2015 New Design Ceramic Floor Tile, Ceramic Wall tile, Glazed Ceramic Tile

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China main port
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200 pc
Supply Capability:
50000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Ceramic Feature: DECORATE
Position: Interior

Product Description:



300 x 300mm, 300x450mm, 300 x 600mm, 300*900mm


Ceramic Tile


Interior Tiles


Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Heat Insulation

Surface Treatment

Glazed Tiles

Color Family

white, grey, black

Tile Type

Wall Tiles

Minimum Order Quantity

Depends on the stock or 1 Twenty-Foot Container

Packaging Details

Wooden pallets & Paper box

Delivery Time

7-15 days after Deposit

Payment Terms

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Supply Ability

80000 Square Meters per Day

2. Technical specifications:

Test item


Test result

Length tolerence



Side straight 



Right angle 



Surface quality 

A minimum of 95% of the tiles shall be free 

from visible defects.

A minimum of 95% of the tiles shall be free 

from visible defects.

Water absorption

Mean value E> 10%   


Breaking strength

Thickness is ≥7.5mm≥600N

Thickness is ≥7.5mm≥600N

Modulus of  rupture

Mean value≥7.5mm≥15     

Meab value≥15

3. Production process:

1.  Technology department: Modify the color tones, and press the production

2.  Cut Aniseed: According to the demand of production which suitable glass of requested size of the glass material

3.  Printing: Printing Line

4.  According to the production requirement to cut into particular specifications

5.  Firing

6.  Semi finished products warehouse: stored separately semi finished product

7.  Paving: According to the production requirements of paving

8.  Drying: Put into drying line to finished

9.  Packing: Product packing, and stor

4. Package Details:






































2015 New Design Ceramic Floor Tile, Ceramic Wall tile, Glazed Ceramic Tile

2015 New Design Ceramic Floor Tile, Ceramic Wall tile, Glazed Ceramic Tile

2015 New Design Ceramic Floor Tile, Ceramic Wall tile, Glazed Ceramic Tile

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Q:120 square meters house decoration costs
Which city are you looking for? Decoration is a very personal thing, the total price depends entirely on the level of the owners of the pursuit of material grade and the requirements of the process, the difference is very large, but if the practice in accordance with conventional practice, 120 square meters of new home hardware is usually about 80,000 Won, but the condition is not the pursuit of brand name.
Q:Will you understand the wood of the Supreme, near the three pictures are a wooden floor
Green handle mulberry can exclude heavy weight?
Q:I was doing curtain accessories business how to open the market
& Lt; strong & gt; US MB-WFS4018 rice cooker & lt; / strong & gt;
Q:MMD how to make the floor into a mirror
Load effects tk_grid-floor
Q:Floor mats, baseboard accessories on the wood floor with what is the impact?
Floor mat is to prevent the wood floor and the ground of moisture contact, also known as moisture-proof pad, this is a must, wood flooring and baseboard color is the same as the general barred of the barnyard grass, Stronger, the impact is no effect.
Q:White maple door with white floor, should be equipped with what color wall look good?
In short, are not white with the white will look like that is very monotonous, must be accompanied by light, dark words will feel the door ridge storage storey vegetable chop chop chicken is equipped with, will feel very coordination
Q:My house just renovated house, there is a floor tile is damaged
Knock will be bad near the brick, because the underground cement slurry is a piece of the most way to fix the wing wings read Yan Sao Sao Chuan is the use of tile cutting machine, the general place to sell tiles are sold, one hundred many. Or to find a master on the line.
Q:Solid wood flooring keel how to calculate the price, there are other attachments cost?
Solid wood flooring keel price is calculated by length, usually xx yuan / m. Commonly used floor keel specifications are 30x30mm, 30x40mm and 30x50mm, etc., the market price of 1.2-1.8 yuan per meter between. Can choose according to their own needs. Floor keel in the sale, are packaged for sale, the purchase should be opened to the packaging, remove the edge of the edge, bending, in order to improve the utilization of the keel. The keel itself does not need an attachment. But in the floor, the need for the original nails, glue and insecticide and so on. The cost of less than tens of dollars.
Q:Buy wood flooring to send what accessories, buckle it?
Buckle, to the edge of the algae Valley Gui pao bolt chess line, yin and yang angle, glass glue, small straight edge, etc. are all additional charges, only moisture-proof pad with the floor to be considered a bar, you buy more words And asked him to give gifts, try to reduce their own costs, remember a word, will buy as sold, you will never count business
Q:I would like to ask the use of floor tiles for home with a vacuum cleaner? The The Seek expert answer ~~~~
Yes, I was in contact with this line. Now the vacuum cleaner is generally used in the two power penalty duo nuclear Xin Ge geese too brush with a brush, in the clean floor when you can open the brush, while rubbing the edge of cleaning more convenient! Now the vacuum cleaner on the market to choose more, but must pay attention to the motor suction and filtration effect, the same power suction is not necessarily the same, which depends on the conversion rate, Lake vacuum cleaner in the same industry in the highest rate, while the use of cyclone three generations of technology So that the filter effect is better, not easy to block, to ensure that the motor suction does not decline. In fact, the use of vacuum cleaner is still a lot, not only can suck the ground, while wearing accessories can also clean up the keyboard ah, bed sheets, curtains, furniture and so on are very good! More convenient than with a rag

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