2015 Homeuse Gym Treadmill new Model 8012DL

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3000 unit/month

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Quick Details

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: 8012DL

  • Colour: black, silver

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1pc/ctn with foam inside
Delivery Detail:30days


Panel designTime: 00: 00 -- 99:59 Min
Program: P1-P12
 Pulse: 40-199times/minute
Speed: 0.3-18KM/H
Calories: 0-100%
Motor3.0HP DC
Walking area (L*W)1360*470mm
Running belt thickness1.8mm
Running Board Thickness16mm
Allowable Weight130kgs
Inclineautomatic 0-15%
Other functionMP3 input,high-fidelity audio speakers,USB
with massager/sti-up/dumbbell/twist plate
Foldable or notfoldable
Packing Size173x76x38cm
PriceFOB Ningbo USD  /pc
Optional ItemF35 without massager/dumbbell/sit-up/waist twist USD /pc
Container load57pcs/20ft, 122pcs/40ft, 141pcs/40HQ



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Q:What equipment does the gym require?
Free force equipment:Olympic bench press, Olympic Olympic chair, oblique inclined bench press bench press,Two head muscle exercises, back muscle exercises, -10 ~ 80 degrees adjustable dumbbell exercises, recliner chairs' flat, dumbbell exercises chair, storage rack, double barbell dumbbell rack (10 of capacity), adjustable abdomen exerciser, Smith machine, adjustable oblique abdominal exercises chair, multifunctional press practice, and the bar bell piece frame, short leg trainer, barbell, dumbbell, barbell squat rack.
Q:What is the distance between the public fitness equipment in the community and the building window? How do residents measure noise? How can I protect my rights with the law?
At least 10 meters, failed to comply with the law, but can refer to the GB outdoor equipment general safety and technical requirements.
Q:Is it useful to lower your stomach and do your equipment at the gym?
1: you exercise relatively onefold, should let whole body muscle participate in exercise. 2: the main role is to increase muscle exercise equipment, shaping, little effect on fat. 3: equipment training is usually 3-6 times a group, each group 12-15 times, the interval is not over a minute, the weight for each group to do the last one after the dull, just right. 4: warm up before you do it.
Q:Where can I get a gym in Baodi? How about the equipment? How much is it for a month?
The gym in Baodi should go to Rose Bay. That's better, two thousand a year.
Q:Which parts of the gym can lean arms?
Hold your dumbbells, lean forward, and bend your knees slowly. Remember to keep your back straight and don't bow. Stretch your arms straight, then pull back so that the dumbbells are aligned with your chest. Your arms are close to your body and your back is straight. You can't bow. Stretch your arms slowly back to the beginning, and this completes a racket. Take as many shots as possible in 1 minutes, the more the better.
Q:To go to the gym to play what equipment, the most weight loss?
TreadmillTreadmill is one of the most commonly used fitness equipment. It can effectively and comprehensively exercise all parts of the body, but running has some pressure on the joints. It is not suitable for people with knee joint injuries.
Q:Excuse me. What equipment in the gym can thin leg and arm?
Thin body effect is very good, but should pay attention to running when the heel first touchdown, can avoid excessive damage to joints. Start the week with brisk walking, jogging, and medium speed running. Take 3-5 minutes to allow the body to adapt excessive from rest to exercise, and then began to walk quickly for 5 minutes, at a rate of about 9 and a half per kilometer, then jog for 10-20 minutes, at a rate of 8 minutes per kilometer, try to stick to, feel shortness of breath when walking down for 3 minutes, then jogging for 10-20 minutes, speed per kilometer the last 7 minutes, 5 minutes slow.
Q:What are the medical instruments used in the gym?
Test room inside? This instrument tells the truth, under normal circumstances, there are not a few normal ~ so credible, not credible ~ believe there is no letter, no ~!Private education earn most of the money is called the percentage point ~ ~Hope to adopt! Thank you ~!
Q:Which equipment can slim waist in the gym?
Dumbbell, side flexion and extension, the main points of action: stand straight, one hand with dumbbells, bend the waist in the opposite direction. The effect is obvious, special exercise vest line, and then Rome chair, goat push forward, is a shelf, you lie down, and then the upper body hanging, and then up and down doing ups and downs. These are anaerobic, if you think waist thick to lose weight, or to aerobic exercise based, weight loss has always been weight loss, and not partial weight loss.
Q:Imitation Hotel 2 why do customers complain about poor equipment in the gym?
1., as much as possible to build a larger area.2. the gym doesn't complain about the best customers, so the gym is full.3. heart and lung facilities and muscle facilities, just put in a few units at the beginning, customers complain, you add one, complaints will disappear.If you feel too much trouble, don't bother with gym complaints. It doesn't affect customer satisfaction, even if he complains that gyms use the same frequency.

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