the same, of course, the more expensive the motor, the more accurate the movement, the higher the efficiency, the lower the cost of the product!The above is purely personal experience, and I hope I can help you!
Q:What is the back pressure in the injection molding machine?
Back pressure: screw back when applied to the rod end of rubber pressure. It can reduce material consumption and bubble phenomenon.A: when the back pressure is adjusted properly, the density of the melt can be increased, the air discharged by the air in the cylinder can be discharged, and the rubber material is compacted, so that the cycle of the beer mould is stable, and the production efficiency is improved.B: back pressure is high, screw speed is slow, the resistance is large, the barrel screw is easily damaged, because the screw friction heat, heat increase in external heating unchanged, will make the temperature rise, the viscosity decreased, resulting in leakage and countercurrent flow, the nozzle is easy to produce salivation phenomenon.C: low back pressure and screw speed is fast, but it is difficult to put the rubber barrel compaction, the particles is not uniform, resulting in flower phenomenon, such as adding toner material will appear in different shades of color.Note: feed back when the screw rotation should be shaped, injection should be straight. 1, can melt inside the barrel compaction, increase density, improve the stability of injection quantity, weight and size of the products.2. The gas in the melt can be extruded to reduce the gas, the inner bubbles and the gloss uniformity of the products. Slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon.3, slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon.4, appropriately increase the back pressure, can improve the product surface shrinkage and product periphery walk glue situation.
Q:Da Yu injection molding machine TY-400 vertical machine,
How do you determine that the feed has reached the end of the storage? Whether from the display page screw actual position to the target location is to determine if, please check whether the charging valve is electrified, if not, then the charging valve spool is most likely, if the electricity program is abnormal.If you have any questions, please cross examine and wish you good luck!
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
After the injection molding machine has been installed, it must pass the strict debugging procedure, then can put into the official production. It mainly includes three parts, the whole machine debugging, the injection device debugging, the fitting device debugging and so on.(1) debug the whole machine performance1) check the hydraulic oil in the pressure tank and the oil in the lubricator to ensure adequate supply of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. The model of the oil shall comply with the requirements of the manual.2) switch on the main power supply, switch on the master switch on the control box, and place the operation mode selector switch on the spot or manually. Start the injection moulding machine and check the running direction of the pump.3) the machine should be started under the condition of no pressure in the hydraulic system, and then adjust the hydraulic system pressure to normal pressure when it is started.4) after the hydraulic pump work, opens the oil cooler cooling water valve, carries on the cooling to the return oil, prevents the oil temperature to be excessively high.5) after the hydraulic pump works for a short time, close the safety door and then close the mold manually, and turn on the pressure gauge to see if the pressure is rising.6) when the car is empty, the manual operation of the machine is carried out by air several times, and the safety door, the indicator lamp and all kinds of valves are observed to be correct and sensitive.7) check relay, limit switch, counting device, total stop button is normal, reliable and sensitive.8) perform semi-automatic test run and automatic operation test, check whether the operation is normal or not.
Q:How big is the minimum injection molding machine?
Industrial products, minimum injection molding machine, about 12-15 grams [injection volume]If used in scientific research, it can be made specially,
Q:Notice of injection moulding machine
Injection molding machine temperature rise is too high, five major hazards: the machine produces thermal deformation, oil viscosity decreases, rubber seals deformation, accelerate oil oxidation deterioration, but also make the air component pressure reduction.One of the hazards: causes the machine to produce thermal deformationIn the hydraulic component, the moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients are jammed because of the small clearance between them, which results in malfunction and influences the drive accuracy of the hydraulic system, resulting in the poor quality of the parts.Hazard two: reduce the viscosity of the oilThe high temperature rise of the injection molding machine will lead to lower viscosity of the oil and leakage increase. The volume efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the whole system will be significantly reduced. As the viscosity of the oil decreases, the oil film of the moving parts, such as the slide valve, is thinned and cut, and the frictional resistance increases, leading to increased wear.Hazard three: deform rubber sealsThe temperature rise of the injection molding machine is too high, it will deform the rubber seal, accelerate the aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and service life, and cause leakage.Four of the hazards: to accelerate the oxidation of oilThe temperature rise of the injection molding machine is too high, it will accelerate the oxidation of the oil, precipitate the asphalt material, and reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil. The precipitate blocks the damping orifice and the slit valve opening, causing the pressure valve to stop and cannot move, and the metal pipe lengthens and bends, and even breaks.

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