2015 Hand Press Spin Mop and Bucket for Home

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10000 unit/month

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Payment Terms       30% T/T Deposit + 70% After Sending B/L Copy

2015 Hand Press Spin Mop and Bucket  for Home

2015 Hand Press Spin Mop and Bucket  for Home

2015 Hand Press Spin Mop and Bucket  for Home


·         we use brand new material , 100% PPCT, never been easily broken

·         the thickness of the bucket wall   is " 0.22MM "   comparing to the 0.16mm for other factories  ,

·         the weight of the bucket + plastic basket  is : 1350gs ,  comparing others 800gs ,  

·         we use new advanced new strengenthed handle diameter : 22/25 mm ,  very hard to be broken , ABS long lock , and very long plastic cap to save labours .

·         the handle plaste weight is : 175gs , comparing ohers 155gs

·         products size : 48*29.5*712.5px


Item No10-2078-14
Hanldetwo section steel  handle
packagingcolor box ;12pcs/ctn



  What kind of floors can machine clean, carpet is ok?  

Answer: You can clean the wood floors, ceramic tile, marble and short-haired carpet; But if it is carpet, then we should get rid of mopping function, because the carpet can not be mopped.  


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