2014 Private Tooling Cheap Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

Details of Private Tooling Cheap Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker 



-Transmission range:≤10M
-Frequency response:100Hz-20KHz
-Standby time: Around 100 hours
-Charging time: Around 2-3 hours
-Music play / Talk time: Around 6 hours
-Power supply mode:USB/Built-in lithium polymer battery
-Audio Plug:3.5mm audio connector
-Sound source:Bluethooth PC,Mobile phone,MP3,MP4,iPhone,iPod,iPad  



-Provides clear, full-range sound delivered in a portable, lightweight package.

-Take calls without touching your iPhone ,use the Aux input for other MP3 players, phones, PCs, 

or anything with an analog output for optimal sound from all devices;

-Use the line out feature for easy connection to an external cheap mini bluetooth speaker system.


What's in Box:
* Cheap mini bluetooth speaker

* User Manual
* USB Cable.



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