2014 New Product Speaker Powerful Super Bass Mini Portable Speaker

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Product Description:

2014 new patented inventions powerful super bass mini portable speaker

  IBOMB Turbo TRX570 is our newest speaker. It adapts patented unique suspension resonant techonology with a special arc chamber, in addition there is a powerful 5w super strong speaker dual-driving power supply system, and its volume is two times louder than traditional designed speaker.


Product Description

2014 new patented inventions powerful super bass mini portable speaker

Main parameters 

Product size77*77*61mm
Functionbluetooth+nfc+microphone+micro sd card supported
connectivityWireless Technology: Bluetooth
Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity

Bluetooth version: 3.0
Supports Bluetooth® version 3.0

This device supports AVRCP, meaning you can control your music directly from the device

NFC Near Field Communications - Perimeter Pairing:YES
SpeakerFrequency Response: Hifi
Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e.g. Music
Microphonesupport hands-free talking
Power&batteryTalk Time: Up to 6 hours

Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power

Music streaming time: 6 hours

Music Streaming Time is the maximum time you can stream music before a device runs out of power

USB Charging: Yes

USB Charging enables a device to be charged via a USB cable

Lithium battery:

Built-in 800mAh lithium battery
Micro SD card slotCan support micro SD card(up to 32G) to play music.
Voice promptYes

Share the music, show your style

Meet the speaker that brings your music and friends together—with a style that’s all your own. The IBOMB TRX570 Bluetooth speaker is our best-performing mobile Bluetooth speaker. It plays louder and basser than its popular predecessor, with advanced patented low frequency suspension resonant technology that reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your music.

Pair and play

This compact speaker pairs easily with your smartphone, iPad® or other Bluetooth device. It has a range of about 10 meters, so you can enjoy the sound you want without wires. This bluetooth speaker IBOMB TRX570 can be connected to the devices by bluetooth, NFC and Aux.

Powerful performance

It’s no secret: your music is the foundation for a good time. Patented suspension resonant technology with a special arc chamber and dual driving power suffly system provide full-spectrum audio and clarity at any listening level. Plus, you’ll hear incomparable bass performance not found in other mobile speakers. And improvements in digital signal processing let you share your music louder than the previous version of our Bluetooth speaker.


Go anywhere, music will keep you company

This Mini speaker IBOMB TRX 570 has a micro SD card slot and it can support a micro SD card up to 32 GB


Personalize your style

There are 5 colors for selection, rubber red/rubber black/silver/gold/shining black


Packaging & Shipping


 Package: Gift box



Carton box:




What is included in the retail package?

1* TRX570

1* AUX 3.5"mm cable

1* USB cable

1* microfiber cloth

1* user manual

 The goods will be shipped by air or by sea per the quantity and  customers' requirement.



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Q:how to introduce a guest speaker?
First, you say I'd like to introduce ??. Then you give a very brief reason as to why they are speaking to that group. For example a weather person might be speaking to a classroom about tornado safety.
Q:Can blown TV speakers be fixed?
Blown speakers cannot be repaired. They must be replaced. Otherwise, connect the audio OUT ports on your TV to your stereo, and use its speakers. You may need to use the TV remote to disable the TV speakers to enable the audio-out feature.
Q:PC Speakers 1/8 audio for A/V Receiver?
Powered speakers like PC speakers cannot be connected to the speaker outputs on a receiver or amp. Sometimes one of the PC speakers is actually not powered - it is powered by the other speaker. In other words the amp is built into one of the speakers and the other speaker is just a normal speaker. The normal speaker can be connected to a receiver's speaker output connection. You will have to cut the 1/8 in connector off and strip the wire. It would be better just to go out and get a pair of normal speakers.
Q:Speaker ohms & goodness.?
Do not connect the blown speaker to your amp. Blown speakers have unpredictable impedance (ohms) and there is a possibility it may damage your amp. Connect only the good speaker to the amp. Connect the output of the head to that speaker by itself. You may have to make a dedicated speaker cable to do this. It would have a 1/4 inch connector on one end and speaker terminals on the other. Make sure the wire from the rogue amp are not connected to the speaker. You really should get a proper amp cab for your head as soon as possible.
Q:The loudspeaker can not adjust the volume.
Step 2: Create a small speaker shortcut (open the control panel, find the sound and audio device icon, right click, find the creation of shortcuts, will prompt whether to create on the desktop, click OK)
Q:When hooking up speakers to an amp.?
you could run a set of speakers on one channel but you will not be getting the full potential of that output for that one channel, you would be better off putting one speaker on one channel.
Q:ac speaker's in dc truck?
You can use them but realize that home speakers are designed with a large room in mind whereas car speakers are designed with a small acoustical environment in mindso they may not sound very good. Also, car speakers are typically designed to be more durable than home speakers since they are subjected to lots of vibration, dust, temperature extremes etc.
Q:Front speaker placement?
I've got the same issue. What I did was place small wood blocks under the back feet of the center channel speaker and angled down directly towards the listening position.
Q:matching car receiver to speakers?
Truthfully, it doesn't make a ton of difference. Almost every head unit manufacturer advertises peak power output. They do that because peak power ratings are almost meaningless and they're no real indication of what the unit is actually capable of, but not many shoppers are aware of that. In recent years 50x4 is the standard power claim of the typical head unit, and ALL those head units produce 14-22w rms per channel. With an older JVC it might give you 12-15w rms per channel. The LOWEST rms power ratings you'll find on a decent 6.5 speaker will be in the 40w rms range, so no matter which speaker you choose you will have a lot less than optimal power on hand to run it. So what I'm saying is don't make power handling an important part of your speaker choice, although I would look at the lower end of the spectrum on the assumption a speaker designed to work best at 40 or 50w rms will probably work better at 15w rms than a speaker meant for 80w rms. Go to some stores and listen. If possible, listen with only head unit power running them. It won't do you much good to listen to a bunch of speakers getting 100w from an external amp when they won't be getting nearly that much in your car.
Q:Changing Speakers on 1LT 2010 Camaro?
You should always run speakers that can handle double what the head unit will put out. I'm not sure how many watts the factory stereo is but let's say you have a head unit that puts out 50x4. That means each speaker is getting 25 watts of power. If that is the case then a speaker that has an RMS of 50-80 watts would be ideal. If you have an amp then you will have to calculate your speaker selection by how many watts your amp is putting out. If your Camaro has the premium sound package then you already have an amp and possibly a sub. My Z28 has a Bose setup with an 8 sub in the back. If that's the case then you would want to look for a speaker that can handle about 50 watts RMS.

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