2014 Popular Office Chair B527 from Fortune Global 500 compoany

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Export packing carton:5-ply


packing carton size: 96*38.5*58 cm

Carton N.W:13.8 kg  G.W:15.5 kg

Delivery Detail:30-35days


metal office chair/manager chair/office chair 
1. PU or cow split leather cover seat cushions
2. mesh material also is feasible
3. Soft padded chrome armrest

4. Butterfly mechanism or multi-function mechansim also is feasible meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard 
5. EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard Gas-lift tested by TUV

6. Top quality chrome base meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard

7. Nylon castors EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard


PRODUCT SIZE: W60*D58*H117-127cm





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Q:orange fluid leaks from patio chairs?
this happens to mine also. Ticks me off. The furniture has small holes here and there so I thought rain was getting in. I plugged the holes with silicone calk. Then other holes formed, like rusting through. Chairs are only a year old. Someone explained to me that condensation builds up inside the hollow metal from them getting cooler at night and then warming up in the sun during the day. It's a no win situation. I also hated the little holes because wasps would get in. Won't be buying that kind of furniture ever again.
Q:My cat is scared of my chair.?
I'm guessing he(?) saw it spin and maybe thought of it as something predatory. What I'd do is hold your cat closely in your arms, talking in soft tones and petting him/her then walk slowly to the chair, sit down with your cat still in your arms and just hold him for awhile, then let the chair slowly turn back and forth and just keep talking to him, holding him. After awhile he/she will be more curious than scared; then soon after that he/she will be leaving hair all over your chair and you will have to move him/her to use your computer (like I do!) lol. Truly!
Q:Ceremony chair decorations?
You could make tuelle bows to tie to the backs of chairs. You will need to talk to the church and see what they allow as well. There are sometimes some restrictions on how you can decorate. Like lots of places won't allow candles, or else you can't use tape, etc. Make tuelle bow that you can wrap around the chair would be cute, rather inexpensive, fairly easy, but a little time consuming. Instructions for making tuelle bows. www.wedding-flowers-and-reception... I think your love letters are a nice idea, but those really should be kept personal.
Q:Repairing an office chair?
This okorder.com/
Q:Are you supposed to sit back in the chair in band?
It's true: you are supposed to sit up straight, because it takes pressure off your diaphragm and you can breathe easier. It also depends on what you're playing. I play saxophone, and I find myself sitting a little bit forward on the chair, because the horn is usually between my knees, not over my lap. I have found that by keeping the horn straight, the mouthpiece fits better over the neck, and the pitch won't go out because I adjusted the mouthpiece to get the right angle on it. Also, if I'm playing a tenor, I can balance the weight of the horn on the thumb-rest (it takes some getting used to, but it works).
Q:black & white chairs? HELPPP?
Try sears and other furniture stores that offer custom upholstery but chairs like the houndstooth (miley cyrus room) and leopard ones are usually custom made and upholstered. Another option would be to just buy the chairs you like and have them custom upholstered. All quite pricey. Good luck.
Q:Question on High chairs!?
plus we can bring it other places as it is portable. The pad comes off and goes in the wash (even though you don't want to do that...put it could be wiped too) and this can be used from high chair to booster seat. It folds flat for easy portability. Plus it takes up no extra space as you attach it to a chair you already have! And no worries about the crotch area... it's just straps.
Q:Anyone else had an embarrassing accident with those spinny office chairs?
OH MY GOD YES. Lmao okay so.. 8th grade..i used to be in this club afterschool.. so my friends and i we weren't really doing anything..we were just hanging out in the room. and we were all spinning eachother around with those spinny office chairs.. then, my friend started spinning me..and i was getting really dizzy and then for some reason i stuck my foot out and the chair and it was getting all wobbly...so somehow the girl pushing me fell and then i fell out of the chair.. and landed right on the floor and everything was spinning and my eyes were all crazy [so says my friend lol].. omg. it was terrible and embarrassing.. lmao..but hilarious.
Q:what ergonomic office chair would you recommend me?
You okorder.com where I explain what you should look for in an ergonomic office chair. I hope that helps.
Q:what fabric is best to cover chairs with if you have a house cat?
I think that leather would be best if the cat does not have claws. Otherwise, go with a microfiber and use a static bush to pick up the hairs

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