2014 Ul Dlc Listed Lm80 Chip 4Ft Smd T8 Led Tube 16W

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2014 UL DLC Listed LM80 Chip 4ft SMD T8 LED Tube 16w   



Description for T8 led tube

The OKT SMD T8 LED Tube 16w for Linear Panels conversion for use only with fluorescent luminaires. it delivers high lumens of exceptional 83CRI light while achieving 100 lumens per watt. This smd T8 LED Tube is available in 3500k,4000k, 5000k using a UL/cUL internal driver or external power supply,widely used in office spaces, major retail stores, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality,designed for new construction applications or retrofitting existing the fluorescent tube.



Specification for T8 led tube

ModelItem NO.Input PowerLuminous FluxEfficacyInput VoltageDriver OptionsCertificate
2FT 10W T8 led tubeT82-ID-10W-XX 10W1000LM>100LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 3 or 4 TubesUL
4FT t8 led tube 16wT84-ID-16W-XX16W1750LM>113LPW100-277VACInternalUL,DLC
4FT 18W T8 led tubeT84-ID-18W-XX18W1950LM>110LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 2 or 3 TubesUL,DLC
4FT 22W t8 led tubeT84-ID-22W-XX22W2300LM>107LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 1 TubesUL,DLC
5FT 26W T8 led tubeT85-ID-26W-XX26W2600LM>100LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 1 TubesUL



Advantage for T8 LED Tube

OKT SMD T8 LED Tube 16w is UL, CUL certificate listed(UL file number: E355621), which covers characters: :

  • cULus Listed,DLC Listed,LM79 Report

  • UL Driver MTBF> 500,000 Hours

  • Isolated Internal or External Driver

  • 110LPW for Milky Lens, 114LPW for Clear Lens

  • THD<20%(At 277V)

  • 5 Years Warranty 



Customer Feedback

  • We are happy with SMD T8 LED Tube 16w and quality. let’s continue discussions.  ---  Luca (from NY,USA)

  • 100% love the smd t8 led tube . I will be ordering more this week. ----Kody(from LA,USA)

  • We are very pleased with the quality of T8 led tube and the performance.------Richard from CANADA

  • the t8 led tube 16w has arrived and is excellent------John from Canada

  • I have installed some SMD T8 LED Tube 16w for my customer-----Adam from US



Packing Information 

ModelQTY/CTN   (PCS)Length(CM)Width     (CM)Height   (CM)Gross Weight (KG)
2ft T8 led tube5066442517
4ft T8 led tube30130282714.5
5ft T8 led tube30156282425




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Q:How to choose daylight lamp? What is the light bulb specification?
Electric fluorescent starter switch role in the circuit, it consists of a neon tube and a capacitance in parallel, and the role of the capacitor to eliminate the power supply of electromagnetic interference with ballast tank formation, and increase the voltage amplitude of the start pulse. An electrode in the discharge tube with double metal, use neon bulb discharge heating, make the bimetallic strip when open and close, inductance ballast current mutation on both ends of the tube and generate high voltage pulse. When the fluorescent lamp after access circuit, electric fluorescent starter began to glow discharge between two electrodes, the bimetallic strip heat expansion and contact with the static contact extremely, so the power supply, ballast, filament and electric fluorescent starter constitute a closed loop, current filament preheating, 1-3 seconds when the heating time, electric fluorescent starter of glow discharge between two electrodes, then the bimetallic strip cooling and static contact is extremely disconnected, when two electrodes disconnect instantly, the current in the circuit suddenly disappeared, so ballast produces a high voltage pulse, and it has to do with power superposition, on both ends of the tube and, make the inert gas ionization inside the tube caused by arc discharge, in the process of normal light, ballast self-induction is still stable circuit in current role.
Q:Feasibility analysis report of LED lamps
With the advent of ultra bright white leds, applications in lighting have become possible. According to the international authorities, the 21st century will enter the era of new lighting, which is represented by leds, and is called a fourth generation new light source. At present, the lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the whole power consumption, reduce lighting electricity is an important way to save energy, in order to achieve the goal of the industry have developed many kinds of energy-efficient lighting apparatus, and achieved certain results. However, the requirement of "green lighting" is not enough, and it is imperative to develop and apply a new source of efficiency, reliability, safety and durability. LED with its inherent superiority is attracting the world's attention. According to the forecast the U.S. department of energy (doe), around 2010, the United States will have 55% of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp is replaced by LED, power saving value of up to 35 billion dollars a year, may become a $50 billion industry. Japan suggested that leds would replace traditional incandescent lamps in 2006. LED development history has for decades, but the application in the field of lighting and new technology, but with the rapid development of LED technology, gradually improve the luminous efficiency, LED the market will be more widely used, especially in the rising again under the background of global energy shortage, the LED in lighting market prospect is more highly attention around the world, is considered by the industry in the next 10 years to become the most promising markets, as well as the biggest markets will be replace incandescent lamp, the greatest potential for tungsten filament lamp and fluorescent lamp.
Q:Can normal LED fluorescent tubes be used in a vacuum?
If only the LED lamp or fluorescent tube in vacuum, and put the other circuit components in vacuum environment, vacuum sealing problem involves connecting, some trouble, if you use in a vacuum environment, the easiest way is through the optical fiber light import vacuum container, relatively simple and convenient
Q:I hope my answer will help you
First push the lamp tube at either end. So the lamp is coming down.
Q:What is the weight of an LED fluorescent tube
I bought the T8LED fluorescent lamp from Shanghai shuo electronics co., LTD., which is 536 grams
Q:What is the conversion between the number of leds and the number of tiles?
In this case, we'll talk about energy efficiency.I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:The same thing is 5w, is this LED tube power or is this a fluorescent lamp?
Power consumption is the same, but brightness is different.The fluorescent lamp is good for people's eyes, LED saves electricity, oneself choose.
Q:Do not have the fluorescent lamp of actuator, how to change LED lamp tube?
LED lamp. There are small actuators that only need to be connected, red, and black. Can.. There are other LED lights that need a different starter.
Q:Can leds be used for a regular fluorescent lamp?
Ballast. It turns out that the ballast has two wires in and out, and four broken wires, connected by color. For example, the broken head of the red fire connects red. Two connections in other colors.
Q:How to remove fluorescent lamp tube
Turn off the daylight power supply; Two, the old daylight lamp two have a gap at the end of the rotation 90 degree, the double needle pulls out from the gap, the other end pulls out. Three, the old electronic rectifier without gap, is elastic, right hand hold to the right of the plastic head, left hand hold tube push 1 centimeter or so, to the right lamp tube needle left out at this moment, at the same time left hand move down the left tube face, left hand to pull in front of the tube to the left. If it is an LED tube aluminum alloy, you want to remove the contents of the inner tube, both of which have two cross screws, and the screwdriver can be removed. The leds that do not understand the electrons should not be removed. Five, the LED lamp that still has glass in the market at present, this kind of is one-time, two is to use the bad of glue stick to be thrown away, have no maintenance value. Don't take it down and you may hurt your hand.

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