2015 new products multi-function microfiber flat mop for Home

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2015 new products multi-function microfiber flat mop


Name: 2015 new products multi-function microfiber flat mop
Item No.:
Mop Head Specifications:1pc Microfiber flat mop frame:Size:38x11.5cm,has velcro at the bottom, PP plastic
1pc Microfiber flat mop sponge cloth:41/35x12.5cm(velcro,sponge) 
1pc Microfiber flat mop microfiber cloth: 42/36x13.5cm(microfiber,velcro) 
5pcs 42x23cm 40g/m2 white non-woven cloth(100% polyester)     
Mop Pole Specifications:4pcs aluminium pole, Ø21.7x0.8x370mm for microfiber flat mop
MOQ:1000pcs flat mop
20'/40'FCL: 6468/13296pcs microfiber flat mop

2015 new products multi-function microfiber flat mop for Home



·         Unique tilt mechanism for mopping under low objects.

·         Scout dot for removing tough dirt.

·         Highly absorbent sponge.

·         Dimensions: aluminum pole,.22mm*3250px,sponge base:23*8.5*3.



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