2015 Full and Semi automatic glass cutting machine Laminated production Line

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Full-automatic Glass Cutting Line 


1.  Company Information

1.Our company is one of the best professional company, with 12 years history, specialized in manufacturing insulating glass machine, glass cutting machine, pvc & aluminum window and door machine.

2.Since our company founded, "best quality, mutual benefit" is always our principle, offering the best equipment and technical support for the old and new customers.

3.Our products has been exported to many countries, such as Asian countries, European countries, Middle East area ,and South American countries.

Normal machine is properly adjusted before dispatch. You will be able to use the machines immediately.

You will be able to get free training advice towards  glass cutting machine in our factory. You will also get free suggestion and consultation,

technical support and service by email/fax/tel and lifetime technical support.


2. Technical parameter:

 2015 Full and Semi automatic glass cutting machine Laminated production Line


3. Features of our Machine Line

 1). After starting the inputting machine, arms automatically suck glass from the shelf. Under sensor controlled, glass automatically find glass edge in the X and Y directions. After moving glass sheets to designated location, transport glass to the CNC cutting table. Under laser sensory element guidance, use laser-reader to get the position of the glass-sheet. Cutter will move to coordinate origin, and automatically start to cut according to the preinstall graph.

2). After cutting, glass will move to the Breaking Glass Table . Start break bars and to break the glass. At this point, the whole process work is completed.


2015 Full and Semi automatic glass cutting machine Laminated production Line

2015 Full and Semi automatic glass cutting machine Laminated production Line

2015 Full and Semi automatic glass cutting machine Laminated production Line



4. Main Introduction: Automatic glass loading machine

 With very sturdy frame structure, reliable vacuum system design with venturi vacuum device to prevent glass falling in case of electricity blackouts. Loading arms was driven by electrical motor.

High quality certified components to guarantee long term reliability and easy, spare parts availability.

Modular design makes future upgrades to more stations available.

Glass cutting line applies to: Building glass, insulated doors and windows, low-e glass, automobile glass, household appliance glass, furniture glass, solar energy glass, cook glass, mirrors, artwork glass and so forth.


5. Our Service for our customers

 Payment Terms                                                                                

♦ L/C, 30% deposit by T/T,70% spare payment L/C.

♦ T/T, 30% deposit by T/T,70% spare payment before shipment.

♦ Western Union

Warranty Terms                                                                                              

All equipments is 12 months guarantee,lifetime maintance.

After Sale Service                                                                             

Generally speaking,our Insulating Glass Processing Equipments need to install by our professional technician, Aluminum&UPVC Windows and Doors Processing Equipments does not need.

If buyers need to install by our technicians, the installation clause as follows:

INSTALLATION CHARGE                                                                 

USD70/day for one worker for installation and training. Buyer supply hotel,food,ticket. Our technical worker need about 3-10 days for installation till all machines is good. When our worker finished all installation, buyer have to pay for installation charger to our worker according to $70 per day. Then our worker will teach your worker how to operate all machines correctly.


6. FAQ

Q1. Can we design packaging?

Yes, but there is with quantity limitation. For 10,000 pcs, we will make the packing free for the client, and if less than 10,000 pcs, we can talk, the package is free or little money will be charged.

Q2. Can we add our logo on products?

Yes, there are several ways to do this.  We can put the label of your logo on the products or make the silk print of your logo on the products. It is free.

Q3. Can we customize product?

OEM and ODM are welcomed from Anern. We have rich experiences in this area.


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Q:Method for making organic glass
Hot pressingAfter the plexiglass sheet is heated, the mold is hot pressed in the mold. The handicraft made by the molding method has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve and strong stereoscopic feeling, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mould can be made of wood and oil sludge, and then cast lead and plaster material as the Yin and Yang mold. After the organic glass is heated, it can be pressed and formed.
Q:What equipments are used in glass production?
There are a lot of the original film production, drawing machine, annealing furnace, cutting machine (cutting, slitting), conveyor, stacking machine, machine hand,..... A lot of equipment, glass processing upstairs two ranked almost, mainly depends on what kind of glass you produce
Q:Can glass fiber reinforced plastics be machined with high precision?
The so-called glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as GRP, that is, fiber reinforced plastics.(1) generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Reinforced plastics made from glass fiber or its products are referred to as glass fiber reinforced plastics or glass fiber reinforced plastics.(2) because of the variety of resin used, it is called polyester glass fiber reinforced plastics, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastics and phenolic resin glass fiber reinforced plastics. Light and hard, non conductive, high mechanical strength, less recycling, corrosion resistance. It can be used instead of steel to make machine parts, automobiles, ship shells, etc..
Q:Can plexiglass be machined with a punch?
Organic glass can not punch processing, processing would be a glass like to break
Q:Installation and debugging of insulating glass processing equipment
(1) site conditions shall include 380V AC power supply, industrial source water supply and drainage ditch. Most of the insulating glass equipment and door and window equipment are 380V, mainly in order to maintain the stability of equipment work. Clean unsolicited water supplies, as well as unblocked drainage, are the guarantee for the good work of the cleaning machine.(2) correctly place the feeding section, the frame, the cleaning section, the frame, the drying section, the frame, the discharging section, the frame, the control cabinet and the ventilation case. If not placed in order, will reduce work efficiency, two will not pass the product quality.
Q:What kinds of equipment are there in FRP production facilities?
Grinding and mending toolsPainting equipment,There are winding forming and hand paste, and other forms of molding, I do not know the kind of question you ask
Q:How do we polish the plexiglass after processing?
Edelweiss DX it depends on your final transparency, I used to use when PC resin is first with 200 to 400 change to rough polishing, fine polishing. Transparency is ok.
Q:How do you strengthen the glass and use the equipment?
Equipment needed:Reinforced furnace and portrait machine.Hardening furnace1 Characteristics: mature technology, unique design concept, unique suction wind circulation heating mode, heating speed, the equilibrium temperature of equipment, improve product quality and yield, both sides of the door, on both sides of the upper cycle work, can make full use of space, high yield, energy saving, time saving and labor saving.2, principle: the use of EVA film of hot melt and vacuum negative pressure, cloth, paper, film and other substances and glass closely glued, thereby producing a variety of reinforced glass.
Q:Mobile phone glass engraving machine capable of processing large size?
Single head can process 400*400*100mm, double head can process 350*500*100*100mm, I know so much, I hope I can help you.
Q:Can the recycled waste glass be re processed into glass containers (such as beverage bottles, etc.)?
In fact, most glass is pulled back to the glass plant after the smelter is made into float glass.

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