2014 Popular Office Chair A041 from Fortune Global 500 compoany

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30000 pc/month

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Export packing carton:5-ply


packing carton size: 96*38.5*58 cm

Carton N.W:13.8 kg  G.W:15.5 kg

Delivery Detail:30-35days


metal office chair/manager chair/office chair 
1. PU or cow split leather cover seat cushions
2. mesh material also is feasible
3. Soft padded chrome armrest

4. Butterfly mechanism or multi-function mechansim also is feasible meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard 
5. EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard Gas-lift tested by TUV

6. Top quality chrome base meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard

7. Nylon castors EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard


PRODUCT SIZE: W60*D58*H117-127cm




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Q:Value Of A 200 Year Old Rocking Chair?
Pictures Of Old Rocking Chairs
Q:Mr.Edstrom had a budget of $1500 to spend on a table and 6 chairs. The total price was $249 under her budget a?
First off, you will have to know how much she spent. so she had 1500, and the total price was 249 under her budget (1500-249). This equals $1,251 Now you have to make it equal $1,251 The table was 3 times as much as the chair, so let c be the cost of thechair and 3c be the cost of the table table. (because the table was 3 times more expensive) You now have something that looks like this c + 3c = 1251 Combine like terms 4c = 1251 Divide 4c/4 = 1251/4 this gives you 312.75 = c, this is the cost of the chair now that you have the cost of the chair, you can know how much the table costs, because in relation to the chair, the table cost three times more. so... 312.75 x 3 = 938.25 The table cost 938.25
Q:What makes a good reading chair?
I'd say comfort is most important. Get yourself a nice beanbag chair and place it in one of the corners in your room. Problem solved. -Amos
Q:Pressure Question (man in a chair)?
Not sure what your problem is. The force on each leg is clearly: F= (88+7)/4 Kg The area of each leg is A= pi* R^2 cm2 where R=1.5 The pressure on each leg is p= F/A (kg/cm2)
Q:Well... where can I get another Antique chair like this?
Probably one of the best things to do is be up and front about it. Tell her that you broke the chair. She might get angry, but she'll be glad that you told her now and that SHE didn't find it broken (or maybe just angry; i don't know your mom). You will probably still get in trouble anyways, but it's better to be up and front and telling the truth. I sometimes do bad stuff, and I'm up front about it. I do get grounded, as well. So you should just tell her. (before SHE finds it and is more angry that it sat broken for awhile.) Good luck (v '_' v)
Q:What is the most comfortable xbox gaming chair?
Well you don't need a gaming chair then I would recommend an office chair or a beanie bag, if you are still adamant on the gaming chair www.OKorder.co.uk/itm/X-Rocker-Pro-Gaming-Chair-with-2-1-Wireless-Sound-System-/121066327470?pt=UK_VideoGames_VideoGameAccessories_VideoGameAccessories_JNhash=item1c301d8dae I have this one and it is so comfy:)
Q:how to restuff a chair and how much does it cost?
Depends on what kind of chair it is. If it is a wooden dining type chair with a flat cushion, you can flip it over, remove 4 crews that hold the cushioned part on, pull off the fabric, put in more stuffing and staple back on the fabric. If it is an upholstered desk chair then it would have to be professionally re=upholstered. Unless it is a high quality chair like a Steelcase or Herman Miller (the kind of professional chairs that cost hundreds of dollars) it would cost you more to have it repaired than it would to buy a new one.
Q:What are some good desk chairs?
I just got the SAYL chair (herman Miller). there are many office chairs by commercia/corporatel manufacturers that are extremely long wearing. There are dozens of manufacturers-you can do a search for office... or look at some office oriented design magazines see who the chair manufacturer is.
Q:How awesome are swivel chairs?
Pretty awesome until you spin around too much and vomit all over the place. I usually push myself off walls and roll around the room.
Q:Reupholstering a desk chair?
There should be screws underneath holding the seat to the chair. Take them out and the seat will lift off. Measure the size and buy fabric, which by the way Walmart sells heavy grade upholstery fabric. But, buy it where each seat piece will have at least 4 inches overhang on each side. Just lay the seat on the fabric and use a staple gun to staple the new cloth on. (Try to keep the padding that is there now, unless it's worn or too dirty.) When stapling, start in the center of the first side and work out. If there's too much excess fabric, just trim it off. Then re-screw them back on the chair. Voila!

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